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19 Jun 2008
Food / POLISH RECIPES! [287]

Strange request but I am looking for a recipe for "hamburgers". I've eaten hamburgers in Poland at a flea market and they were really good. They aren't just "ground beef" formed in a patty like in the US. I'm wondering if they are all pork or a mixture of pork and beef and what seasonings are used and if any onion, garlic, or any other ingredient is used and if so, is the onion &garlic sauteed first or added raw? Also, they didn't seem to have been fried in a pan as there weren't any "fry marks" or dark brown crusting as you get when you make "kotlet mielony" at home so were these burgers boiled or baked??? Also, if anyone can remember all the condiments that are used. Remember:

raw onion
some kind of kapusta but not kiszona
I'm not sure if tomato is typically used?
Anything else???

18 Jun 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

Poland is a wonderful place where on the same trip you can see a pimped out Mercedes speeding down a country lane where an old lady is sweeping her yard with a broom made of straw or sticks.

Where just on the outskirts of a major tourist area, there are small villages where people still get their water from a stream with a bucket.

And people live in houses with televisions, vcr's and DVD players but don't yet have indoor plumbing. It is a wonderful dichotomy of existence.

17 Jun 2008
Travel / Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines? [380]

I wonder if the people complaining are Americans or Poles? Most of the Poles I know won't fly another airline and the Americans hate Lot - food sucks, RUDE, RUDE RUDE. They operate on a "need to know" basis and as a passenger, you don't need to know anything!
2 Jun 2008
Food / Lost family recipe for Chow-Chow (Polish style) [37]


You might want to try a Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook. That is where I see most of the recipes for chow chow. They serve it in all the restaurants in the Lancaster area.
31 May 2008
USA, Canada / Polish Language Newspapers available in the US [21]


I am wondering if members would be so kind to post the names of any Polish language newspapers that they know of in the US? I am interested primarily in those from the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia. I tried a web search and it is difficult to determine if the mentioned papers are still in print and to find a source for the papers. You assistance will be greatly appreciated.

4 Apr 2007
Food / Pierogi recipe and filling from my grandmother [176]

Does anyone know if in Poland they mix the farmers cheese with potatoes for Ruskie or potato pierogi as they don't have cheddar or Velveta there? Also, who uses an egg in their potato filling and who doesn't?

27 Mar 2007
USA, Canada / What kind of American food do Poles like most? [80]

My husband's family members would not like gumbo in the least. But rotisseri chicken is great. But they have that in Poland.

I suck at spelling recently, lack of oxygen to the brain. I have a soccer ball rolling around in my skull)

Have you ever thought that it might be from the melon on your head?
27 Mar 2007
USA, Canada / What kind of American food do Poles like most? [80]

What about a sampling of maybe something tex mex - chili, garlic bread (no where to be found in Poland - guaranteed ) maybe no exactly AMerican but we eat a lot of it. What about some kind of casserole - Poles do not do casseroles so that might go over good.

Yes and pumpkin - my husbands relatives find it very interesting that we eat pumpkin!
27 Mar 2007
USA, Canada / What kind of American food do Poles like most? [80]

My brother in law stayed with us recently and one day I made pork chops that were just pan fried with onions and herbs and he said that he had never had them that way as mostly in Poland they bread and fry the "schabowy". How about mashed potates made with cream and butter - mostly in Poland the potatoes are just potatoes or maybe au gratin potatoes - if you live in a larger city you may be able to get some kind of "yellow" cheese but unfortunately it probably won't be cheddar. Also, a normal American salad - lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, etc with a homemade ranch dressing would be popular. Or some kind of chicken that's not fried - maybe marinated and grilled or broiled chicken.
20 Mar 2007
USA, Canada / Can Polish citizens with US greencard travel to Canada? [63]

Does anyone know if a Polish citizen with a valid US greencard can enter Canada for a 2 day visit or do they need a temporary visa of some kind? I checked the website and this is the information that was there but I just wanted to make sure.
7 Mar 2007

The family usually does not approve of the older woman, especially the women in the family. This includes aunts, cousins.

I'm not sure about that - my husband is 7 years younger than I am and we've never had any problems with his family.
6 Mar 2007
Life / 80s Polish TV Shows [26]

I will never forget: Sex Misia, Pan Klex, 40 latek?, and kingsize... all great films! Wish I could find them now

You might try Ebay.
6 Mar 2007
News / What's the stupidest question asked about Poland? [414]

Just to be fair - there are actually still houses with no plumbing and outside toilets! My husband's distant family are one of them! It was really a shock when he took me to visit.

Oh - my husband who is from Poland was once asked if they had TV in Poland too!
5 Mar 2007
Love / English Men vs Polish Men [207]

I am married to a Polish man after being married to an American and there is no comparison!
1 Mar 2007
Food / The name of a Polish pastry? Chrust? [59]

Yes - Paszteciki probably (thanks for the spelling correction) Some recipes do have finely minced hard-boiled egg and most have minced mushroom but usually a dried mushroom which would be hard to distinquish from the minced meat. They are great! I wish I had a good recipe