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Poles are not racist

Novichok 3 | 7,900
29 Sep 2023 #871
Everybody is a "racist".

Racism in your heart is as good as a gun in your hand. In a jungle, it's survival. You either avoid 'em or you kill 'em.
pawian 225 | 24,601
30 Sep 2023 #872
is a "racist"

Racist in inverted commas isn`t the same as without them. What do you mean?
Novichok 3 | 7,900
30 Sep 2023 #873
What do you mean?

This means I am quoting the word as spoken by others, and, thus, divorcing myself from them and the typical and often abusive use of the word.

The two extremes on the racist scale are math tests and lynching. To the racist industry and race-baiters in America, both are racist. Insane...That is why I often ask for definitions here...

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