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20 Oct 2009
News / RHD cars in Poland - my campaign to change the rules in Poland [128]

They are unsafe because the driver can't see the road ahead him while overtaking - remember, you were using Mikey for that purpose.
Anyway, I read that EU is demanding that Poland accepts those ridiculous, wrong-way-round cars ;)

And I told you it's Maluch, not Malluch!! :P
21 Oct 2009
News / RHD cars in Poland - my campaign to change the rules in Poland [128]

Everything is wrong with one hot and one cold, SOME people might like the water warm, I don't particularly enjoy having my hands/teeth/face burnt or frozen!

And your plugs are irritating, they can be switched off and then "someone" wonders why the kettle is not working :P
5 Nov 2009
Life / Do expats living in Poland speak Polish? [233]

who wants to move to Poland?

I know several people who do, my boyfriend for example ;)

it's an ex-communist country (just 20 short years ago) with an economy and quality of living far below any western European country, not to mention an abysmal health care system,

To be honest, I don't think that British system is so far superior to ours... In the UK I went to the doctor with a terrible cough. He prescribed me... nose drops!

awful weather,

Awful weather?? Have you ever experienced "summer" in the UK?

grossly overpriced real estate, food, clothing, cars and basically anything that comes from outside it's borders like international food, appliances, etc. Basically, in Poland, if it's not Made In Poland, it's a ripoff.

Still, food "made in Poland" is by miles better than a lot of Western stuff.
15 Dec 2009
News / What Poland can't do right [113]


Oh dear... did your boyfriend dump you for a Polish girl? It sounds like it, you're so bitter and jealous...

4. Polish ladies do not act like ladies, they get so drunk and passed out on roads or sidewalk in pulbic place. Hopeful your boss don't see pictures of you on newspapers or TV. Some were in jail and sent back home to Poland. Shame on you.

Sounds like British girls to me ;)
16 Dec 2009
News / What Poland can't do right [113]

I am not shame to tell you. Yes, and I am sure other Polish ladies in here are being dump by their boyfriends too. No Big Deal about being dump by men. I wouldn't kill myself or get drunk over this stupid men. I don't have time to get upset for silly craps. You do.

I'm sorry, your English is so bad that I can't understand you.
13 Jan 2010
Love / I love my Polish girl! Wanted to share my story. [55]

1. Germany

Germany's a wonderful place to live. Stable, reliable, the only bad thing about Germany is the love of rules. On the whole though, it's certainly no worse than the UK.

2. France

That would be why they consistently rate as having a far superior quality of life to the UK then?

3. Albania
4. Ukraine

Can't really compare poor European countries to the UK, can you?
25 Jan 2010
Law / Polish Cop Took My Car Registration :S [143]

My driving license says EU on it, so why isn't it accepted.... ah.... I know, its a case of "We are in the EU" when grants are being offered and "This is not acceptable in Poland" when it suits them... now i see... the same thing about registering foreign cars - i guess its not profitable enough for corrupt Police.

My Polish friend was trying to buy cigarettes in our local Co-op and her Polish driving license was refused, as well as her Polish ID, which is by the way a valid travel document. Come on, it's not that everything in Poland is soo bad and everything in the UK is sooo wonderful! Things like that happen - in every country.

And to Chris - if I try speaking Polish to someone in the UK, there is no chance in hell they will understand me. So why do you expect people here to speak English to you? "They don't even speak English" - well yes, it's all so easy to say, but well the hell people my parents' age were supposed to learn? They had Russian in school, you know, not English! We are in Poland and we speak Polish here!

And by the way, try going to France, Italy or Spain and speaking English there. Good luck! (A guy in Notre Dame de Paris didn't know what "two tickets" mean).

And it's certainly really rude to call someone's country "uncivilised".

I am happy to provide my ID to any police that ask for it, because I know I'm not a criminal - but I will not carry my passport because if someone pickpockets me or something then i am literally f**ked... I wouldnt be able to get back home to get a new one and its too much pi**ing around to go all the way to Warsaw.

Why don't you carry a photocopy of your passport?

I live in Poland, I chose to live in Poland and I like living in Poland - BUT there are still things that need to be improved and all the educated Polish people that I have spoken to admit that too.

Like in every single other country in the world.
25 Jan 2010
Law / Polish Cop Took My Car Registration :S [143]

I wasn't criticizing your country, I merely gave an example of a similar situation in the UK. And I don't think it's very constructive to start lashing out at other people's private situation on a public Internet forum as the discussion is not about it.

You go to Germany and everyone I have met there speaks English, The same applies to Sweden (in fact they get offended when you ask them if you speak english as they assume that you know they do)

But it doesn't apply to France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Croatia and several more European countries...
25 Jan 2010
Law / Polish Cop Took My Car Registration :S [143]

I've never been to Croatia and Hungary but in France Spain and Italy most of the people I have encountered speak to me in English, the French do begrudgingly but they do although French is a fairly easy language to learn anyway.

Come on, I've been checking some Italian website recently and even when I clicked on "English" it kept being (mostly) in Italian. French are terrible for their language skills and in case of the Spaniards their English is often non - existent or very, very bad.

Hungarians very often learn German instead of English, the same applies to Croatia, especially in case of older people.
Anyway, how many British people actually speak any other language?
25 Jan 2010
Law / Polish Cop Took My Car Registration :S [143]

We have to learn a second language from the age of 12.

12 is really really late. I started learning English at the age of 7, added French and German in high school.
And bear in mind, French used to be an international language not so long ago - it isn't any more, so beware ;)
28 Jan 2010
Law / Bring your business to Poland! [56]

As for education - Poland is suffering quite badly under the free tertiary education.

