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Poles are not racist

PolskaSila 2 | 40
13 Jun 2007 #61
How many people were in poland here ?
In the blocks are often graffitis , "brudasy to kutasy " " zyd to frajer zyd to buc zyie po to by go tluc" " Biala sila ponad wszystko " .

I dont know how the richer people think , but on osiedle most people hate germans , jews, communsits , gays etc ! You remember Christopher street day in warszawa? or gay parade in krakow ? on soccerstadiums the ultras and hools have racist flags , or the club lechia gdansk sings "dziki dziki dziki do afriki " !

Yes hip hop bands sings " Lubi nas niewielu wiekszosc nienawidzi boja sie wszyscy szczegolnosci zydzi" ! The antifa scene in poland is very small !

Rasicst are everywhere , but EVERY race it doesnt matter or white black asian latino muslim everywhere are good people and bad people ! only the spirit of the human is the reason why you like him or not and not the race!
FISZ 24 | 2,116
13 Jun 2007 #62
Christopher street day

A famously gay street in NYC
PolskaSila 2 | 40
13 Jun 2007 #63
And a gayparade ...... but in eastern europe it will never been again i think !
bartek - | 10
14 Jun 2007 #64
I think 95% of us are not racists.
But that 5% of morons are very laud, like in every other case like that.
I live in Poznan by student house, where live many students from Africa and China.
I never seen any unpleasent situation.

pozdrawiam :-)
PolskaSila 2 | 40
14 Jun 2007 #65
Slask , Gdansk , Warszawa , Czestochowa , Kielce and a lot more are rightwinged !

Poznan? Its a town with very much Antifa and Hip Hop fanatics !
ladystardust - | 84
14 Jun 2007 #66
In the blocks are often graffitis

Somehow, the quotes that follow in combination with your nickname bother me ;)

Plus I come from Kielce (yes, I am a scyzoryk ;) and know many foreigners there - they never complained ;) Up to an extent that there is a black gyneacologyst in Kielce and some time ago he was voted the Friendliest Doctor in the city :)
PolskaSila 2 | 40
14 Jun 2007 #67

Hear the song from , and look at the grafitis and KKK Flags !

Not every pole is a racist , but many people dont like other races , and the youth is going be bad ... tak byl jest i bedzie , every country has rasicst , be happy when in your friends or family are neutral people , but it is everywhere so .

ladystardust , ile masz lat ?
ladystardust - | 84
14 Jun 2007 #68
Hear the song from , and look at the grafitis and KKK Flags !

These are hooligans! And hooligans are the same everywhere :( Plus putting this vid here, while people talk about racism is really inadequate.
I am talking about people in the street.

Does my age have anything to do with the racism discussion? ;)
23 Sep 2007 #69
I must say that living in london, most of the polish people i've met are definitely racist and/or homophobic. the sad thing is, they seem to forget that they are guests in this country and should behave appropriately. Most of the time they dont. It was said before that you also have racist English people living here, but honestly, does this make their own behavior any better? Is ethnic cleansing for example ok, because in Yugoslavia, Ruanda or in Germany it happened too? Considering Poland's history of being invaded by Germany, one might think, they have learned a right and wrong lesson when it comes to people who are different whether regarding their sexuality or the color of their skin. Quite the opposite is happening, as we can see reading serious newspapers. The same reasons the Nazis had to kill millions of people are now adapted by polish immigrants.

See here:,,2057514,00.html

i really don't understand, why these people are coming here causing trouble. if they don't like being among different people, feel free to go back, from wherever village you came from in the first place. The sooner the better. Otherwise wake up and behave.
23 Sep 2007 #70
Poles are not racist

one of the guys that I work with from Poland said to me the first day we spoke

"Don't you think Russian women are like dogs?" (the answer was "I haven't met them all, so I wouldn't generalise" and pointed out a pretty Russian colleague - "no.")

and "me and my friends think Scottish girls are not attractive" (I was meant to take it as a compliment for he made me an exception.. but again I just pointed out it was a very general thing to say)

...and stereotyping leads to... - ?

I don't think you can say that none are racist nor all of them - I'm sure it's the same anywhere - some are/some aren't. This point has to be repeated until it is beyond redundant: this sort of thing is individual-based.
osiol 55 | 3,921
23 Sep 2007 #71
There does seem to be more racism from Polish people. Maybe this is partly because of the lack of ethnic diversity in Poland and much distrust of their two biggest neighbours. I met some otherwise nice people in Poland, but their opinions about black people set them back some way in my opinion. They had never met any black people in their lives.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,148
23 Sep 2007 #72

Go fuk yourself you damn faggot.
23 Sep 2007 #73
hmmm... to be fair osiol, you're right. they might just need more time to get used to different people. And they shall have their time. But would it be too much to ask for, while taking their time, to leave other people alone? Just leave Blacks or Asian or gay or whatever people alone, in other words, take your time but shut up in the meantime.
Hmmm 1 | 69
23 Sep 2007 #74
Grzegorz_! You're a hot blooded patriot. Respect you, yo!

