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What is your favorite Polish Vodka?

old punk - | 25
11 Sep 2006 #91
Thnx. Maybe when I come to Gdansk we can share some.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
18 Sep 2006 #92
Has anyone here ever tried Gdanska Zlotówka? (the liquor with the gold flakes) I was just wondering if it's a vodka or something like Goldschlager?
18 Sep 2006 #93

its very similar
3 Oct 2006 #94
Yes indeed it is.... I've gotten quite a few people addicted to it :)
FISZ 24 | 2,116
5 Oct 2006 #95
I was going to buy a bottle there but it was over 100 zł I was hoping that it was more similar to a vodka. I can't drink Goldschlager...too sweet & syrupy.
2 Nov 2006 #96
should try wrotyczowka easy to make easy to go in the head, here's the recipe:
5g of hyssop, 2,5g of melissa and 5g of veronica mix and leave for future. take one teaspoon of that mixture and macerate in vodka 80% (160 proof) when macerated dilute with water up to 40% or less and take fresh not so small tansy (Tanacetum vulgaris) leaf and leave it until the bottle gets empty. However, undoubtedly the best Polish vodka is of course our rectified spirit 96% try it neat and feel the difference regards from Rzeszów
FISZ 24 | 2,116
2 Nov 2006 #97
I can't mess with the spirits.... gleba :) never fails. The wrotyczowka sounds good though. Do you drink Absynth?
3 Nov 2006 #98

Evil drink, first time in Czech, I saw a girl try and walk through a wall (we watched her and her b/f drinking it, flames and all) so me and my ex decided that we wasnt going to try it in a bar.....we brought 4 bottles home, two for us one for my friend and one for my big drank some of one of the bottles we brought home....and never tried it again...the bottle I gave to my friend we had a couple of shots one night and she made me take the rest of the bottle back big bro ended up with nearly 4 bottles, he still has 2 left after 5 years....doesnt that tell you something????? ITS EVIL.....
FISZ 24 | 2,116
4 Nov 2006 #99
Wow. I was going to bring a bottle back from the airport, but I guess if it's that bad.....
old punk - | 25
4 Nov 2006 #100

What happened when you drank it? It's a hallucinogenic, right?
FISZ 24 | 2,116
4 Nov 2006 #101
I've had just 1 shot with a sugar cube melted in it. It tastes horrid!! 1 shot did nothing though.
6 Nov 2006 #102
shame on you flights from London are even cheaper than excuse not to go....and you missed out Vodka...

LMAO! :)

Vodka, VODKA! That all you could think of? Lol, you're worst than me! :)

Guess what ? (I know you already have :) ) I can get vodka 'down the road' :)

Anyway, isn't vodka Russian by origin? :(

Being lazy as I am, I'd be better off finding a Polish cutie first, who could be my tour guide as well :)
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544
7 Nov 2006 #103
Besides the word "vodka" comes from polish "wódka".

In Polish language we pronounce "W" like english "V", and in english you don't have Polish "Ó", thus in the end, the international name for "Wódka" remained "VODKA".

If you want to pronounce it like Poles do, just say "VOODKA".
FISZ 24 | 2,116
7 Nov 2006 #104

Doesn't this translate to water of fire or something?
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544
7 Nov 2006 #105
"Wódka" is very similar to the word "woda", which means "water".
But there's also another name for vodka in Poland; namely "gorzałka" which means something like "burning water" or "burning liquid".
FISZ 24 | 2,116
7 Nov 2006 #106
I see..... Like Żołądkowa Gorzka...that like bitter stomache / burning water :)

Found a cool Poster:
wozzy 8 | 206
9 Nov 2006 #108
Tell me guys....Why the ceremony of thumping the base of a new bottle of wodka on the forearm before opening it to wake the devil inside or what?............
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
9 Nov 2006 #109
Do you drink Absynth?

aha... the green fairy...crazy stuff responsible for all sorts of weird sh*t... van gogh's ear... degas... picasso... hemingway... the list goes on...

... saying that, theres a good bar in gdansk called absynt... large selection of the stuff if you fancy an adveture... :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
10 Nov 2006 #110
What happened when you drank it? It's a hallucinogenic, right?

no, just felt very strange and knew I wasnt going to try it again (had to though or my mate was having non of it...)

Wow. I was going to bring a bottle back from the airport, but I guess if it's that bad.....

van gogh's ear

he had tinitus nothing to do with it just really made me laugh..not mocking you mate

Its not that bad, worth a try
19 Nov 2006 #111
I like palace vodka !!!
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
19 Nov 2006 #112
he had tinitus nothing to do with it just really made me laugh..not mocking you mate

no mate... thats cool...!

nobody seems to know what lead the VG to cut his ear off... shortly after suffering a nervous breakdown... and present it to a prostitute named rachel... however there are a number of possible theories... none of which, as far as i know, implies it was due to his suffering from tinitus...

his nervous breakdown, however, has been widely attributed to his excessive consumption of absinthe, among other substances, which also heavily influenced his art...

worth a try...?

without a doubt... i have danced with the green fairy...:)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
19 Nov 2006 #113
I studied art history

"Review of 796 personal letters to family and friends written between 1884 and his suicide in 1890 reveals a man constantly in control of his reason and suffering from severe repeated attacks of disabling vertigo, not a seizure disorder," claimed a group writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1990. Van Gogh's "bizarre behavior suggests that his tinnitus had become intolerable and that he felt he might alleviate the 'auditory hallucinations' by eliminating their source. Some patients with Meniere's disease experience such overwhelming tinnitus that they would 'cut off their ear' or 'poke a hole in it with an ice pick' to try to relieve it."