28 Jan 2010
Life / Do expats living in Poland speak Polish? [233]

If pants and sweaters and jackets weather is "perfectly warm" for you, so be it. Others have different expectations.

I'm sure the weather is concerned about your expectations :D
3 Feb 2010

The second one says "85-90% in all subjects with the relevant subjects taken at the higher (extended) level". An A grade at A level is only 80%!

No one expects to be treated fairly by foreign universities... it is obvious they will look down on Polish qualifications!
I looked through the material demanded for A-levels and it's more or less the same as our matura.

Four years is enough to get a Magister (several people in my ex-girlfriend's uni class did it, including her). And one year is enough to get an MSc after doing your BSc.

At which uni??

No a Magister is somewhere between a BSc and an MSc.

I did 3 years of "licencjat", wrote my dissertation, had to defend it, afterwards 2 years for "magister", again - dissertation and defending it. So how is my "magister" not equal? I assure you it is! I looked into the MSc material (field similar to mine) at one of the English unis - and to be honest, it was laughably easy!

I just hate this attitude of "our MSc is better..because it's called differently!". Bollocks!
3 Feb 2010

Interesting thing. While reading this thread, I was asked by a student applying for a PhD abroad to look over his application. I was surprised that he didn't know that he had to propose a subject for his doctoral study and write out a study proposal, research outline etc.

He said that in Poland the doctoral candidate is often given a subject by a professor. Is this correct?

At my uni a candidate had to prepare his subject, research outline etc. and present it at the entry exam. He would be given points for his masters results and for the value of the proposed research.
4 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

When I was studying and working in the UK, there were hundreds of places screaming for workers all over the place. The job agency was more then happy to sign me in and I had to refuse the job offers they were giving me due to too little time!

Most of British students were not working anywhere. There wasn't anyone competing with me for my job.
Still, people were moaning about "Poles stealing our jobs".
7 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Recently beaten up in England by 3 Polish guys [93]

What is that?

The French (dunno about elsewhere, but I think Poland has it too) - if someone is injured and you come across them, you have an obligation to provide assistance. I know Poland has it in terms of road accidents, but elsewhere, I'm not so sure.
10 Feb 2010
Love / How real is your international (Polish-other) relationship ? [53]

The western man thinks he got a real germ while in many cases he got the ho of the village totally unsuspected

Getting "a germ" is not totally unexpected from a prostitute :P

Many polish girls look like ho's by western standards

Have you ever been to the West? Doesn't look like it...
11 Feb 2010
Work / An Australian girl living in Poland: Residence permit, please help! [44]

AFAIK Australians can still visit the UK for up to 6 months without a visa.

Yep, as long as they're satisfied that you're doing it for tourism. Be aware that UK immigration officers will often refuse entry if they think you're doing it simply to gain extra time in the Schengen zone.


Yes, it means they were lucky. Remeber - someone checking your passport in the Foreigners Office can easily alert the Straz Graniczna to an overstayer - and as you have to have a legal address, bang.

It's simply not worth trying to get round it - you won't succeed. Even if you do, then you can easily be found out at a later date if the stamps in the passport don't add up.
13 Feb 2010
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

Czarnuch is much stronger but Murzyn, with the correct intonation, is racist. Neutral my ass.

It's not racist if it's not used in a sentence meant to be offensive. It's just a word describing someone with black skin, that's all.
28 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Options for dealing with dishonest landlord in Poland [36]

Thats ridiculous, I earn a lot more money than the average Polish person and work for myself how would somebody in my situation provide a reference?

Well, I agree this is pointless, but I had quite a lot of hassle in the UK with getting stuff done - because for example they couldn't understand that I, living in the halls, do not have bills for water/electricity/whatever ass I do not pay them! Apparently paying over 1000 pounds for the room in the halls was not enough to prove that I actually live there. So not so brilliant there just as well ;)

Mikey can also tell you stories about my British boss and his ineptitude, for example the way he forgot my leaving date and how he didn't manage to pay money into my account for whole semester I was working there.
2 Mar 2010
Law / To know about the Jatux company in Poland? [33]

Hm, why would an established and easily traceable company commit fraud on such a large scale?

My feeling is that they may not have been behind it, but rather someone else is pretending to be them. I can't be certain, but it certainly seems possible.
5 Mar 2010
Life / Womans day in Poland? [132]

Many women choose to ignore this "celebrations" nowadays, the commies did everything to make us hate it ;)
5 Mar 2010
Life / What is it with the Polish love of antibiotics? And Why do Poles get ill more? [40]

If there's anything of the sort going on now, it would be a relatively new phenomenon (as I said before). I would say big pharma are pushing antibiotics and other fancy meds for GPs to prescribe.

It definitely is nothing new. I grew up in the 80s and I had antibiotics rammed down my throat by the irresponsible doctor at every possibility. The end result: I was more often ill then not and my immunity went down to hell.

Then my mum took me to the more rational doctor, he gave me something to boost my immunity and I've been fine ever since.

On the other hand, a GP in the UK tried to give me nose drops for the terrible cough I had.

And you're right in one respect, Magdalena: Brits tend to dress without any thought of the weather. Maybe they don't look out of the windows? I too have seen girls in furry boots (fashion alarm!) in June and girls with bare legs in the winter (they seem to present a strange aversion to tights).
6 Mar 2010
Life / Womans day in Poland? [132]

Is nobody going to buy you a nice present on monday then Landora..?

I don't think so ;)
I usually don't even remember about all these days of this or that, I only remember about Grandfather's Day, just because he expects me to and I'm being nice :P