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Poland is the new military power of Europe.

GefreiterKania 36 | 1,397
16 Jun 2023 #271
For the last 300 years Russia 🇷🇺 had m9stly an upper hand.

Yes, they had a slight advantage in the last three centuries or so but what's three centuries? An eyeblink.

Now, the time of Poland is coming again. :)
16 Jun 2023 #272
the thing is noone of any significance in Poland is calling for ANY land grabs

Thank you. What's wrong with these Polish right-wingers like jon357 that dream of an all powerful Poland with nukes annexing "parts of the (soon to be former) r*SSian 'federation'". Not right in the head?
GefreiterKania 36 | 1,397
16 Jun 2023 #273
Polish right-wingers like jon357

Jon is neither Polish nor a right-winger.

Poland has no intention of annexing anything. As for nukes... *shhhhhh*... officialy we don't plan to get them.
jon357 74 | 22,054
16 Jun 2023 #274
all powerful Poland

Not 'all powerful'. Just powerful.

parts of the (soon to be former) r*SSian 'federation

No need for nukes to be used, and of course the ruzzian federation is unlikely to exist in its present form for very long. There will need to be an international presence to supervise demilitarisation and ruzzian denuclearisation. Who better than Poland to lead this?

Jon is neither Polish

A passport is not just a bit of paper, it's a whole life. if some guy in Chicago who's never been to PL, wouldn't like it if he did and doesn't speak a word of Polish can cal, himself that, so can immigrants who've settled permanently, especially ones who've been in PL longer than most living people who were born there.
jon357 74 | 22,054
17 Jun 2023 #275
He has to prove to

Hardly, guest poster.

The important thing is that Poland's place on the world stage develops on a good trajectory, and that the threat of ruzzia is neutralised for the foreseeable future. This is a huge role for Poland to play.

Someone will have to carry out the demilitarisation of ruzzia, and of course Kaliningrad needs to be absorbed into either Poland, Lithuania or both.

Home / News / Poland is the new military power of Europe.
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