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What is your favorite Polish Vodka?

19 Jan 2006 #1
I am on a vodka kick lately, I have several bottles of Polish vodka but they where purchased here in the US. I wanted to know what brands are your favorites and why. What makes a good vodka? I have my reasons and favorites but I am interested in hearing yours!
19 Jan 2006 #2
I used to drink a lot when I was a student in Poland (it was about 5-6 years ago). Being a poor student you don't turn your nose up at anything that has alcohol in it :). As I now remember, we used to buy Zubrowka (it's not a dry vodka - it's similar to whisky) -- just because some females would drink it too :). It was good though -- pure 40% of alcohol and it had a straw inside to make the taste rich. On other occasions, we liked "The [white] Polonaise" - it was for guys only, 50%!

But most of the times we had the cheapest ones (doesn't mean the worst), like Wyborowa, Czysta, or Absolwent. After three or four shots (one "shot" in Poland eqals two "American" shots:), you won't feel the difference.

The important point was to make the vodka real chilly (put it in a fridge before use) -- that way you'll be able to drink about 20% more than you usually do. Also - eat plenty of foods between shots (i suggest Polish sausage and bread). It will make your body to become less "drunk" overall.

When we become "rich", we could afford to buy Chopin vodka. We liked "Zoladkowa" too. But I don't see much difference between "expensive" and "less expensive" Polish vodka. Maybe because I've already lost good taste :--)...
20 Jan 2006 #3
Can someone explain to me what is the fun in being drunk? :)
20 Jan 2006 #4
First of all, your body is relaxed. It's like after a 5-hour work out in a gym :). You feel good, you think the world belongs to you. Depending on your personality, you can either be quiet or agressive. If the latter one is the case, don't drink.

It's easier to talk with a girl when she is tipsy. She treats you like her partner, not an intruder then :).

You have to know how to drink though. Drinking just to get drunk can be fun but only if people you drink with are cool. You have to learn how to drink -- take your time, drink moderately in the beginning, learn what kind of alcohol is good for you. You may try to drink vodka with soda (cola, pepsi) since it's easier to swallow.

Ask Polish experts if you have more questions. Cheers!
Marzena 2 | 122
20 Jan 2006 #5
brushed over the surface analysis...
I think it's like with any other drug, you don't really like it at the beginning, but since you need an escape from your life (or aspects of it which you can't deal with - like talking to girls heheh :)) and since we all love to be bad... (sorry, not all)... you finally get addicted and start needing it, you think it's 'liking it'.
20 Jan 2006 #6
For a Polish guy, I don't drink much at all, but I know it sometimes does help when you are stressed with your work or something. All you need to do is to control yourself. I do not like the taste of vodka, but I do sometimes like to drink one or two shots. I don't get drunk but I get somewhat relaxed, so it works for me. I do not drink every day of course... It's like going to a gym - you go there when you feel your body needs some work out.
Marzena 2 | 122
20 Jan 2006 #7
I see how it goes :) heheh
20 Jan 2006 #8
I like Zoladkowa Vodka. Can drink without soda.
20 Jan 2006 #9
Well, it is Friday night! I am getting ready to go out with my friends, and we just pulled a couple bottles from the freezer. Does anyone like Ultimat or Metropolis? I got them as gifts, never had them before. Must try them! To my new friends in the forum... Na zdrowie! ( I hope that is the correct usage, I am just learning Polosh!)

oops....I can't spell either!!!!!!!!!
20 Jan 2006 #10
yep, na zdrowie! (it means "cheers" or "to one's heart content"). I have never heard of Ultimat/Metropolis, but wouldn't worry about it as long as the label says at least "40 volts" :)

The best is Spiritus Ratifikowany (96% of alcohol). For more flavor you may add some water :).
21 Jan 2006 #11
Zubrowka is good.

I think the next question should be -- what is good after drinking too much vodka? :)
21 Jan 2006 #12
I'm not sure if I write it good, but the best thing after drinking too uch vodka is of course water from picled cucumbers
21 Jan 2006 #13
Even better - drink responsibly..

I'm not sure if it's really a vodka (it's less strong), but I prefer "Wisnowka" - it's made of fruit (cherries I think). It's strong enough and tastes very good!
24 Jan 2006 #14
spiritus is probly the most strongest ive ever had.
27 Jan 2006 #15
iv never had polish vodka but my friends drink it
9 Feb 2006 #16
i thinkn all flavors but pop is good:):):):):):)
27 Mar 2006 #17
... Yeah Polak ...for good cucumbers in brine (and of course good pickle water) go to site ... they have good selection of product straight from Poland. Cheers....

Zubrowka is good.

Yummy.... Zubrowka with Apple Juice and icecube called Tatanka (from movie Dances with Wolfs) it is logical name, Zubr in Polish is Bison and American Indians called it Tatanka, and that mix taste wonderful... Nice Driveway!!!! AKA NA Zdrowie!!!
29 Mar 2006 #18
29 Mar 2006 #19
Denaturat Vodka

28 May 2006 #20
ok my English is not perfect but i will try...........I am going to USA in next week and i will buy for my friend Zubrówka and Żo 2;adkowa gorzka. I thinking about orzechówka ( vadka with walnuts). hmmmm miami. the most favourite drink it's mad dog.( vodka, chili and raspberry juce). Girls likes malibu with milk.
29 May 2006 #21
Zubrowka is ok :) And it truly became popular abroad.
I also like "Wyborowa", but these are very rare occasions when I drink pure vodka. Well, maybe I'm getting older... :)
30 May 2006 #22
Wódka Kasztela 4;ska

Are all good polish Vodka

If you like honey=miod then try an old pl classic Krupnik. I like to make my own. I age spiritus for almost 1 year along with fine polish honey and some other secrets. It comes out to be a little over 55%....... Gleba!!!!

My favorite is Dębowa. Red oak is nice also the white.

Żubrówka is already easy to get here in the US. Some of the others aren't.

sorry that's Wódka Kasztelanska
11 Jun 2006 #23
heh zubrowka is don't good! secondly it is he cheapest one.....I like to drink "Pan Tadeusz" vodka - "Mr Tadeusz" :). In Poland is a joke, with tells that you don't drink vodka - you are reading books :)
12 Jun 2006 #24
In Poland is a joke, with tells that you don't drink vodka - you are reading books

Huh? What's a joke in Poland?
12 Jun 2006 #25
In Poland is a joke, with tells that you don't drink vodka - you are reading books

Huh ?
12 Jun 2006 #26
When a student (or not) tells you he's going to read books, it means he's going to drink vodka.
12 Jun 2006 #27
This must be a very old saying, cose I haven`t heard about it.
17 Jun 2006 #28
If you come to the U.S. and ask for mad dog you will get the cheapest wine made.
The bums drink it on skid row
18 Jun 2006 #29
19 Jun 2006 #30
zubrowka with apple juice is yummi!

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