I can feel the heat turning up on this thread. It started out innocuous. But isn't that way anymore. Let's not get too judgemental, yo! If you really want to see what havoc racism can wreck, go to Sudan where they're slaughtering women and children in the most horrific ways. Racism in any form - mild or wild - is a total lack of respect and a bankruptcy of ideals. The opposite of racism isn't tolerance. It's mutual respect. Wow! This beer is strong stuff, hic!
23 Sep 2007 #75
Yeah right, so i tell the guy who got beaten up by racist poles in england to stop complaining plus wasting tax payers money in hospital and to go to Sudan instead to see what it really means to be unlucky? Is that what you suggest? Agreed for your other statements.
Daisy 3 | 1,224
23 Sep 2007 #76
The September issue of Multi Cultural matters has shown the results of a survey in europe regarding racial tolerence.

I have tried attaching a link, but with the day I'm having it probably won't work, so I'll have to copy and paste it

it didn't work, here goes

The report shows that while 25% of Britons say they want to live in an area where ‘almost nobody is of a different race, colour or ethnic group from most people living in this country’, this actually places the UK amongst the most tolerant nations in Europe given the comparable percentages for other countries which are -

• Switzerland 17%
• Sweden 20%
• Germany & Luxembourg 22%
• France & Norway 23%
• Italy & UK 25%
• Finland & Spain 31%
• Netherlands 32%
• Austria, Ireland & Poland 33%
• Czech Republic & Slovenia 34%
• Denmark 36%
• Portugal 38%
• Israel 40%
• Belgium 41%
• Greece 44%
• Hungary 60%
Source: European Social Survey
The report shows that the majority of people in the UK identify most strongly with their locality or town over regional, national or global identity: 56% of the population identify with locality first, compared with 25% that identify with the nation, and this is something that cuts across the generations. The report argues that a new national day should allow people to celebrate their local as well as national identity.

The suggestion has not gone down well with everyone - Neil Carberry, Head of Employment Policy at the CBI, is quoted in the press as saying that although the idea of celebrating national heroes was a "positive one", there was "no reason" why this could not be done on an existing bank holiday. He believes that an extra bank holiday could cost the economy up to £6 billion.
23 Sep 2007 #77
wow. now that's interesting. whats wrong in Hungary? Most surprisingly for me is Greece, Finland and Spain..
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544
23 Sep 2007 #78
A friend of mine (a woman) got beaten up by a group of black women jut because she was white. During my stay in London I got in several brawls with them local rude boys as well as with some angry Asians who thought I was flirting with some Asian girl, which BTW I weren’t. If it wasn't for few black people from my work I would probably become racist as well as that friend that got beaten. Please, don't try to say that black people and Asians are saints.
osiol 55 | 3,921
23 Sep 2007 #79
Please, don't try to say that black people and Asians are saints

Not everyone is a saint. There are good and bad people of all colours, shapes, sizes and persuasions. Two wrongs don't make a right.

If an individual does wrong, you blame the individual, not everyone who has the same colour eyes or the same shoe size.
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544
23 Sep 2007 #80
Yes, this seems to be the moral of that story. :)
Hmmm 1 | 69
23 Sep 2007 #81
go to Sudan instead to see what it really means to be unlucky? Is that what you suggest?

Def. not, Change. I see what has incensed you. Two days ago, an Iranian student was stabbed in the heart and has his wrist slit by a pack of Russians in Moscow. This was just outside his embassy. He succumbed to his injuries in the ambulance that was driving him to the hospital. The paramedics did all they could to keep him alive, but in vain. Ironically, these paramedics were Russians, too. My point is, if Russians plunged the dagger, then who were they who tried to dress the wound? They were Russians too. What's the difference between the ones that stabbed the Iranian kid and the ones that tried to save him? It's the mindset.

The sad truth is, there's a racist in each of us. We constantly profile people. We evaluate characters. We assign value and worth to individuals based on the colour of the skin, on their accent, on their faith and beliefs. But the difference between you and the Poles who beat up the sorry bloke, is that you have the strength of conviction and the dignity of character to show restraint and to constantly correct/check yourself.

