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Polish travel game - questions

Hakken 1 | 3
18 Feb 2012 #1

This is Polish Tourism Organization forum, right? I have a few questions about game you released recently:

- At your website you stated that there is a trip for 2 to win. How long is it?
- as far as I know,, feel Invited campaign is directed to England, French and Germany. Can I still win if I live in US?
- Does the trip must take place in some fixed period of time?

I had to cancel my last year visit in Poland due to family illness...but we hope to come very soon. I would love to win a trip, all Poland is beautiful and people also !

BTW, great job, game is really piece of work! Too bad that such campaigns are so rare :(

Vincent 9 | 847 Moderator
18 Feb 2012 #2
This is Polish Tourism Organization forum, right?

I'm afraid you are on the wrong site. This forum (Travel, Tourism) is all about Support and advice for travelers and visitors to Poland. Talk about your Polish travel experience!

Maybe you could pick up some information here for your future trip to Poland ;)
OP Hakken 1 | 3
20 Feb 2012 #3
Oww, sorry. If I have any questions concerning my trip, I’m surely gonna contact you : )
Patrick35 1 | 17
20 Feb 2012 #4
There is a trip to win? What game did you mean?
OP Hakken 1 | 3
20 Feb 2012 #5
actually this one:
It’s pretty fun :)
beckski 12 | 1,617
21 Feb 2012 #6
This is Polish Tourism Organization forum, right?

Nope, but you could create a thread pertaining to the subject.
Patrick35 1 | 17
21 Feb 2012 #7
Hakken, I found out that Polish Tourism Organization has it's fanpage on facebook. Maybe you should ask your questions there?
DepressedOne - | 34
21 Feb 2012 #8
What's this music? Sounds really cool, sth like french music from 20s or 30s maybe. Do you know the title?
OP Hakken 1 | 3
27 Feb 2012 #9
beckski what do you mean? Thread about Polish Tourism Organization?
Patrick, thanks for link, but unfortunatlely I don't have a facebook account.
dojuan - | 9
29 Feb 2012 #10
Oh, I see that know the winner is getting tickets for Euro :P I wish I had better knowledge about Poland :/
fringxx - | 30
1 Mar 2012 #11
Dojuan, it's never too late to learn something new. ;)
dojuan - | 9
5 Mar 2012 #12
that's right I need to catch up, still I don't think that my chances to win are high:)
DepressedOne - | 34
5 Mar 2012 #13
I had got a chance to buy tickets for Czech-Russia match but I wasted it :(
fringxx - | 30
6 Mar 2012 #14
It's always better to try than do nothing. ;) I think it's a really grat opportunity to get the tickets, in my case that would be a lifeline! Otherwise I'll be forced to stay in front of the TV. :(
Patrick35 1 | 17
7 Mar 2012 #15
Hakken, if you want to win you should hurry up, according to the site the contest ends tomorrow.
fringxx - | 30
8 Mar 2012 #16
Such a pity that I didn't win. :( Maybe I'll be more lucky in the next contest...

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