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Paintings of artists from Poland?

vladik 1 | 4
22 Jan 2014 #1
Does anyone know where I can purchase a print of the Lwow Eaglets { 1918 - 1919 } , painting by Wojciech Kossak ?. I am very interested in this period in history .
gask7 - | 50
23 Jan 2014 #2
What do you mean by print of the Lwow Eaglets ?
The painting like below ?

gjene 14 | 204
24 Jan 2014 #3

The original poster likes the painting so much that he wants to get a copy of that painting. Whether it is poster with the same measurements or if someone can paint a copy of it has been authenticated as a copy of the original.
frd 7 | 1,399
24 Jan 2014 #4
I remember a copy was hanging in my grandmas house, I think the flood in 97 took it though.. couldn't find any place selling print outs ;o
OP vladik 1 | 4
24 Jan 2014 #5
Thanks ! , I will keep searching .
ShawnH 8 | 1,497
24 Jan 2014 #6
If I am not mistaken, the painting hangs in the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.

In some museums, a boutique will sell copies of paintings / prints etc...

Maybe try contacting them?
Lwowskie Baciar
18 May 2015 #7

Have you seen

Very well priced for originals.
3 Oct 2015 #8
Merged: Does anyone know of any Polish websites which sell prints of Polish paintings?

I have trawled the internet to no avail trying to find a print of a painting I saw in Poznań's National Museum by Gustaw Gwozdecki.

At this point the title isn't that important, but this artist seems to be largely unheard of outside Poland, so I was wondering if there were any specific Polish sites that deal with selling prints? Preferably ones that do international delivery, although it is possible i could get it delivered to a friend in PL and forwarded on if this is not possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Looker - | 1,134
3 Oct 2015 #9
I just today came across for an authorial page of some Polish artist, she lives now in UK, and I believe delivery to the Island is also available. (She is originally from my town Szklarska Poręba. I find her art very interesting)

And at the page you can find some other Polish artists and their work to purchase.
3 Oct 2015 #10
Thanks for trying to help Looker. I've checked out your links but there are no results for Gustaw Gwozdecki, who is the artist I am interested in. I am starting to get the feeling that maybe this artist isn't hugely popular :(

I've checked loads of English and American sites but zero results, which is why I am hoping that someone may know of some relevant Polish sites.
spiritus 69 | 651
16 May 2018 #11

Tamara Łempicka featured on Google's home page today

Not sure I ad heard of her but quite an interesting life for this Polish born artist. Good to see that Google recognises the importance of this Pole.
Atch 22 | 4,116
16 May 2018 #12
There's a big trend in Poland for copies of her paintings, not prints, but artists actually painting copies. You sometimes see them for sale at concession stands in shopping centres and they're also sold online:
jon357 74 | 21,980
18 Feb 2021 #13
Instead of all the sad stuff in Random chat here's something nice. It's by Stanisław Masłowski (1853-1926). He painted this one in 1894 and it is called Wschód księżyca (Moonrise).

18 Feb 2021 #14
Instead of all the sad stuff in Random chat here's something nice

That's a really beautiful painting :) Hopefully there'll be more contributors to this thread.
jon357 74 | 21,980
18 Feb 2021 #15
This one's by Edward Okun (1872-1945), one of my favourites. He was a symbolist painter (their stuff is coming back into fashion now) and was on the steps of the Zachęta (he was vice-president of the society who ran it) when President Narutowicz was assassinated by Eligiusz Niewiadomski who he caught and detained.

jon357 74 | 21,980
18 Feb 2021 #16
And my last for now is by Maria Dulębianka (1861-1919) who lived in Kraków and Lwów. It's a painting of her partner, the writer and suffragette Maria Konopnicka.

jon357 74 | 21,980
19 Feb 2021 #17
Here's a painting by the abstract minimalist Robert Olszowski (1969- ). He's from Paczkow and it's possible to buy his works online.

jon357 74 | 21,980
19 Feb 2021 #18
Maria Konopnicka.

I keep looking back at that picture and know pwoplw here who look like that today. There's a bit of Greta Thunberg in that picture.
20 Feb 2021 #19
Loved the first two paintings Jon, although there's something slightly sinister about the Edward Okun one. Maria Konopnicka looks rather sad in her picture, almost as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Not so keen on the abstract one I'm afraid.

I'll have a go with uploading mine now. These are by contemporary artist Justyna Kopania, who I think is incredibly talented. Definitely influenced by Turner and Van Gogh in my opinion.

20 Feb 2021 #20
More Justyna Kopania and for those who are interested, here is more information:

Miloslaw 19 | 4,856
20 Feb 2021 #21
Some great paintings here!

Not keen on the Maria Dulębianka or Robert Olszowski ones, but the rest are terrific.
Atch 22 | 4,116
20 Feb 2021 #22
More Justyna Kopania

Looks very influenced by Van Gogh, a bit too much so in my opinion, a bit of an element of 'after Van Gogh' if you get my drift. But the Turner-esque work is much more successful, I think.
20 Feb 2021 #23
a bit too much so in my opinion,

I do see what you mean but I like her work nevertheless. I actually prefer many of her seascapes.

Here is the Gustaw Gwozdecki painting I was talking about trying to get a print of back in my post #8. I didn't expect to like this painting as much as i did, but it just jumped out at me when I saw it in Poznan's National Museum. The colours in it were just amazing.

Paulina 16 | 4,354
20 Feb 2021 #24
This one's by Edward Okun (1872-1945), one of my favourites.

I really like this painting, very Art Nouveau (I like this period in art) :)

who he caught and detained.

That's cool - props to him! I think we were thaught about it at highschool...

Jon357, what is the technique that Robert Olszowski's piece is painted with?

Btw, Stanisław Masłowski's father took part in the January Uprising as the head of the Chęciny district - he was arrested for that in 1864 and he spent six months in prison in Kielce.

I quite like some of the still life by a contemporary artist Edward Szutter (there's some painting process included in that link):

A lot of it is quite kitschy, but I must admit that I even like kitsch when it's well done :) And his paintings are very well done - he has a very good traditional painting technique and his pieces are pleasant to look at.




jon357 74 | 21,980
20 Feb 2021 #25
what is the technique that Robert Olszowski's piece is painted with?

I'm not sure. Most of his are black on white, done I think with an ink pen.
21 Feb 2021 #26
I always liked this self-portrait by Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz

jon357 74 | 21,980
24 Feb 2021 #27
One by Bruno Schultz (1892-1942), a much loved artist and writer from Drohobycz who worked mostly in Lwow. He did this one in 1920.

25 Feb 2021 #28
He did this one in 1920.

If I didn't know I would have guessed it was around that time as the women are wearing cloche hats. Love the colours in that painting.

These next paintings are by Kazimierz Stabrowski ( 1869 - 1929 ) who was the director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

13 Mar 2021 #29
These are a few paintings I like by Józef Mehoffer who was born in Ropczyce in 1869, and who was the leading artist of the Young Poland movement.

jon357 74 | 21,980
25 Mar 2021 #30
Two very different ones by Wojciech Fangor (1922-1915)

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