I understand your rage against the racially-inspired attacks and the failure of the world system . But by choosing to refrain from generalising most Poles as racists, you won't be defeated by the system... you'll be rising above it.
23 Sep 2007 #82
Wow, its good that most of the people in this forum seem to be reasonable in thinking and obviously fitted with some common sense. Are you all polish by the way? And if so, can you not all come and live in london? I really try to keep open minded but its hard if i mostly meet people with Grzegorz_ attitude.
Hmmm 1 | 69
23 Sep 2007 #83

I really try to keep open minded

Change, you're a good dog, yo! An open mind closes many an arguement. I'm not Polish, I'm not English, I'm not Asian. I'm human. Just like you. And I love London :) great city!!!
23 Sep 2007 #84
Aah, shame. I had hoped your opinion and statements would have come from a polish human being. i have/want to be open minded since i'm German and German history has taught me a lesson or two what can happen if you're not, even though that was long before i was born. Never Again! At the same time i'm black and i know exactly what would have happened to me had i lived in Germany 60 years ago. And so should the poles. Even more confusing why -surely not all-, but all I met would adapt this sick ideology, or parts of it?!
osiol 55 | 3,921
23 Sep 2007 #85
London :) great city

One of the very best. Whether it's good or bad, you'll probably find it in London.
Hmmm 1 | 69
23 Sep 2007 #86
I shot an ad film with a director from LA. He said that whenever he needed to find the latest trends or the touch the pulse of the mainstream youth, he makes a beeline not to NY, Paris or Milan - but to London. Because that's where 'cool' lives, he rekcons. Not many disagreed.
27 Sep 2007 #87
Most surprisingly for me is Greece, Finland and Spain..

Why ?

Personally I find it weird when a German starts preaching about morals and tolerance to Polish...
Why is it that the "tolerant" German men come to Finland and rest of North Europe to find blonde women (many of them are fake btw). Isnt that rascist behavior ?

as well as with some angry Asians who thought I was flirting with some Asian girl, which BTW I weren’t.

I bet they were muslims from Arabic countries or something ? Why they are allowed to flirt with "infidel" women but "infidel" men are not allowed to flirt with Moslem women. So thats why I am not very keen on having more and more Muslims in Europe. BTW why the are not the western feminists taking on this hypocrisy ? Maybe because it is benefiting them too: western women have bigger pool of men to choose from.
Zix - | 1
27 Sep 2007 #88
there`s a diference between being racist and nacionalist! And nationalist are different from patriots!
the idea i have is that poland is nationalist and not so much racist.
But thats what i think from watching the news, i`ve never been there, yet, so i could be wrong.
Murzynka - | 48
27 Sep 2007 #89
I think there are rascist people wherever you go unfortunately. It is not a white problem, but one of human beings across the board of every colour and race wanting to treat others who are different, unfairly and with disrespect. In Guyana - South America - where my parents are from, there has always been racial tension between Blacks and Indians, which was encouraged by the British when Guyana was a collony. They applied the 'Divide and Rule' principle which they always use to weaken resistance against Imperialism.

The idea is simple. Focus peoples attentions on hating each other. Play on their fears such as differences in religion, colour, culture, wealth etc.. between the races within a country and while they are busy fighting each other, the people who have invaded and taken over your land, are happily still owning it. Dictators in Europe, Africa and everywhere else in the world do the same, to turn attentions away form the fact they are not interested in the welfare of the people ultimately, but in fufilling their own sinister political and financial agendas.

My boyfriend is Polish and he is not at all rascist as I am Indian and Black. He does say that the Polish are very rascist and behind the times. There are alot of Polish where I live in West London and unfortunately, he understands when they call me a n**ger and has come very close to putting someone in hospital on several occassions. He hates when this happens to me and says that he is sick of the Polish in London and is ashamed.

We went to a Polish restaurant next door to the Polish Centre in Hammersmith on Kings Street and they refused to serve us because he was with me. My brown skin was obviously not acceptable in there. I felt like a black person must have felt in the deep south of the USA in the 1960's when black people could not eat with white people in the same section of an eating establishment. I hope the place burns down one day. I was born in the hospital about 5 minutes away from that restaurant, but the people who work in there, who can't even speak English and are immigrants wouldn't serve me in my own country.

On the other hand, our favourite Polish restaurant in Shepherds Bush 'The Patio' a little further down the road is excellent and the people in there are very nice. Especially the Polish Lady who runs it. I love the food in there.

There are good people and bad people in this world of every colour and race. I think there are more good than bad. Luckily Iam with one of the good guys. : )
Kilkline 1 | 689
28 Sep 2007 #90
I think the Polish areas of W.London have become a bit of an embarrassment to Poles over the last couple of years due to alot of the more recent arrivals. Poles I know who had previously said they didnt want to live anywhere else are now saying they want to get out as the criminal element has migrated over after the students and economic migrants. Maybe/hopefully the ones you've had issues with are from this recent influx of bumpkins and underclass rather than because of Poles in general.

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