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15 Dec 2019
Life / Amazon Alexa/Google Nest in Poland [2]

Does anyone have any either of these smart devices in Poland can if so can you please confirm if it is possible to listen to Spotify on them?

I believe there may be some issues being in Poland
26 Sep 2019
Classifieds / English accountant needed [3]

Why do you need to declare your income to HMRC if you are selling and receiving all your income to your Polish bank account?
9 Jul 2019
Life / American TV in Poland [6]


Can the Amazon Firestick work in Poland ?

I wouldn't expect Netflix UK to work in Poland but is there any known geo blocking that would prevent other features if the device was in Poland in particular Kodi and Showbox ;) ?
30 Oct 2018
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

They (Poles and Asians) refer to each others' communities in this way. "All those dirty immigrants........."

Twenty years ago, comments like that would be justifiably racist but the immigrants are not helping themselves or their public image
25 Oct 2018
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

Can you stop this BS? I live in UK and one, I don't recognise the UK you describe. .

I was born in the UK and still live here. What Dirk is saying is NOT BS although I will admit it depends on where you live. People who live in rural areas quite possibly have no idea what it's like to live in many English towns and cities. Their liberal, left wing views remain unchallenged because they see everything through rose coloured spectacles.
16 Oct 2018
News / "It's too late for Germany" (but not for Poland) [1798]

The refugees were there in any case. I.

Whoa. "refugees" ? Let's see the proof that migrants are actually "refugees" before trying to make grandiose speeches that Poland has an obligation to accept them.
14 Aug 2018
Genealogy / Displaced Persons Camp / Work camp and concentration camp difference [77]

Does anyone know whether I and other children were given German citizenship? We lived in Germany until the end of 1955.

Good question. My brother was born in Barum, Germany (another DP camp). He was classified as "stateless" so he didn't have any nationality.
5 Jul 2018
Real Estate / Does commercial property rent relief exist in Poland ? [4]

For the landlord.

Here in the UK local authorities provide 3 or 6 month rent free periods whenever a tenant vacates a property and the property remains empty.

Just wondering if there are similar reliefs for landlords in Poland ?
21 Jun 2018
Life / My Last Link To Poland Died - Why Leaving Poland Was My Best Decision [249]

hen I say Indian I mean the whole of the subcontinent which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka.

That's a curious generalisation to make.

When you say Indian then shouldn't it mean Indian ?? Otherwise, why not use the term "Asian" ??

I know many Indian people who would hate to be spoken described as Pakistani or Bangladeshi ?

I think when you describe Indians as being the best students then your "source" is referring to exactly that i.e. Indians. Pakistani/Bangladeshi students are notoriously unsuccesful here in the UK and probably in New Zealand too.

PS. When I say "New Zealand" I also mean Australia, Singapore and China
16 May 2018
Life / Paintings of artists from Poland? [12]


Tamara Łempicka featured on Google's home page today

Not sure I ad heard of her but quite an interesting life for this Polish born artist. Good to see that Google recognises the importance of this Pole.
4 May 2018
UK, Ireland / No Poles Allowed! - Latest Polonophobic Outrage Out of Britain [660]

To be fair, I have to agree with Dirk when he says there is a degree of anti-Polish sentiment in the UK.

It is real and it does exist. Bizarrely enough, I have had conversations with people who openly admit they are fed up of Eastern Europeans living here (they include Poles in that category) yet they don't complain about having to drive past 5 mosques on the way home.

Weird eh ?

It's not just the Daily Mail either. TV programs also stoke the fires
11 Apr 2018
News / "It's too late for Germany" (but not for Poland) [1798]

The irony is that if things continue in the current direction and continue along the same pace then the people who are changing the fabric of the host country will end up living in a place identical to the place they left for a "better life".
10 Apr 2018
News / "It's too late for Germany" (but not for Poland) [1798]

So, Poles. Keep it up with the Nationalism.

Poland, thankfully, has the benefit of hindsight. She can look to the West and see the stresses and tribulations and can choose to shape the future it wants. Thank goodness.
6 Apr 2018
News / Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps' [1529]

Poland was obviously NOT the instigator of the Holocaust, but was surely not blameless i

Correction...."some Poles were not blameless". Your careful (or clumsy) choice of wording frames most of your posts.

It is also true to say that some Jews were equally guilty of sending fellow Jews to the gas chambers.
23 Mar 2018
UK, Ireland / No Poles Allowed! - Latest Polonophobic Outrage Out of Britain [660]

The older community are jealous and afraid of the newer arrivals, and are happy to exploit them in any way they can, or at least be, if not unpleasant, suspicious of motives.

That's complete BS. The older community are in their 70's at least. The younger Poles don't offer any threat to them. In fact, the only time the two generations probably see each other is at church and the local Polskie sklep. Church community halls are now being run by the younger generation as the older Poles no longer have the energy to do it.

It's the younger Poles who have little empathy for their fellow Poles as they share the same workplaces
13 Mar 2018
News / Polish food shop blown up in the UK - result of gas "leak"? [213]

And what about an admission from you Spiritus that you are wrong to make every single thread into a religious centred rant?

And where have I even mentioned religion in this thread ???

Is this just another "Doug generalism" the same as your earlier claim that Poles have a history of bypassing gas meters yet you can't provide any proof to support this.
9 Mar 2018
News / Polish food shop blown up in the UK - result of gas "leak"? [213]

I said "a history" - not so true today,

Another admission that you were wrong-at least we are making progress. You say Poles have "history" or "form" for bypassing gas meters but you have still failed to provide any proof. I will ask you again to show proof that Poles are guilty of doing this in disproportionate numbers to other nationalities.

Let's see the hard facts that have shaped your opinion. We can all find different nationalities that have bypassed meters but it doesn't prove anything.

what about an apology from you for your racist diatribes on this board?

Show me where I have been racist or is that another Doug-ism ?
8 Mar 2018
News / Polish food shop blown up in the UK - result of gas "leak"? [213]

Poles had history for non respect for utilities

I wasn't expecting or looking for an apology so that doesn't draw a line under it.

Show me where Poles have a disproportionate "history" of bypassing gas meters. How many times do I have to ask you to back up the claims that you continue to repeat ? As long as you continue to peddle this claim then I will continue to badger you for proof. If you can't back it up then admit you fabricated the claim and THEN we can draw a line under it.
8 Mar 2018
News / Polish food shop blown up in the UK - result of gas "leak"? [213]

Are there any threads in which you don't try to mention this?

Are there any threads in which you portray Poles as decent people ?

The thread was started by Dougie because he wanted to connect Polish criminality with the explosion. His opening thread was just a way to prepare the path for his prejudice
8 Mar 2018
News / Polish food shop blown up in the UK - result of gas "leak"? [213]

there are so many gas explosions in Poland that my memory is playing tricks on me.

No. I am not asking you to back it up with another Doug-ism. I am asking you to back it up with hard facts that we can all verify ourselves. YOU made the claim so you need to prove it.

The link you sent was in 1995 ! It proves jack sh*t.

Show me the links that show a disproportionate number of Poles have bypassed gas meters in the last 12 months.
6 Mar 2018
News / Polish food shop blown up in the UK - result of gas "leak"? [213]

How many news stories in the UK for the last 12 months can you show us that implicate Poles bypassing the supply ?@ spiritus

You make a claim so back it up. Show us.......

well, bugger me

Thanks for the offer Dougie but I'd rather not.