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3 Jun 2013
Life / Are Polish people brave or scared? [32]

Are Poles capable to fight with the government for a better future just like others do? Could Poles show that they can DO instead of BLAB and WHINE?
21 Mar 2013
Travel / Things to do in KROSCIENKO [6]

Probably they have a bar or two in Kroscienko or Szczawnica :) - are the cameras to see Kroscienko.
20 Mar 2013
Travel / Things to do in KROSCIENKO [6]

Is there aquapark, bowling, billiards, minifootball? Thanks

nope. Kroscienko nad Dunajcem is a perfect place for outdoor activities. Try or climbong Trzy Korony. Or fishing!

5 Feb 2013
Feedback / Why are threads deleted or send off topic list? [65]

Answer here: ically-63481/61/#msg1348253

librul mod

I was being extra cautious to not get offensive in any way

good going.
28 Nov 2012
History / Memos show US hushed up Soviet crime against Poland [97]

we all agree that both were scumbags and the only difference between them is the number of deaths they're responsible for.


more people in general

actually Hitler killed more... he's on the list right after Mao Ze Dong

Modern Genocides
26 Nov 2012
News / Abortion still under control in Poland [2502]

However, yes, I agree, the morning after pill could constitute termination of a life.

Really, natasia? Do you even know how things you write about work?