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Cheap calls to Poland from the UK

19 Mar 2007 #31
Call Poland for only 3p per minute.

Check the site

Tanie rozmowy do Polski – Tylko 3p przez cały dzień

1. Wybierz 0844 629 2244
2. Wybierz numer docelowy
3. To wszystko aby uzyskać połączenie!
22 Mar 2007 #32
The cheapest rate I have found to call Polish mobiles (if Skype etc isn't an option) is 5p per minute - there are two numbers available at this rate (I generally use the first one):

0844 5661818

0844 5663566

Hope that helps someone - and if anyone knows any cheaper options (non-computer based) please let me know :)
1 Apr 2007 #33
Apr 1, 07, 5:15pm - Attached on merging:
o2 network, free calls to poland.

Hiya, Basically you can call poland for free using the o2 networking using 0844 numbers,
Using 0844 numbers come out of your inclusive allowance hence free calls.

SImply dial,
0844 552 4389

then the landline polish number,

17 Apr 2007 #34
Cheap Calls to Poland Mobiles from the UK

Lowphone offer great rates on calls to poland from the uk

Cheap Calls to Poland LandLines 0844 629 2244 3p Per Minute
Cheap Calls to Poland Mobile 0871 657 2244 9p Per Minute

Simply dial the access number above, then dial you destination number with full international code. Thats it you are connected!

more deals at
21 Apr 2007 #35
Cheap International Calls to Poland UK

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Big Rob
21 Apr 2007 #36
If you are settled in England and have a land line, get a good package from your broadband provider. (i.e. Orange, talk talk, etc... (not tiscalli!)) and all your calls will be free. Absolutely no cost its all done over the internet. I have nothing to sell, unlike the above. Search around and you will find the same results. Normal package cost is about £20 a month for your internet access (unlimited download + free calls for 1 hour( but hang up and re-dial is allowed)) So basically free talking forever. The way it should be.

Hope this helps against this advert above.

Landline to landline (e.g BT to telekomunikacja) + 99 other countries available at the same cost. I forgot to mention!
26 Apr 2007 #37
Today, 20:53 - Attached on merging:
Cheap calls to poland

If you have an o2 pay monthly phone then you can use this access number to get in touch with friend and family on polish landlines. If you have o2 pay as you go then 15p/min but still not that bad i was paying so much before to speak to my family!! As soon as woman starts speaking then just dial your number remember to put dialing code first. 0844 431 4371
27 Apr 2007 #38
Hi, my first post on these forums.

I've been using a company called 18185, for the last couple of years, or so.

They charge 0.5 p / min to a landline in Poland.
They charge 6 p / min to a Polish mobile.

There is a connection charge of 4 pence, on the dialled number answering, unlike the 0844 / 087* numbers, which charge immediately after you've dialled, even if no one answers!!

These prices apply at all times and are billed per minute. So a 60 minute call would cost a mere 34 pence.

They also charge just 5 pence, to make a call to a UK landline, at anytime and for any duration.

Their website, with all the rates is:-

Hope this helps you save a lot of money.
7 May 2007 #39
Have a look here (I can't make this into a link because of the spaming rules so add the appropriate double u's to the begining)

it compares lots of companies for you, down to as little as 1p per min
14 May 2007 #40
I run the program Skype, it's really cheap!!
16 May 2007 #41
The number I use to call Poland is 08444 621 621;

it's 2p per minute .

just follow the instructions :o)
16 May 2007 #42
run the program Skype

I swear by it - Skype IS the cheapest way.
esp if you do it PC to PC
16 May 2007 #43
esp if you do it PC to PC

Then it'd be the free-ist way. Can't get any better.
19 May 2007 #45
Yes, but the other person needs to be online and with Skype installed on a PC at the same time as you - so it is not always the best option.

I use my inclusive minutes that I have on O2 to call 0844 numbers from ExtraCall:

0844 431 2742

It is otherwise 3p/minute. There is a wallet card too that you can print out from the website.
19 May 2007 #46
I just spent 45 min on Skype talking to my cousin in Warsaw. Free. Can't beat it. We could also view each other using web com. I talk to most of my family this way.

WDT has also good rates (2.9 or 3.9) to talk with the family members who do not have a computer or are not willing to use one.

I used to buy cards, but it was too many numbers to dial and also the minutes seemed to mysteriously disappear.
28 Jun 2007 #47
not the cheapest?but get a post office international phonecard £5 its 3.5 pence a minute
2 Aug 2007 #48
Cheap calls to poland

I am looking for cheap calls from ireland to poland.
I found a website. And I think it is cheap.

Its very comfortable because I don't need to register. Just send
a message.
What do you thing about this service?? Is it good and cheap?
2 Aug 2007 #49
If you're in the U.S., WDT has a great long distance rate. I can't recall exactly, but it's a few cents.
5 Aug 2007 #50
there are cheap voip calls (pc2phone) via betamax, e.g. (polish landline free, mobile 0.05ec/min)
20 Aug 2007 #51
cheap international calls from UK BT / Cable landlines

Ring Poland from the UK BT / cable landline 3p per minute. no need for phone card, no hidden charges, fixed rate, charged by the second.

dial 0844 430 0307 wait for the tone, then enter the international code then the persons number.
to ring a mobile in Poland 5p per minute 0844 555 0307
email for more advice and or more international destination codes
4 Sep 2007 #52
22 Oct 2007 #53
Call ***POLAND*** for only 2p per minute.

Check the site

Tanie rozmowy do Polski – Tylko 2p przez cały dzień

1. Wybierz 0844 791 0123
2. Wybierz numer docelowy
3. To wszystko aby uzyskać połączenie!
29 Oct 2007 #54
Visit this will give you an up to date list of the cheap call suppliers to Pland.
31 Oct 2007 #55
Hi guys.. Does anyone know the cheapest way to call Poland from the Uk?

My wife is Polish ....i use Skype...i buy 10 Euro of Credit and it costs around 2 Grossen per min to a landline and about 85GR to a Mobile.....
31 Oct 2007 #56 isnt bad,
31 Oct 2007 #57
I make calls to Poland all the time , its cheap!

but then again ,I live in Poloina hehe

5 bucks 10 hours

I thought it was a polish thread sorry...UK
31 Oct 2007 #58
what about cheap calls to a UK mobile from Poland any ideas
1 Nov 2007 #59
Hi. 0844-numbers are not included to free minutes any more. However,there is a better deal. You can make calls from mobile phone via normal mobile number,which will start 078.... Moreover,for every spent minute you can get 2 pence on your account.When you abroad incoming call for u will cost 1-3 pence.Many other benefits,i can not explain all.No monthly contract needed.No hidden charges.I promise you will not regret. You need to send a text "Noodle Britain " to 81025. They will contact you and give a number. Only you will have access to this number.

Alternatively,if you have an internet, go on .You can call from computer to Polish landline for free. Both methods work well.
4 Nov 2007 #60
I have been using where it is only 2 pence per minute. The line is good quality:

Dial 0844 838 6099 then the number in Poland (starting with 0048)

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