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Polish people stuck in their self imposed "cultural ghettos"

Strzelec35 34 | 904
21 Apr 2021 #1
question to you people who only feel confident speaking the Polish language, being or living in a non diverse region full of only right wing Polish people, or who live in enclaves of a pure Polish community abroad. how does it make you feel living in such a ghetto and being so not open minded to criticism or what others say about you, Poland or your culture? that thread dydrymaki o niczym reminds me of this and why i wanted to start this topic. also Polish twitter reminds me of this as self imposed Polish ghettos around the world do as well.

Also, novichok how did it feel when they claimed you're not a true polak and tried to ostracise you from the ghetto because you either didn't speak perfect written Polish or have different views from them?

lol I think such places both online and off their own secluded world is where thy discuss Polish death camps.
Novichok 5 | 7,743
22 Apr 2021 #2
Also, novichok how did it feel when

I already explained that I don't do interviews.
OP Strzelec35 34 | 904
22 Apr 2021 #3
well the funny thing is if you go to that dydrymaczki thread you will realize how in all reality once they are together without diversity or anyone from outwide their sphere or country around them thry are all the same. from that guy pawian to spike they even admit basically on everything or agree on everything but racism or small extreme things. this just shows what happens to a country that is either ethnically cleansed from other viewpoints, races or ethnicities or one so stuck up each others ass there is no outwide influence. they also think theyre right and any outsiders who call them on their **** are automatically wrong and "not Polish". its sort of like North Korea. Poland is. North Koreans might disagree on small minor things but in the end they are pretty much all alike just like them. now compare both these groups to Americans and the huge wide range of opinions, religions etc. that exist in America.
amiga500 4 | 1,512
22 Apr 2021 #4
As a general guide to posting , You should provide a description to the link you are posting, so that readers may avoid it for a reason, instead of instinctively due to the username.

The euro federalist article is laughable. poland was a paradise getting richer and richer till evil Kaczynski came along and ruined everything. Euro fedarlists are a bunch of losers.
OP Strzelec35 34 | 904
22 Apr 2021 #5
What i mean is certain things unify them or make them different from everyone else. this includes their love for religion not just faith but quasi zealot like religious behavior. their hate fir Russia and everything it stands for. their new age capitalism where they spend everything they got on consumerism etc. i bet you that this pawian dude and spike or iron or all those guys arguing with one another are all really the same. the difference between them is much smaller than say the difference between any of them and a Spaniard. or even someone like me.

or maybe it has more to fo with normis vs not normis? wat u guys fink? anyone?
OP Strzelec35 34 | 904
23 Apr 2021 #6

What do Polish people mean when they use the word my?

Like Biden or democrats are against "my" or "us" how do they even know this or what Biden or democrats are against. It seems Polish people really love to use the word my ad make generalizations like this or is this just me and my experience amongst them guys? What I mean is how can they all classify each other as my arent there a wide difference of people opinions etc. within their own country even amongst women by themselves? yet they refer to everything as my.
OP Strzelec35 34 | 904
23 Apr 2021 #7
Here is another question about Polish people. Why do they always try to show off their money or spend it in stupid ways? like buying the biggest iphone they can just to show they have one even if they dont know how to use it? this is particularly true for polish mena round the age of 50 or middle age crisis? the ones who lived in communism.

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