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16 Apr 2012
Language / Polish case question (Mężczyzna jest zimno? or Dziewczyna jest zimno?) [70]

Another aspect of English that raises eyebrows is the pronunciation of vowels the American Way or the British Way. When I was a tourist in Poland in 1999 our group stopped for a couple hours at Biskupin which has a re-constructed fort that mimics the one built by the Lusatians ca 550 BC. By coincidence, Biskupin village was the birthplace of my paternal grandmother in 1869.

At the fort, I met an archaeologist that was on the faculty of Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza in Poznań. He showed me some examples of native Polish flint. One in particular, krzemionki opatówskie, is banded (has grey and white bands running through it). He pronounced it like "bonded", which is probably the way the Brits say it. Maybe he studied English in the UK, I'm not sure. Here in America, "band" rhymes with "sand" , "hand", command". But the word "bond" means to stick with or adhere to something (like glue),
4 Apr 2012
Language / chodźmy vs idźmy? [32]

lets go to the cinema!Chodźmy means lets go.

It's correctly written let's go. That is a contraction (skrócenie) for 'let us go'.

The word 'lets' is used like this: Papa lets Johnny drive the tractor.
4 Apr 2012
Language / "do I" usage in a question? [50]

do i need to hold i know i go this way.

[hold that] = Czy muszę trzymać tego?
[know you] = Czy my się znamy?
[go this way] = Czy muszę iść tą drogą?
4 Apr 2012
Language / Words difference - 'ale' and 'przecież' [16]

Asia has bought a dog but she don't have

It's better to say Asia has bought a dog but she doesn't have.... [past perfect tense]
4 Apr 2012
Language / Dwa vs. dwie in Polish [85]

The news media uses the infinitive [die] when it really means they just died (past tense).
Once you use the person had died and others will miss them, you use the verb 'umiera' (singular) umierają (plural).
When writing the year of a person's death you use the verb 'zmarł (male) zmarła (female). np: Szopen zmarł w 1849 roku. (Chopin died in 1849).
4 Apr 2012
Language / What's the time? Numbers in Polish. [14]

past 9 o'clock ... po dziewatnej? is... past 10 o'clock ..po dziezatnej

po dziewiątej po dziesiątej.
24 Mar 2012
Language / Use of A/An/The ...... Articles [186]

If some one asked you if you have any pets, you reply "Yes, I have a cat".
If some one else asked you how many cats you have, you reply "I have one cat". or, "I have one".
3 Mar 2012
Language / 'lubię, lubisz' - Infinitive [86]

On #3 of the second group perhaps you meant piątki (Fridays) and klubie (club).

W piątki zawsze spotykamy do zapoznanie się w klubie.
29 Feb 2012
Language / Need some Polish language help.....with a twist! [39]

Polish language is case-sensitive (there are 7 cases) Try to get a concept of declension of nouns, congugation of verbs, gender specific adjectives, action complete or incomplete.

Buy 'Langenscheidt Pocket Dictionary - Polish'*. The first ten pages are a must read. Another good book is '301 Polish Verbs'** by Klara Janecki - published by Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

*ISBN 978-1-58573-415-3 (English edition)
** ISBN 0-7641-1020-9

(Good luck)
29 Feb 2012
Food / Cooking Polish kiszka [99]

Lots of good suggestions for kiszka (barley sausage). It reminded me of a song sung by the leader of a Chicago polka band about 50 years ago; his name was Frank Wojnarowski and the song was entitled 'Who Stole the Kiszka'.
29 Feb 2012
Language / Polish sayings [236]

I think "z deszczu pod rynne" means "rain into the gutter".

"Out of the frying pan into the fire would be "Z patelni w ogień".
19 Mar 2011
News / Polish cities outside of Poland [8]

Toledo, Ohio has many residents of Polish descent. About 40 years ago there were several Polish Catholic parishes in Toledo; St. Hedwig, St. Adalbert, St. Vincent dePaul, St. Anthony, St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. Hyacinth, Nativity of Jesus, Our Lady of Lourdes. At present, only St. Adalbert and St. Hyacinth Churches are still Active. St. Hedwig has been relegated to an Oratory.

Here are some of the more predominant Polish surnames in metro Toledo:
Kujawa, Wiśniewski, Lewandowski, Kowalski, Nowak, Nowakowski, Nowacki, Nowicki, Andrzejewski, Michalski, Michalak, Czajka, Tucholski, Szymański, Szymanowski, Szyperski, Robakowski, Czarnecki, Machciński, Kubicki, Kubacki, Kozłowski, Wojciechowski, Wawrzyniak, Janowiecki, Zieliński, Jagodziński, Gąsiorowski, Jasiński, Kwiatkowski, Mierzwiak, Sieja, Królak, Katafiasz, Nadolny, Adamski, Kukla, Spychalski, Tafelski, Sujkowski, Rejent, Rosiński, £abudziński, Urbański, Kociński, Kłociński, Szczechowiak, Ignasiak, Kamiński, Szczewczykowski, Iwiński, Domagała, Holewiński, Tomaszewski, Zając, Sobczak, Pietrykowski, Przybyła, Rojek, Kaczmarek, Zalewski, Sobota, Kucharski, Drzewiecki. Well, the list goes on and on.

The little "ma & pa" grocery stores and bakeries have mostly disappeared. Same thing with the little independent hardware stores.
24 Dec 2010
Language / How to say Merry Christmas in Polish? [66]

If any of you want to know the words of any of the old Polish carols, just post it on this site. I have words and notation for fifty-two kolędy (carols) in a songbook "Śpiewniczek" that was published in Warsaw in 1901.
23 Dec 2010
Travel / Best places to visit in Poland [79]

Warsaw is a dirty city and the vislaw is a very poluted river.

I believe the English name for the Wisła is Vistula.
14 Dec 2010
History / Why did Hitler kill so many Jews in Poland? [261]

Not only the Jews were rounded up and herded into camps, but also Gypsies, homosexuals, clerics, and college professors. During WWII Hitler had some German officers executed for failing at a campaign (as with Gen. Ervin Rommel), or also for plotting to assasinate him.
6 Dec 2010
Language / déjà vu in Polish [23]

When my mom was still living she would use the word 'wej' as an interjection in English, usually as a response to a 'dumb' question like "Mom, why is busia's hair white"? She would answer "Wej, because busia is very old".

I'm not sure if that is a Polish word or a loan word from another language. What say you?
4 Dec 2010
Language / Village and towns in Poland with hard to pronounce names [22]

I get out my Polish atlas every now and then and say the names of places, but the village named Pszczółczyn is rather tricky to pronounce. I think it has some connection with bee-keeping. The village is in woj. Podlaskie about 25 km west of Białystok.

Pshchu-chin (in phoenetics)?
8 Sep 2010
Travel / Which cities in Poland are nice to visit [80]

The travel agents all agree that Kraków has the most tourism. I liked it but would like to return to three well-preserved Medieval towns- Toruń, Chełmno, and Żnin, all of which are in woj. Kujawsko-Pomorskie.
8 Sep 2010
History / When will you Poles give back German land and the cities which you robbed? [557]

I thought the 1945 borders of Poland were changed by agreement of the "Big Three" (Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt) at the Crimean Conference in Yalta. As to the question if it was prudent or not, it's been a matter of conjecture ever since. Even some things in America seem unjustifialble but as one lawyer stated "That's the way it is".