Yes he did drink a lot of the green stuff and he suffered with depression....I suppose no one will know for sure why he did it or why he committed suicide, some say the ear incident was symbolic castration...dutch for ear is lil and penis is lul....lots of theories
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
19 Nov 2006 #114
I studied art history

so did i...

To be precise it was the lobe of his left ear which he put into an envelope and gave to a brothel wench named Rachel with these words: "Guard this object carefully." After he tried to drink a quart of turpentine in his studio, he was sent to the asylum at Saint-Remy on May 7, 1889. The doctors began to treat him with hydrotherapy for acute mania and epilepsy.

A precise diagnosis of Van Gogh's illness is still unavailable... despite hundreds of conjectures. However... we do know a few facts: Van Gogh suffered from syphilis contracted from prostitutes off the docks at Antwerp; there was also a history of mental illness in his family. Some physicians now believe Van Gogh may have had a congenital brain lesion that was aggravated by absinthe.

Here are a few of the many theories offered...

1. One explanation of Van Gogh's behavior is that he was frustrated by two recent events: the engagement of his brother Theo, to whom he was very attached, and the failure of an attempt to establish a working and living relationship with Paul Gauguin. The aggressive impulses aroused by these frustrations were first directed at Gauguin, but then were turned against himself (Lubin, 1972).

2. A second interpretation is that the self mutilation resulted from a conflict over homosexual impulses aroused by the presence of Gauguin. According to this account, the ear was a phallic symbol (as you mention above, the Dutch slang word for penis, lul, resembled the Dutch word for ear, lel), and the act was a symbolic self­castration (Lubin, 1972; Westerman Holstijn, 1951).

3. A third explanation is in terms of Oedipal themes. Van Gogh was sharing a house with Gauguin, and Gauguin reported that on the day before the ear mutilation Van Gogh had threatened him with a razor but, under Gauguin's powerful gaze, had then run away.

According to this interpretation, Gauguin represented Van Gogh's hated father and that, failing in his initial threat, Van Gogh "finally gratified his extraordinary resentment and hate for his father by deflecting the hatred on to his own person. In so doing Van Gogh committed, in phantasy, an act of violence on his father with whom he identified himself and at the same time he punished himself for committing the act" (Schnier, 1950, p. 153).

Then "in depositing his symbolic organ at the brothel he also fulfilled his wish to have his mother" (Schnier, 1950, pp. 153­154).

4. Another interpretation is that Van Gogh was influenced by bullfights he had seen in Arles. In such events the matador is given the ear of the bull as an award, displays his prize to the crowd, and then gives it to the lady of his choice.

The proponent of this interpretation, J. Olivier (in Lubin, 1972), says: "I am absolutely convinced that Van Gogh was deeply impressed by this practice.... Van Gogh cut off the ear, his own ear, as if he were at the same time the vanquished bull and the victorious matador.

A confusion in the mind of one person between the vanquished and the vanquisher" (Lubin, 1972 p. 158). Then, like the matador, Van Gogh presented the ear to a lady of his choice. (The following explanations, unless otherwise noted, are also from Lubin's [1972] comprehensive analysis.)

5. In the months preceding Van Gogh's self­mutilation, there were 15 articles in the local paper about Jack the Ripper, who­mutilated the bodies of prostitutes, sometimes cutting off their ears. "These crimes gave rise to emulators, and Vincent may have been one of them. As a masochist instead of a sadist, however, it is conceivable that he would reverse Jack's act by mutilating himself and bringing the ear to a prostitute" (Lubin, 1972, p. 159).

Interesting stuff, eh :)

There is also the teory that he was out drinking with Gauguin one night and they ended up having a drunken brawl... during the fracas Gauguin atacked VG with a knife, cutting of part of his ear...

VG was so pissed... possibly having danced with the green fairy... that the following day Gauguin was able to pass of the injury as self-inflicted...
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
19 Nov 2006 #115
I enjoyed several, but the black one made me gag, and Ive drank some strange drinks over the years in various european cities....Unicum being one of the strangest! (tried that one in Hungary)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
19 Nov 2006 #116
Das ist ein Unikum!

not too fond of bitters myself... and shant mention what i got upto in hungary... never know who is reading this forum...

drank some fantastic cherry wodka this summer in gdansk... went down so easily... and so did i... :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
19 Nov 2006 #117
did you go the spa, I was disturbed when I saw a naked old lady walk past in my eye line, I left very shortly after....

Unicum was terrible but did drink quite a bit, just to be sociable of course!
19 Nov 2006 #118
I don't know if someone mention it yet (probably), but I like the Polish Wisniowka - it makes your stomach nicely warm and you can drink it without the so called "zapita" (meaning a drink that is drunk after drinking vodka like soda).
FISZ 24 | 2,116
29 Nov 2006 #119
Why the ceremony of thumping the base of a new bottle of wodka on the forearm before opening it to wake the devil inside or what?............

To open easier :)
wozzy 8 | 206
30 Nov 2006 #120
To open easier

HUH ????????????????

you just unscrew the top and Hey Presto. Yeh ???

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