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80s Polish TV Shows

6 Mar 2007 #1
I grew up in Poland and trying to remember some of the names of tv shows that I used to watch as a kid.

One of them was about 2 guys that were shrunken down. Totally tiny, like rats running around getting into trouble. Can't remember the name but would love to watch it again sometime.

Another one was kind of fantasy. These kids found a car that can take them to different places. Don't remember much of this one, just thought it was cool.

And lastly, a woman taxi cab driver, wore a mustache... can't remember the name but it was uber funny!

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

I will never forget: Sex Misia, Pan Klex, 40 latek?, and kingsize... all great films! Wish I could find them now :)
6 Mar 2007 #2
And lastly, a woman taxi cab driver, wore a mustache... can't remember the name but it was uber funny!

OP Goonie
6 Mar 2007 #3
that's right! anyone know if I can find these shows on dvd :)
6 Mar 2007 #4
How about "Jarmark"

Not to mention "Pan Kracy"
6 Mar 2007 #5

That was funny! Best part was when a woman was interested in 'him' thinking she was a guy!
I'm sure you can get it, they showed it on TV Polonia few years back
6 Mar 2007 #6
I will never forget: Sex Misia, Pan Klex, 40 latek?, and kingsize... all great films! Wish I could find them now

You might try Ebay.
6 Mar 2007 #7
"Droga", "wakacje z duchami", "cztery strony świata", "Karino", "Janosik"
Polish book stores carry some of them.
7 Mar 2007 #8
"wakacje z duchami",

My favorite!

"wakacje z duchami",

Ops.. They made it in 1970.
10 Mar 2007 #9

What about your avatar and the 2 fine fellows in it 'Bolek i Lolek', not from the 80's as such, but repeated very often as I spent every summer up to the age of 18 in Poland, and remember them being on more or less, every time I was there.....spent the full school hols. there 6-8 weeks each visit.

And also 'Czterej pancerni i pies' (Four tank men and a dog)...OK, not from the 80's (made 1966 :) and it was in black and white), but again repeated a lot when I was there during the 80's.

BTW, Szarik (meaning a ball in Russian, in Polish the word is similar to Szary meaning Gray), was the name of the German Shepherd...:)

j :)
29 Mar 2007 #10
I'm Portuguese and working for some months in Poland. I recently found out that one of my favourite TV cartoons from my childhood back in the 80's is Polish.

I can only remember the characters are two or more teddy bears. I think they showed it before kids went to bed and we would watch the teddies going to bed every day at the same time they said or sang something in Polish! I loved the sound of it! It's still one of my best childhood memories.

what's the name of that cartoon?
30 Mar 2007 #11
The only bears I can think of are "Coralgol" and "Mis Uszatek" . But then again, it's been a while for me..

So who remembers "Michalki?" :)
31 Mar 2007 #12
Yes, I think that's that one "Mis Uszatek"

19 Apr 2007 #13
I have the same problem! I am from Macedonia. We grew up with a Polish cartoon that delt with the life of a little bear and his animal friends. We all hum the tune but don't know the words. If someone could please help me with the name and correct speling so that I could find the lyrics?!

Thank you.
19 Apr 2007 #14
If it's "Mis Uszatek", then, if my memory serves me right, the lyrics go something like that (in Polish of course):
Pora na dobranoc, bo juz ksiezyc swieci, dzieci lubia misie, misie lubia dzieci. :)
19 Apr 2007 #15
More words from Mis Uszatek for all who remember:

Na dobranoc - dobry wieczór
miś pluszowy śpiewa Wam.
Mówią o mnie Miś Uszatek, bo klapnięte uszko mam.

Jestem sobie mały miś, gruby miś,
znam się z dziećmi nie od dziś.
Jestem sobie mały miś, śmieszny miś,
znam się z dziećmi nie od dziś!

Pora na dobranoc,
bo już księżyc świeci.
Dzieci lubią misie,
misie lubią dzieci.
23 Apr 2007 #16
Thanks people,
I got the text, translated it, downloaded the music and now proudly bug my parents singing it all day long. =)
You've got no idea how popular has mis Uszatek become in Macedonia these couple of months. A true revolutionary hero =)))
23 Apr 2007 #17
I got the text, translated it, downloaded the music and now proudly bug my parents singing it all day long. =)

:) :) :)
1 Aug 2007 #18
I know Pan Kleks was a gift in Przyjaciulaka a few years ago. Empik and Media Mart don't sell it anymore...unfortunetly. There are a bunch of clips on YouTube though.
1 Aug 2007 #19
I saw this Czech program at Xmas that my partner used to watch as a child, it was called 'Neighbours' IIRC
2 Aug 2007 #20
my fave Polish 80s show is Alternatywy 4, although it isn't a kids show. I don't know many Polish kids shows as I grew up in the usa :(
22 Sep 2011 #21
Merged: 80's Polish Cartoon - trying to remember.


I was born in Szczecin Poland. But came to Canada when I was six and have been living here for 22 years now.

I remember watching some amazing cartoons back in the 80s in Poland. One that sticks in my head but I cannot remember the name, nor find any mention of it, was a cartoon about a little boy.. and he had a toy car.. the way I remember it (and this was over two decades ago, so my imagination may have gotten quite creative here) is that it was small - like a beetle car, but in toy version, white or off white, and had a big red heart on the hood. When the boy was left alone... either him or the car would change size... I cannot recollect which way it was. Either the boy would get really really small, or the car would get really big, but then the boy would get inside the car and go on adventures. I hope I'm not making this up entirely... because my memory tells me it was a fantastic show, albeit I only see colourful fragments. If anyone can steer me into the right name, screen shot, or clear any of it up for me, that would be great!


2 Aug 2019 #22
Are there any movies or TV series based/filmed in Krakow in the 70s, 80s or 90s?

Thanks in advance!
2 Aug 2019 #23
Is based the same as filmed?

To me, based means the plot of the film comprises the years you mentioned.

Filmed means that the film was made in Krakow during 70s but its plot can be set in 19th century.

So, which one?
3 Aug 2019 #24
I meant I'd prefer both based and filmed, so contemporary for the 70s, 80s or 90s.
But historic is also OK if it extensively features outdoor scenes, showing Krakow buildings. Not just the old town, but even commie parts like Nowa Huta are OK (imo they look better built than most Warsaw commie neighborhoods).
3 Aug 2019 #25
There might be a problem. I am trying to recall such films or series but nothing comes to mind. All films which I could recommend to you are set in distant past, like beggining of 20th century.

As for Nowa Huta, it appeared only in documentary films. Who would like to see that commie architecture in a film, come on, people had enough of it living there, they didn`t go to the cinema to watch such shyt. :):)
23 May 2023 #26
Hi... I recently came across a polish show on youtube by mistake... I found it to be a funny show from what I saw... the episode I saw involved a group of kids playing in an outdoor tub... 3 boys were trapped in towels, standing and covering a kid in the tub with a towel so other people wouldn'tsee him... they accidentally uncovered him and they all started fighting to get each others towel... meanwhile a girl and boy passing ... they eventually with their friends took the tub and hid it in their clubhouse.... I dont know what the name of this show was called... its similar to Rozalka Olaboga..

There were other episodes I wanted to watch...

Anyone know what this show might be called??

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