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What to do in Wroclaw!

13 May 2007 #1

Off to Wroclaw on Thursday with some mates for four nights.

Recommendations on the following are much appreciated!

- Things to see/do during the day
- Good bars/clubs at night
- Good food to order?
- Essential polish language to know!
- Somewhere to watch the fa cup final on saturday afternoon

I know there are websites with this kind of info but wanted to get some advice, first hand, from people that had actually been there!

p.s. looking for a proper polish experience
Peter 3 | 248
13 May 2007 #2
When I am visiting in Wroclaw my cousins usually take care of that sort of thing for me but I'll take a try at it.

There are lots of old buildings and churches you can visit. I think there are also some interesting museums near the Rynek.

There are lots of bars / clubs in Wroclaw. A lot of them are on the Rynek and Plac Solny. You also have the ruska (?? cannot remember name) complex close by. Quite a few foreign themed bars such as Guiness bar, Celtic bar, etc. Try Radio Bar on the north side of the Rynek, opposite PRL.

Food to mean take away / delivery? Never tried it but I guess you could always call around and see who does that. A lot of restaurants in and around the Rynek including traditional Polish restaurants.....Dwor Polski, etc.

FA Cup final (come on Man Utd!!) on the telly or satellite. My guess is one of the foreign themed bars.
14 May 2007 #3
To see hot girls visit Wroclaw Glowny.
Peter 3 | 248
14 May 2007 #4
The train station? What girls do you find there.........
sparrow 2 | 243
14 May 2007 #5
To see hot girls visit Wroclaw Glowny.

Southern.. those are prostitutes.

szarlotka 8 | 2,205
14 May 2007 #6
Southern.. those are prostitutes.

LOL - the danger of Raybans
14 May 2007 #7
Go to a certain address and throw a bucket of water over a certain girl for me :P

seriously theres so many things to do, the museums pretty awesome.
14 May 2007 #8
The glowny gathers hot talent from province.I have seldom seen such a collection.
Peter 3 | 248
15 May 2007 #9
Southern.. those are prostitutes.

I thought as much.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
15 May 2007 #10
And I thought that they were just being friendly.
szarlotka 8 | 2,205
15 May 2007 #11
LOL - I thought it was my natural charm and a good choice of aftershave!
goszew79 - | 1
26 Sep 2007 #12
Try the laluz art bar nice place if you want to see more
26 Sep 2007 #13
Coffe shops in Old Town, man that Brown sugar alone is worth it!
saffron 8 | 62
3 Feb 2008 #14
Jan 30, 10, 15:43 - Thread attached on merging:
What is Wroclaw like?

i know ... a very general question.... i am thinking of taking a holiday in Poland and was considering visiting Wroclaw as i have a friend from there .... was just wondering what its like there?? Clubs...restaurants...sights etc??
3 Feb 2008 #15
i will tell you in 14days time ....
southern 74 | 7,074
3 Feb 2008 #16
Wroclaw looks like Breslau.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
3 Feb 2008 #17
Only more modern.

At the moment Wroclaw looks pretty depressing due to the time of year and weather.

You can probably see everything in a couple of days.

The city is more vibrant in the summer.
3 Feb 2008 #18
You can probably see everything in a couple of days.

thats ok for me plus one day i am heading to Piechowice to visit my good friend there so should be nice ...
liusiyu - | 2
4 Feb 2008 #19
I think in summer Wrocllaw will be pretty cuz there're a lot of amazing gardens in Wroclaw.
gemini 1 | 21
12 Feb 2008 #21
Wroclaw is a great city, I love it. It has lots of great restaurants and bars and it's a very nice place in spring/summer when the market square is filled with tables and chairs and you can enjoy a good pint outside in the sun.

Okay, it looks a bit depressing in winter but most places look more attractive in spring and summer. Nevertheless it's the perfect place for a great stay.
amcwis 1 | 13
29 Feb 2008 #22
Wroclaw looks like Breslau.

Isn't Breslau just the German name for Wrócław?
ExchangeMe 1 | 5
5 Mar 2008 #23
Thread attached on merging:
What is Wroclaw Like?

I'm going on an exchange to Wroclaw next year, and being from a small town, I don't really know what to expect in a large city. What should I know about it? What is it like? What do people (mainly teenagers) do for fun?
Davey 13 | 388
5 Mar 2008 #24
It's pretty awesome.
Seanus 15 | 19,672
5 Mar 2008 #25
I second that!! Pizza by the slice on the rynek, Pizza Hut take away. We don't have that in Scotland
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
5 Mar 2008 #26
What do people (mainly teenagers) do for fun?

There are more than 100,000 students here. Just follow one or two of them and you'll find the action.
Wroclaw is a happening place for young folk. But if you don't drink... forget it.
5 Mar 2008 #27
hello looking for woman polish cite wrclaw msn is
Crazy Toad 6 | 17
30 Jan 2010 #28
Jan 30, 10, 15:45 - Thread attached on merging:
What to do in Wroclaw/Wyscigowa?

Im in Poland for 4 days. Unfortunately I found out when I got there Im not exactly in the center,but oh well!
I went to Wroclaw yesterday but once I got there it was already getting dark,today Ive been trying to find a convenience store in Wyścigowa. I was told there was a biedronka and a LIDL nearby but Ive struggled to find them. Also theres pretty much no paths and where there is paths theres huge snow drifts on them( which I fell through yesterday haha).

Ive went on my own and I'm not the most confident about going to far from where I know (well at least not when it's dark). I was in Wroclaw (near the Rynek) and finding a taxi was getting really hard and to be honest "some" of them just shunned me,but lets say thats a minority.

Oh my location is Novotel Wroclaw, if anyone wants to give me "clear" directions or something interesting to do

pantsless 1 | 267
1 Feb 2010 #29
Crazytoad youre like 5km from the city center... how did you wind up there..

Anyway, Wroclaw for all its charms actually doesnt have that much "to do", except a very lively and active bar/club scene. And since its winter thats what I recommend you do. Most of the joints around the Rynek are pretty cheesy, places like PRL and that crap, expensive and lame, but whatever floats your boat.

pop dance club with hot 16 year olds looking for a wallet and if you get drunk enough you can take them home: daytona, lemoniada, studio p1, jazda

decent bar/clubs around the rynek: spiz, pracownia, czeski film, manana, siedem kotow, novacaina, and almost everyone goes to Pasaz Niepolda, just walk from the rynek to ul. ruska and youll see a million students and music on this side street. Metropolis as a dance club with teenagers, bezsennosc was cool a few years ago but again its filled with teenagers, and the few cool places im not going to tell you.

fine... just one, ill give you one topsecret location where cool ppl chill, its called mleczarnia on ul. wlodkowicza

besides that just take a walk to ostrow tlumski where the cathedral is, walk past the botanical gardens, or maybe take the tram to Hala Stulecia and walk around there. Thats it.
suren - | 5
26 Mar 2010 #30
hi friends!!!

i suren from sri lanka,currently in wroclaw since last 6 month,im looking for a job here and i have 6 year hotel experiance as a housekeeping supervisor ,kitchen helper, porter,and 4 year experiance as a casino dealer.if you guys know any place please let me know and i ready to do any job. this is my emai (suren_mark2001@yahoo) thank you

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