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Poles are not racist

14 Oct 2006 #31
think polish are not racist but you are

I used to share a room with a polish girl in my student life and she was nice with me. we used to share our food together & help each other in every way but now I don't have have any contact with her after we graduated.

well ; what i wanted to say is not all poles are racist but some of them . This girl who work for us is perfect example of how polish treat other fellow worker who are from eastern country like china, india or pakistan.

if you're a foreigner of the the English language.

I speak better then many scottish MP .. lol we love our language more then english but still we are part of Britain and i love my country
14 Oct 2006 #32
This girl who work for us is perfect example of how polish treat other fellow worker who are from eastern country like china, india or pakistan.

So one girl represents all other 40 millions ppl? :)

you are not british sorry, you cant speak proper english or you are retarded and thats why you have problems with it but honestly I dont really care Im just astonished by your dumb story about polish being racist.
14 Oct 2006 #33

you are not british sorry

f...k you .... not all part of britain speak proper english. U better come here or travel to wales or scotland.

You another racist a.. hole
semper_malus - | 21
14 Oct 2006 #34
gorliwość neofity...

Sorry but I don't how goes this is in english.
15 Oct 2006 #35
Right Im racist coz I say you are dumbass :).
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
15 Oct 2006 #36
f...k you

Yeah, when somebody hasn't got any strong arguments, then reaches for argument of strenght...

One stupid cleaner isn't the representative of all the other Poles. My Scottish workmate told openly to me that he dislikes Pakistanis, so does it mean that all the Scottish folks, including you UK-, are racists ?
15 Oct 2006 #37
I have travelled to Poland a number of times and have not encountered racism in any form. The writer of the comments may have had an alternative experience. Considering the Polish community have experienced political isolation relative to the Western cultures' freedoms; until recently, is it not surprising that intolerance may be encountered when touring their homeland. You have not experienced racism but more of a level of polish curiosity at having to deal with an alien culture. A beautiful country and beautiful people . Hard to find in this world of mass migration isn't it?
16 Oct 2006 #38
beautiful country and beautiful people

ur girl friend polish. she will be happy now
23 Oct 2006 #39
polaca - There are plenty in the UK too, I dont like Pakis or any muslims for that matter - and if that makes me a racists then so be it, I can't change how I feel about them, they're disrespectful to white women and think they can treat this country (England) how they like.

I take it by this u mean u have met the entire asian and muslim comunity and after carefull research and thought you have come up with the point that ALL and by that i mean every single muslim or asian person or "pakis"? as you brainy racists like to call them are disrespectful to white women...use your head mate!! how can u judge a whole race on a few (probably less than 0.00000000001% of the population) people you may have encountered on your travels? very narrow minded indeed
uk_ 8 | 85
23 Oct 2006 #40
how can u judge a whole race on a few (probably less than 0.00000000001% of the population) people

you are right. This girl shelly is so confusing. Some of her post are favour of polish and some english peoples.

There is something wrong in her mind. I hope someone here can change her attititude and mind
Zgubiony 15 | 1,553
23 Oct 2006 #41
Why is the term "paki" taken offensively? I think when some post this it's used as an abbreviation. Like "brit" Swede"Polak" What the proper abbreviation of pakistan? I'm not racist, but I've always used paki. So I'd be considered a racist if I say this?
23 Oct 2006 #42
what also iritates me is when people act niaeve to certain things..not aimed directly at you Zgubiony, because u may not know this but hope it will change your use in future but the term "paki"was invented by white people to use against people of an indian background in a negative way, as this was the whole reasoning behind the word to insult , any asian would find it an insult to be called it, because its the racisist hate where it stems from that is the real offence and not what it means or how it relates to where they are from. i mean can anyone define the word "nigger" other than a racist remark to black people? the meaning is irrelivent! its the same in this case we know its offensive and i am 25 years old and have never once felt the need to use the term paki to describe an asian person as there are plenty of other acceptable words to use..and i find it very easy to do so! im not indian or of an asian background but when i see someone diliberatly going out of there way to insult someone, even on a forum!! i have to pull them up!

anyway...hope that answers your question mate..
Zgubiony 15 | 1,553
23 Oct 2006 #43
what also iritates me is when people act niaeve to certain things

You don't know me... How can you say what I'm asking is naieve? Maybe this was invented by whit europeans, but I've never heard it used in a derrogatory mannor. It's like calling someone from Irag "iraqi".

You need to relax a bit. You can't assume that everyone is familiar with things like these. We're from all over the world.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
23 Oct 2006 #44
The term Paki has always been an offensive term, even though it is a short form of Pakistani. It singles out a people who are of a different colour and tradition. It [Paki] refers to a group who can easily be identified and blamed when everything is not right in normal [white] society. The term Paki is almost always followed by a negative comment and it is this that makes it offensive. The negative term of Paki came about when Pakistanis emigrated to the UK in their thousands back in the 60s. The equivalent nowadays would be Poles moving to the UK en-masse and all the abuse they get. Sooner or later a term will be invented to define, in a negative way, these Poles. It might be the word Pole.
23 Oct 2006 #45 not having a go at you mate, read what i wrote, and learn from it... im just telling you a fact,............ asian people dont like to be called paki's ....full stop so what ever you knew of before or are custom to its wrong! so quoting your last familarising you who dont know now!... thats all! no offence intended just expected if you didnt know, not to take offence but say..."oh s*it, didnt know that..i wont say it again now i know it insults people" rather then remain istuck in old ways!

