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Does Poland have any particular artistic style in regard to paintings/drawings?

shekofte 5 | 23
30 Jan 2014 #1
as you saw Chinese pictures have an unique style that is easily distinguishable from other cultures drawing arts , what do we find special in your country ?

in other word is there something that we can call it polish drawing style ?
may you show some of them for example ?
lunacy - | 73
31 Jan 2014 #2
It's really an interesting question. I've been thinking for a while and can't give you one defined answer. Polish art is really diverse, although there are a few different styles that are quite characteristic for Poland or begun here.

One is a style emerged from the "Ruch" ("Movement") art group, inspired by the traditional Slavic folklore art (I believe it's sometimes called "naive"?), especially from the Podhale region. Artists were simplyfying the shapes and using geometrical forms.

Władysław Skoczylas:

Pejzaż Podhalański

Zofia Stryjeńska:


The artists Tamara £empicka, who emmigrated to USA, was very close with some members of that movement and that could be seen in her art:

Green Dress

The fantastic artist Stanisław Szukalskiwas also inspired by folklore art:

Other than that, the surreal and/or symbolical movements became pretty popular here, at first thanks to the Young Poland (Młoda Polska) movement and then mostly thanks to the so-called Polish School of Posters (Polska szkoła plakatu) - google them for hundreds of examples.

Here's a great article about the Polish School of Posters, full of examples:

The Legacy Of Polish Poster Design

My personal favourites are those leaning towards the more "realistic"/soft style of drawing (by that I mean - less geometrical), for example:

Wiesław Wałkuski:


Franciszek Starowieyski:

Those surreal, sometimes disturbing tendencies were very common, just look at the more modern artists like:

Zdzisław Beksiński:


Tomasz Alen Kopera:

Dariusz Zawadzki:

Daniel Pielucha:


But going a bit back in time, I just have to mention the very popular scenes with horses - either with riders or harnessed to carriages. The dynamics of lines and shapes was very important in them, regardless of the style!!!

Zygmunt Ajdukiewicz:


Józef Chełmoński:


Stanisław Kaczor-Batowski:

szarża husarii

Wojciech Kossak:


Tadeusz Rybkowski:

napad wilków

Czesław Wasilewski (Zygmuntowicz):


Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski:


I could think of a few other typologies, if you're interested (I was studying art), but it's hard to focus on the drawing style only. Maybe some other users noticed any other interesting tendencies.

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