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Cheap calls to Poland from the UK

17 Sep 2013  #121

Of course, it is best to use 'free' services such as Skype but there are times when it's simply not possible to use the internet to make free or low cost international calls ... In such cases, MyMondo can help by enabling you to make cheap international calls using your current telephone landline service provider.

Poland is just 1p/min for calls to a landline* or 7p/min for calls to a mobile*

MyMondo charge the same day or night and all calls appear on your usual telephone bill. Simply dial the access number: for a landline in Poland you dial 08448625702 and to call a mobile in Poland dial 08714125702; once connected, at the prompt dial the destination number including full international code.

Whether making business calls or keeping in touch with friends and family at home, MyMondo represents a great way to save money.

6 Nov 2013  #122

a service which has been around for a while now is calls4u
just search google calls4u
i use an instant dial service which works from most main networks
davidson333 - | 1    
24 May 2014  #123

I use Smartgroshen app, simple, good quality of voice and sync with your phone contacts. Get 0.5 euro at start.
12 Jun 2014  #124

Hi, You can make cheapest call to poland from UK with Smartgroschen app. With Smartgroschen app, you can make cheap phone calls to all mobiles and landline in UK (country is depends of thread question) from your smartphones and tablet without sim card. You can try Smartgroschen, because at start you get 0,50 euro gratis!
18 Aug 2014  #125

be son uses 08442002525 and said it was 0.5p per minute. my billl from talktalk has me charged at between 18p for 1 minute to 28p for 5 minutes. either way its not what we expected.
simon5 - | 1    
6 Feb 2015  #126

Merged: Cheap Calls to Poland (Home) 1p ONLY

Make Cheap Calls home (POLAND)
I use this site to make 1p calls to Poland from Lincoln, England

easy net access
22 Feb 2016  #127

Try cheap-calls-to-poland/
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29 Dec 2016  #128

Hello, there is a website called which I found on anonse

They give free international calls to many countries including Poland and UK, you call with PC or laptop free
17 May 2017  #129

try toolani (app or website), they offer cheap calls to Poland from the UK. toolani.spam/en-gb/cheap-calls-to-poland
24 Sep 2017  #130

The best solution to have cheap international calls form a SIP is to get a account with one or more directphones companie, you can compare their fares here To call from Poland to UK - 5$ per one month.
29 Sep 2017  #131

You can call Poland free by calling 0845 222 6666 before dialling the Polish number. See: for full details.

Możesz zadzwonić do Polski bezpłatnie dzwoniąc pod numer 0845 222 6666 przed wybraniem polskiego numeru. Więcej informacji można znaleźć pod adresem
spiritus 67 | 655    
29 Sep 2017  #132

Be careful guys.

We've used some of these cheap/free calls to Poland in the past and they have a habit of discontinuing the number after a while and changing it to one that is charged at a higher rate.
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20 Nov 2017  #133

If you have included minutes to 0870 numbers, you can call Poland (landline and mobile) for free using 0870 218 6316 (or 0870 494 0496 if you are a Sky Customer).

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