`and anyway in relevance to this particular post titled..."poles are not racist", i cant speak for the whole of the community cos im sure there are a few ignorant people there but the polish people i have met in this country (uk) so far...friendly as they come! ;-)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
23 Oct 2006 #46

Is your post directed at me.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,553
23 Oct 2006 #47
Gotcha. Thank's for the info.

The negative term of Paki came about when Pakistanis emigrated to the UK

Probably why I've never heard about it :)

Ya live ya learn. I'd hate to indirectly offend anyone, so this will be helpful.
23 Oct 2006 #48
no wroclaw, i was replying to zgubiony comments, need to start quoting soz guys! oh and mate glad u understand now....someone like you genuinely didnt know! and seem cool..unlike sheelley or whatever her name is ive seen in some posts who knows exactly what shes saying!!! and goes out of her way to be offensive towards them!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
23 Oct 2006 #49

No problem :)
lef 11 | 477
23 Oct 2006 #50
Ryan1 what do you call a person from Pakistan? we have poles, yanks, poms, aussies, whats so bad about paki' being called a nigger!!!
23 Oct 2006 #51
u would understand because ur not of an asian background so the word has little meaning to you lef, it just seems silly like a word to u , but to an asian to hear the word "paki" been used..... it is extremely offensive i dont know why or what it is...etc it means nothing to me either but knowing the way they feel about it i know its rude and dont use it..its that simple! same as u dont know how swear words came about u just know when NOT to use them! same will be said if the aussies decided they dont like being called it..however i dont think it is used in a negative way to describe australians, it hasnt got that history... if i was to ask australians if they were offended by the term aussie i doubt id get one yes..however ask asians if they are offended by the term paki..and ull get a different response! its where it stems from that is the real issue not the word itself...

Ryan1 what do you call a person from Pakistan? we have poles, yanks, poms, aussies, whats so bad about paki' being called a nigger!!!

well not to an asian person it doesnt beat it its the same thing! an equaly offensive word used in the same fashion..for the same reason. just how the word "nigger " effects me the word "paki" offends them! simple pal...

oh by the way...i call them asian same number of syllables as paki ,easy off the toungue just with less hate and offence so no excuses people..! haha..they even made it easy for u..u see
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
1 Dec 2006 #52
Dec 1, 06 [16:46] - Attached on merging:

It had been said that Polish are racist...hmmm that is debatabele, since all nations are and all off us are in one way or another whether it be against someone for the colour of their skin, nationallty or religion. Lets face it we all are in one way or another.
1 Dec 2006 #53
hey A - it's a great topic, but it's friday night and I am not up to it it tonight
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
1 Dec 2006 #54
Sorry to get off my subject but had so much going on in P live not had chance to visit the church, will do, also got a friend who has geneolgoy subscriptions and hope you dont mind but have given all the details to are you out tonight, I passed on an xmas party since Im away next week and would prefer to spend my money on hols and not on over priced drinks...
16 Apr 2007 #55
Everybody is racist. Everybody puts their own family & extended family first. The problem is only white people are attacked for doing this.
LoneStranger 3 | 382
16 Apr 2007 #56

What would you do if a pakistan guy proposed you :)?
1 May 2007 #57
I am an american............I feel that the polish are wonderful people and that if anyone says otherwise their wrong. I am trying to learn russian and i have learned a good lot on WW11 and i think the nazi's were cruel and a lot of other things................if anyone here denies that the was a holocost read some books and specifically Anne Frank
30 May 2007 #58
i am a black american woman [afro-native american], and on some pts i agree with you. many black folks are indeed jealous, and it saddens me that most of us still have that "you owe me" attitude. i just want you to know that i am one of many black folks that dont think you owe us anything and i like ppl of many races, i cant talk, i'm not 100% black myself. what i'm trying to say is that eventhough its hard, ignore them, they are jealous and cant get over themselves. we blacks even tend to be very racist and colorstruck towards our own race as well depending on complexion; i get alot of discrimination from other blacks b/c i'm considered "red bone" (in between light brown and yellow). just wanted you to know that we all arent like that. i just dont want you to think that we all are that way. i know that its very irritating that they cant leave things in the past. just pay them no attention b/c they are in deed jealous and have unecessary anger.

espana 17 | 950
30 May 2007 #59
am a black american woman


i cant talk, i'm not 100% black myself


in between light brown and yellow

dont worry i m red blue green !!!!


:) be happy
Gigel - | 23
13 Jun 2007 #60
I`m glad for your sake, Pavel, but I consider my own people curva (Romanians). What do you think about that - am I proud enough for u?

I like every folk, but balcanic and ucrainian. And most of Oriental guys. I hate those. I wsh I could destroy them all. ;) well, if I were at the height at least of Bush. Dreams... dreams...

if anyone here denies that the was a holocost read some books and specifically Anne Frank

Romanians were also curva in WWII (no matter the nazis or not). Nazis were not right, but Russiansd were 10 times more jerks. Communism had destroyed half of Eurasia, compared to the Nazi, and that over a period 10 times larger. (50 years). Compare ;

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