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Can anyone recommend private transport/courier for deliveries from UK to Poland?

pip 10 | 1,659
25 Apr 2012 #1
with so many Poles living in the UK there must be a private courier or similar that does a route from the UK to Poland? can anybody recommend? I need somebody that does a regular route, is trustworthy and has some knowledge of English- for delivery in UK.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
25 Apr 2012 #2
How regular , and how much stuff do you need to transport...?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
25 Apr 2012 #3
I need that from time to time too, transit van load would be useful, if I could travel with stuff via the tunnel it would be even better.
OP pip 10 | 1,659
25 Apr 2012 #4
yikes! I can't give you a specific answer with regards to weight or frequency but the items are too large for a car or suv. I don't need a container or a whole truck but I am hoping to find some space with a driver that does this route often so maybe he (assuming he) has some extra space for a smaller load in combination with something else. As for frequency- still can't give you an answer, unfortunately! Depends how well it sells in the UK- then it would become a regular thing.
Specjalista 3 | 43
25 Apr 2012 #5
I have a friend who will deliver anything to anywhere for a fair price, Let me know and I'll get in touch with him.
OP pip 10 | 1,659
25 Apr 2012 #6
I think I want to join part of an existing route- so the price is cheaper and I need it to be regular so that I can tell people on the other end what the delivery time, etc is.
vndunne 43 | 279
25 Apr 2012 #7
Just came in to ask a similiar question....
Would there be anyone going from Warsaw to London with a van that could bring a couch???
peterweg 37 | 2,319
25 Apr 2012 #8
Going to Krakow-UK with a (car sized) trailer a week next Friday, 4th May
spiztec1 2 | 7
2 Feb 2013 #9
Hi does anybody know someone who has transport services from Wroclaw, Poland to Dover England. It would be for myself and a few bags, unfortunately too many for an airplane. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
21 Nov 2013 #10
I am looking to bring a vehicle over from Poland (Bydgoszcz, Osowa gora) to Carlisle in the united kingdom. I want to bring it over on a flat bed trailer. I have looked around for pricing however ive got a few quotes that are abit high on pricing. Do you know anyone who could bring it over for a decent price. Please contact me on
3 Sep 2014 #11
If there is anyone looking for a transport/courier company to send goods from London to Poland - please email.
We send a luton van from London to Poland (via Katowice, Opole, Wrocław, Kraków, Tarnów, Rzeszów) every week.
5 Dec 2014 #12
Find uk and European couriers on thecourierapp it's free to join free to post jobs and free to find a courier
2 Jun 2017 #13
Hi Zdrowis, can u post your phone nr? I'd like to get some things from wroclaw to london
19 Jul 2017 #14
Hi anyone doing a run uk to ireland need a glass table and 4 chairs delivered. Luton to Ballina co msyo
cjellwood - | 1
21 Sep 2017 #15

UK to Poland to UK Courier

Hi all,

I know this has been covered before but quite a while ago I think with no real result. Does anyone travel to Przemsyl regularly (or Krakow maybe) in a van that can do private door to door delivery for small or large goods? I regularly have to send a pallet to Przem costing £240 where the goods are very light and would stack in the corner of a van easily hardly noticeable. I would happily pay £150 to someone to do this if they are going that way

22 Sep 2017 #16
I've got the details of a company somewhere, will try to dig them out when I get a moment.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
22 Sep 2017 #17
I've used catrinatrans and was happy with their service. They took a box from darkest Cornwall to darkest Podlasie for me. They were fast and cheap.
30 Oct 2017 #18
Hi Zdovis, I'm looking for a private delivery from Poland (Mstow 42-244) to London (UB10 9BX). Item is a palllet load of ceramic tiles, the pallet is already shrink-wrapped and the weight of the tiles is about 475kg. Is this something you can assist with?

Regards, Mike.
1 Nov 2017 #19
Looking for a somebody to courier goods from London UK to Ostroleka, Poland to a private address. Can somebody please help.
spiritus 69 | 666
7 Nov 2017 #20
guys. Go to your nearest Polish food shop and ask there. Most Polish food shops will cooperate with private courier firms.
Kennyboy 1 | 47
14 Oct 2018 #21

Finding a courier (Uk to Poland)

I'm sure this question has been asked many times but I can't find any answers. I'm looking for a courier (man with a van type) that would pick up a package (max 20kg) from an address in Coventry and deliver it to my home in Wroclaw.
Atch 20 | 3,922
14 Oct 2018 #22
There's a Polish courier based in Ireland, but they work all over Europe, called Eurospedycja who do packages from the UK to Poland, up to 20kg for about 25 quid. They're very reliable, I've used them. And unlike man with a van you'll be properly insured if there's any damage or loss.
terri 1 | 1,664
14 Oct 2018 #23
Got to a Polish shop and ask. They have their goods delivered in this way. In 2015 I used a firm (2 men with a van) as transport to and from Poland. On the journey they took in parcels and passengers and parcels were delivered door to door.
16 Feb 2021 #24
Hello I am looking for someone to courier a package of table tops from Warsaw to London. Weight 350kg Height 110cm, Length 190cm, Width 80cm. Can anyone help?
jon357 72 | 21,387
16 Feb 2021 #25
courier a package of table tops from Warsaw to London

You're better looking on one of the facebook groups for expats and/or British people in Warsaw. There are people there sending consignments of different sizes back and to all the time and people asking similar questions (and getting quick answers).

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