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What to do in Wroclaw!

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
26 Mar 2010 #31
im looking for a job here

Are you legally in Wroclaw?
suren - | 5
12 Apr 2010 #32

yes i'm legelly in wroclaw,even i have my work permit,
thank you
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
12 Apr 2010 #33
even i have my work permit,

Which is non-transferable. You cannot use the existing work permit to work legally in Poland for another employer - you'll have to get another one.
kauris - | 3
6 May 2010 #34
I am visiting Wroclaw in May, any good suggestions for real fun during the week? You can pm me.
samnslon 8 | 22
6 May 2010 #35
lemonaida bar is the bar to go to!!! :)
kauris - | 3
6 May 2010 #36
ok, where is it located? :)
jwojcie 2 | 763
7 May 2010 #38
Try to use this (unfortunately for you in Polish... events searcher tool)

maybe this would be more helpful for english speaker:

anyway, May is Juwenalia month = student parties and festivals, I suppose as usual a lot of concerts is taking place right now (I'm off the town for some time so don't know what is on the posters...)
Wroclaw Boy
7 May 2010 #39
Are you legally in Wroclaw?

here he goes again
kauris - | 3
7 May 2010 #40

I have been in Wroclaw couple of times before and I do know some places. But what I tried to ask in my first message was some direct hits to my mail box.

I am not seeking for cultural events nor weekend happenings cause I will be there from monday to friday. Reason why I ask, is that I don't want to spend my week for looking.

I noticed last May that there were lots of students around... Party and beautiful Polish ladies sounds good always!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
7 May 2010 #41
May is Juwenalia month = student parties and festivals,

Jewenalia: today and tomorrow

in wroclaw... today Kult ... tomorrow Lady Pank
visiting soon
18 Jul 2010 #42
How is the evening/night life in the summer, is it mainly oriented to early-20's or will an ordinary guy like me who's already in his late 30's mix in without standing out desperately outdated?
afcool 1 | 5
18 Jul 2010 #43
beautiful city ---> Wroclaw!
30 Jul 2010 #44
Is Wrocław a good destination around this time of the year, or have most of the students and other fun-liking people travelled away for their holiday/summer job, leaving just German tourists in the downtown?
convex 20 | 3,978
30 Jul 2010 #45
There is still plenty going on downtown with the bobblehead crowd.
20 Feb 2015 #46
Merged: Wroclaw - 3 nights enough or too many??

Hi everyone - heading to Wroclaw soon (in March), wondering if 3 nights will be too many or not enough for first time visitor?

Interests are general tourist things and nightlife, please recommend as much as you can.
24 Jan 2023 #47
Where can i buy weed in wroclaw? Is in wroclaw praga like as wwa?
gumishu 13 | 6,064
24 Jan 2023 #48
as far as I know there is no such place in Wrocław (that could be compared to Warsaw's Praga)
Alien 12 | 2,657
25 Jan 2023 #49
What to do in Wroclaw

I recommend "Panorama Racławicka".

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