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Cheap calls to Poland from the UK

3 Sep 2006 #1
Hi guys.. Does anyone know the cheapest way to call Poland from the Uk?
opts 10 | 260
3 Sep 2006 #2
I use this site to buy calling cards: masterbell.
lef 11 | 477
3 Sep 2006 #3
In oz Go talk,, rates are 1.2c a minute or 2.5zl a minute
11 Jan 2007 #4
The site I use is only 3p to call Poland.
Tanie rozmowy do Polski – Tylko 3p przez cały dzień

1. Wybierz 0844 431 2073
2. Wybierz numer docelowy
3. To wszystko aby uzyskać połączenie
ogorek - | 165
11 Jan 2007 #5
From the UK land line dial 08442002525 and follow instructions given on phone
0.5 pence per minute
30 Jan 2007 #6
I am using where you can make FREE calls out of your contract x-net minutes.
wonski81 - | 22
31 Jan 2007 #7
08448612929- 1p/min from landline to landline
08717549090 - 6p/min from landline to mobile (one of the cheapest on market...)
This prices are correct for BT and Ntl. I use it regularly for last 6 months and never had any problems.
ramona 3 | 6
1 Feb 2007 #8
0.5 pence per minute

is that one half pence per minute, or 5 pence per minute?
3 Feb 2007 #9
One of the cheapest on the market is

3p per minute from the uk - 0844 629 2244 Calling a Poland Landline
9p per minute from the uk - 0871 657 2244 Calling a Poland Mobile

I have used regularly and it is a great service.
8 Feb 2007 #10
Feb 9, 07 [10:07] - Attached on merging:
Cheap International Phone Calls to Poland Mobile.

Cheap International Phone calls to Poland Mobile from UK

Telethunder offers very cheap calls to Poland Mobile Phone. You will be charged only 10 pence per min. Just compare with other service providers you will find telethunder the cheapest one in UK.

Dial the access number 0871 870 0040 and then your international number. Your calls will be very cheap.

Cheap calls to Poland Landline

To make calls to Poland Landline number it will cost only 2 pence per minute. Dial Our access number 0844 835 0040 and then your destination number.
wonski81 - | 22
8 Feb 2007 #11
I do not find it as the cheapest one in UK - I call mobiles for 6p/min, and landline - 1p.

But I cannot place this numbers here, because it is off topic - not classifieds.
9 Feb 2007 #12
cheapest? yeah, skype, if you both have landlines and are hooked up anyway
ogorek - | 165
9 Feb 2007 #13
is that one half pence per minute, or 5 pence per minute?

half pence per minute - cheapest around
14 Feb 2007 #14
Feb 14, 07 [10:14] - Attached on merging:
Cheap calls from UK to Poland

Do you have a BT phone line, are living in the uk and phone Poland alot?? then you may be interested in a cheap landline deal Euphony can offer you. Unlimited calls to 28 different countries including Poland for £1 a month. for more information contact maxine at or phone me on 07877037395
14 Feb 2007 #15
apparently if you are on vodafone network in the uk you can use your free minutes to phone poland and from within poland (though in poland you have to pick up a certain polish network owned in part by vodafone)
Dora 2 | 29
18 Feb 2007 #16
Skpye - its free - you download the program & then talk over the internet! the person you are calling must have it too. Check it out, I use it all the time to speak with friends in Europe
dannyboy 18 | 248
23 Feb 2007 #17
As said, skype and other VOIP are free
15 Jan 2007 #18
Feb 28, 07 [12:54] - Attached on merging:
For UK Mobile users - Cheap Calls To Poland from UK

A Polish friend recommended this service to me as i make a lot of calls to Poland from my Mobile in the UK.

Excellent line quality. Might help members.
15 Jan 2007 #19
This is great if your cross network with free minutes...

You basically use your free minutes.

It works a T R E A T, nice clear line.


Neil :)
30 Jan 2007 #20
No good if you use Voda,or 3, where as service i mention can be used from any UK mobile,and the line quality is excellent.
28 Feb 2007 #21
Unlimited Free Calls To Poland and 28 Other Countries

If you currently have a BT landline at home I can offer you a deal that will save you a lot of money. BT line rental usually costs you £11 per month and then you pay for your calls, with this service you pay £11 per month for the line rental but for an extra £1 per month for the first 6 months and the £5.99 after you can call any landline in the UK and 28 other countries (one of these being Poland) as much as you want. If you are interested email me on
Maya 1 | 51
28 Feb 2007 #22
apparently if you are on vodafone network in the uk you can use your free minutes to phone poland

ohhh thats wot i was said when was buying a phone with vodafone and now after i got my bill was terrified!!! they have charged me like a normal call rate and when i rang them they said they dont support any foreign numbers or even these ones that are UK numbers that support international calls...

so i wudnt reccomend it - oh silly me.... now am havin my own war with them
if i was given wrong info why should I pay?
13 Mar 2007 #23
Mar 13, 07, 11:09am - Attached on merging:
Cheap Calls to Poland from UK

Call Poland for only 3p per minute.

Check the site

Tanie rozmowy do Polski – Tylko 3p przez cały dzień

1. Wybierz 0844 629 0123
2. Wybierz numer docelowy
3. To wszystko aby uzyskać połączenie!
FISZ 24 | 2,116
13 Mar 2007 #24
Call Poland for only 3p per minute

That's waaay too much.
14 Mar 2007 #25
Call Poland for only 3p per minute.

That's too much. Why cant we use which is offering only for 2p per minute. Interestingly I found other on the net which is also offering for 2p per minute.

Its and the access number to use is 0871 835 0024.
14 Mar 2007 #26
hi its ewa23..finally found the forum i needed..
i used to used this number 0844 825 0800 and its free to call poland if you have an o2 mobile with free minutes.....but now i am stuck!!! as i ran out of free minutes...

any other cheap numbers...

Mar 14, 07, 10:01pm - Attached on merging:
cheap calls??anyone

hiya im in based in southampton and am feeling very sad...i cant find cheap calls to poland..!! somebody please help me...i used to use a number which was free to call poland using my free o2 mobile but now i run out of free minutes....any other cheap calls available...please help...
Huegel 1 | 296
14 Mar 2007 #27
If you have the internet (apparently so) some kind of usb telephone/headset britney mic combo, then may be your answer. :)
14 Mar 2007 #28
thanks for quick reply....unfortunately no mic....
im only 2 weeks away from getting my free minutes again....
i normally use 0844 825 0800 with o2 and its free with my 600 free minutes....
but for time being cant call family....sad!!!
Huegel 1 | 296
14 Mar 2007 #29
Hmm. That's a shame.

If you only lack a mic, usb phones shouldn't cost too much (Currys £14.99, thanks Google) but, if it's calling cards or the like that you're after then you'll have to hope there is another Brit about with a dose of insomnia/early morning munchies who might be able to help.

Good luck anyway. :)
Bogler - | 12
18 Mar 2007 #30
I use Skype quite often, you need to spend a little to save a lot
these are the currents rates to call a telephone from your computer, note a call to Poland costs £ 0.014 a minute

Minium charge is £11.50 (including VAT) & will last you up to 6 months will give rates to all countries

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