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Is there a Indian store in Wroclaw?

Kumar26 3 | 6
8 Jul 2010 #1
hello is there a place where we can buy indian spices, rice, wheat flour etc in Wroclaw? or someone can ship them here?
pgtx 30 | 3,156
8 Jul 2010 #2
maybe you know about that already, but...

there is an Indian restaurant in Wroclaw:
Restauracja SPICE INDIA
Wrocław, ul. Wita Stwosza 15A
tel: 71 794 80 44

OK, i just found it:
there is a store "Przyprawy Świata"
ul. Wita Stwosza 13/14
tel. (071) 343 27 95
13 Jul 2010 #3

You have good deals at this online store.
They ship wordlwide.
I have ordered in UK when i was there and now in USA too.

they have everything Indian. Do 1 thing. Email them. Ask them for a invoice and qoute for all your orders.

This will save your time and would get it easier to pay.

the store address is

Yuostitia 1 | 5
19 Jan 2011 #4
Are there any Indians In Krakow?
Olaf 6 | 956
19 Jan 2011 #5
Yes there are. Quite a few actually, as there are Indian companies located in Kraków area and also other hire them as well.
19 Jan 2011 #6
Its a pity that none of the Indian entrepreneurs have opened a decent indian cuisine eathouse, as the two I visited in Krakow are quite "Rank"
Olaf 6 | 956
20 Jan 2011 #7
Oh, which one you mean? Indus, Hot Chilli or Bombay?
Do you think there should be another Indian restaurant? This is actually a very up-to-date topic for me...
OP Kumar26 3 | 6
29 Nov 2011 #8
there is no Indian store in Wroclaw alike Krakow/Warsaw that i found, But you can find some indian spicies, indian basmati rice, chilli powder, Wheat flour at below shops

1) you can go to Iskcon, it outside the city limits, could take 25 mins from Bus Janapawla - you could not only offer some prayer, but also buy all indian spices, indian rice, wheat flour, cereals, indian chilli powder etc...prices are reasonable. The preists are polish people who love hinduisum, it really peaceful to sit there for sometime, worth a visit.

ISKCON Wroclaw
ul. Brodzka 157
Pracze Odrzańskie
54-067 Wrocław

2) there is shop in Renoma shopping mall, just opposite to Alma store ..dont remember the name though, they sell lot of spcies, receips of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, - there are good stuff and prices are reasonable.

3) there is similar shop just like the renoma one (they sell lot of spcies, receips of Indian, Chinese, Japanese) also in Magnolia park opposite to Tesco shopping mall.

hope this helps :)
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
25 May 2012 #9
There is also a spice and coffee beans shop in the covered market of kiosks next to Kaufland Supermarket on Bardska. It's at the end, opposite the lingerie stall. They have most things there. 133 and 134 bus goes there if not driving, some trams fairly near too, 31 Plus maybe.
littleindia - | 1
13 Aug 2014 #10
here is the shop for you ti fulfill your needs regarding all Indian groceries littleindia pl we can deliver the goods through out Poland with in one day. Thank you :)
kbjan26 3 | 10
22 Sep 2015 #11
Merged: Indian stores in Wroclaw


I am Balaji from India and will be moving to Wroclaw shortly. Is there a possibility of buying Indian groceries ?

Balaji K
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Sep 2015 #12
No. There are a few shops that offer some Indian spices and a very limited range of Indian items (they are mentioned above in this thread (the spice shop on Wita Stwosza in the Old Town, and two international specialty shops in Renoma and Magnolia), but there is nothing like an full-range Indian grocery in Wrocław, and a lot of the ingredients you take for granted are completely unavailable in Poland at any cost. Expect to pay a lot more for Indian items than for local Polish items.

You are going to have to radically alter your diet and cooking habits to conform with what is available in Polish stores, with the addition of whatever few Indian ingredients you can find. The biggest problem would be lamb, which is very expensive and hard to find in Poland. Goatmeat even more so. You might be able to find some in Hala targowa, but you will probably have to order it. There is a meat stand in the northwest corner that can order meat for your, but it will cost you. They are very helpful people, though.

Poles eat a lot of pork and chicken, some turkey and cheaper, bland fish, very little beef, and practically no lamb, goat or seafood. Poles also use spices very, very sparingly in their food. The amount of chili pepper you use in one meal would equal or exceed what the average Polish family would use in a year, and maybe in a lifetime. However, with inventiveness and a bit of ingenuity, you should be able to adapt local ingredients to your taste.
kbjan26 3 | 10
22 Sep 2015 #13

Thanks a lot for your reply. I am a vegeterian so i should manage with vegetable and fruits provided self cooking is done. This is what i understand from the thread. Also i am looking out for accomodations for single male adult in Worclaw ( Plac Grunwaldzki ). Could some one please help me on this?

Balaji K

Please note, this is a food thread
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Sep 2015 #14
Generally, yes. A vegetarian diet cooked at home would be possible, though the range of fruits and vegetables available is not very large, especially in winter. The staples of Polish cooking are potatoes and white cabbage, with carrots and onions following close behind. Southern vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants can be quite costly out of season.

The main polish fruit is apples, and most stores will sell four or five different varieties. The range of other fruits is limited, and quality can be a lot lower than you are used to. Oranges especially can be tasteless to someone from warmer climes. You can find higher quality fruit and even some exotic fruits in Hala Targowa, though you will pay more, even a lot more, especially out of season.

For me, a huge problem that I had in Wrocław was finding decent potatoes. The varieties that the locals prefer (Denara and Wineta) are just plain awful: extremely bland, pappy and watery. I never did find a source for decent potatoes in Wrocław, and had to rely on a friend whose family had a farm in the countryside.
Paritosh 10 | 62
22 Sep 2015 #15
Hi Balaji,

You can order everything online from
They deliver across Poland. And have enough options.
Pratham - | 1
5 Jul 2017 #16
Hello Folks,
I just found a new Indian store in Wrocław...
5 minutes away from the town center!
It's called 'India Spice House' you can find everything
From masala, flour, rice &a vegetables! I was very surprised! Have a search on google and maybe visit there so you can get an idea of how it is like! It is new, I believe it opened on May 2017
15 Jul 2017 #17
Best option is
You can find fresh vegetables too.
23 Jul 2017 #18
How far it is from silver apartments? Are you sure that india masala n rice are available?
27 Oct 2020 #19
any asian jewellers shop in wroclaw?
Cargo pants 3 | 1,503
27 Oct 2020 #20
Nope none,I know Indians get crazy about 24 C gold in diwali season.Best is to fly to UK but be careful about import custom duty.

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