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The dossier of TW "Bolek" - Poland's IPN assisted by police enters the home of the late general Kiszczak

Ironside 51 | 12,473
6 Jun 2017 #301
I just don't see the evidence of massive looting of the Polish economy by ex-commies

Are you in position to see it? Otherwise it is just your say. That brings to the table absolutely nothing.

Who said nomenklatura were incompetent?

Pol that process has been much more complex that you paint here. Focus in WSI as it is a visible prove that not all had been kosher and hunky-dory.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
6 Jun 2017 #302
massive looting

And you expect squads of commie goons smashing shop woindors nad stelaing their goods! Thigsn were far more subtle, harldy noticeable sicne it ast publicised and invbolbed mainyl white-collar-type ruses. When Gorbachev arrived on the scene, directors or Polish state factories began acquiring chunks of the action, seeking contacts abroad for joint ventures and suchlike. A Morawiecki would have taken steps to help create a Polish entrepreneurial class outside the nomenklatura network. Under Balcerowicz and the clique, the nomenklatura not onyl gained a foothold but firmly established themselves in the economy and then went on to a hefty pension. You probabyl believe it was proper to reward them for their years of faithful service to the stooges of the Soviet-imposed regime. Oridnary Poles were free to do junk jobs with no benefits or wash dishes in a Berlin beerhall or London pub.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
7 Jun 2017 #303
sicne it ast publicised

Nasty typo obscuring the meaning should read: "since it was not publicised".
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
28 Jun 2017 #304

Now it's official: Wałęsa was a paid snitch of the PRL poltical police

The IPN has dropped their investigation into the alleged falsification by the SB of Wałęsa's incriminating police files. When shown the documents found at Kiszczak's home, he claimed they had all been falsified. The graphologists who studied his signature and handwritng found beyond a doubt that they were written in his own hand. He had signed a pledge to collaborate with the SB and had submitted handwritten reports about the people he had snitched on.

That brief several-year episode in the 1970s does not undermine Wałęsa's role in Poland's peaceful revolution. He did not invent the foolishness of youth -- a comon phenomenon. His major offence has been his total denial of that episode. History will probably treat him fairly and refer to that shortocming as the passing episode it really was.,IPN-umorzyl-sledztwo-ws-podrobienia-przez-SB-dokumentow-TW-Bolek
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
28 Jun 2017 #305
Now it's official

Has it been proven in a court of law with an independent judge? No? Then nothing has been proven at all.

The fact that the IPN has dropped the case strongly suggests that the scientific analysis will not stand up to a criminal trial.
Strzelec35 32 | 889
31 Oct 2021 #306

are they seriously still going after Walensa?

wow lol:,nId,5415881#crp_state=1

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