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Poles are not racist

amiga500 4 | 1510
14 Sep 2023 #841
Stuff like that tends to rebound on people.

But it doesn't does it, in Poland? apart from a 1-10 percent sector, (warsaw, poznan based) or are we talking about the world woke outrage again?
jon357 74 | 22830
14 Sep 2023 #842

I never know what that means.

apart from a 1-10 percent sector

It's more than that and he does want international work.

Plus, if Konya unfortunately do well, the eyes of the world will be on them. And people in PL are becoming less isolated year on year.
Paulina 16 | 4479
14 Sep 2023 #843
The thing was it wasn't a blackface.

Yes, exactly.

People in the comments from the link I posted touched upon this:

Legit question. When did "blackface" evolve from the original caricature (which was obviously racist) to now mean any time someone paints their face black?

I have the same question. Blackface, to me, is like shoe polish and red lipstick. Not like Darrell Hammond impersonating Jesse Jackson on SNL."
pawian 224 | 24573
14 Sep 2023 #844
the most pro-black person on this forum - by pawian.

Yes, I am still one. In fact, I am a paradigm of decent Polish approach to black people. And when I say the Polish TV programme wasn`t blackface mockery, then it wasn`t. Simple. :):):)

But this time the criticism simply isn't valid in my opinion.

Exactly. But woke crazies make a big deal of it anyway. :):):)
pawian 224 | 24573
14 Sep 2023 #845
I remember a few cases from Polish films.

Another fond memory of impersonation from the crime comedy Vabank 2. Performance by an excellent comedy actor Jacek Chmielnik who died prematurely in an accident with electricity in his summer house.
jon357 74 | 22830
14 Sep 2023 #846

Memories are best where stuff like that is kept.

Dreary film anyway.
pawian 224 | 24573
14 Sep 2023 #847
Dreary film

If you had lived in Poland in 1980s, during the post martial law hopelessness, you would appreciate it much more. :):):)
jon357 74 | 22830
14 Sep 2023 #848
Perhaps. I suppose its appeal is nostalgia
pawian 224 | 24573
14 Sep 2023 #849

Yes, nostalgia for black people who were so scarce at the time that white guys had to impersonate them. .
Ironside 51 | 12520
14 Sep 2023 #850
white guys had to impersonate them. .

It look stupid, I don't get it why they were doing it. Neverthless those jerks picking on that are stupider than anything else. Should F O

Hey there is no mods!
pawian 224 | 24573
14 Sep 2023 #851
I don't get it why they were doing it.

They were doing it coz they wanted to present the musical leitmotif of the film performed by a jazz band and a black singer but there weren`t any black actors at the time so a white guy was used.

there is no mods!

There is, all the time. The discussion is running according to the thread`s name. :):)
mafketis 37 | 10943
14 Sep 2023 #852
Anyone wanna discuss the 'black' character in Alternatywy 4? That was pretty cringe.... (as was the basketball interlude toward the end of Miś my least favorite part of the movie though IIRC they at least got a real black person)
pawian 224 | 24573
14 Sep 2023 #853
That was pretty cringe

Yes, the director showed how a black man is exploited by a white man in a communist system which was supposed to have gotten rid of such exploitation.
jon357 74 | 22830
14 Sep 2023 #854
nostalgia for black people

I doubt that's the source of nostalgia, though the script writers could always have made another choice. Perhaps they knew no better then.

Anyone wanna discuss the 'black' character in Alternatywy 4? That was pretty cringe

The script just made that worse. It wasn't well done. It was an interesting*metaphor, though a heavy handed one.

The only character I liked in that show was Anioł.
Ironside 51 | 12520
14 Sep 2023 #855
That was pretty cringe..

yes it was, who comes with those ideas? some commie morons I guess... a normal person with some sense and cultured wouldn't be doing it, it is not even creative, it must have been someone like pawian...
pawian 224 | 24573
16 Sep 2023 #856
I wonder if the guys who critisize black impersonation in Polish culture aren`t racists themselves. They only pretend to defend blacks against mockery and mistreatment, while in fact they promote it. They prefer the Polish society to still cherish old bad stereotypes about blacks. They don`t care that black impersonation has a positive influence on viewers who have never seen a black person live in their lives, especially in the countryside. When rural folk watch a programme where a blacked white singer took special effort to entertain a crowd of white people, they will surely consider the black race as sth positive.

As for the Alternatywy 4 series, its black character also played a great positive role in destroying old stereotypes. Despite being a foreigner (Americano!) , he allies with other residents who are planning to get rid of their autocratic caretaker. And when black characters (I mean black in the script) despise him, we, as viewers, realise they are bad racist primitive people. Very primitive.

And he is a very hard working man - all white residents refused to dig up the yard in front of the house and he was the only one to do it.

Just you watch:

a normal person with some sense and cultured

Are you by any chance suggesting you are normal, with sense and culture???? hahahaha buhahahahaha
Miloslaw 20 | 4859
16 Sep 2023 #857

And your point is?
pawian 224 | 24573
16 Sep 2023 #858
your point

In short for mentally deficient people - guys who critisize black impersonation in Poland are racists themselves. They desire old negative stereotypes to remain fixed in the society. Ha!
pawian 224 | 24573
16 Sep 2023 #859
especially since the number of black Poles is steadily growing.

Yes, but they prefer to play football or volleyball rather than sing. You can`t force them.

Hey, I have an idea!!! Let a black Pole impersonate a white artist one day!!! Then we shall have our fave balance in nature.
Cargo pants 3 | 1490
17 Sep 2023 #860
another teacher

I have full respect for teachers in general and in Poland as well,but for the ones who are professionals,qualified and employed legally in the system esp in Poland.I have minus zillion % respect for the ones who came to Poland and took that as work to pay there bills.

If you notice most of them here claim to have a lavish bringing up in there home countries and now practically what are they?Angelski tichurs trying to make a living and bragging about how rich and cultured they were bought up as kids??Can any one see any practical logic in there bragging not only here on PF but I see them in real life also in Poland.I have lately met lots of American/Canadian English teachers in Warsaw but none are bragging,they openly admit that they came for3500 to 5500pln English teaching work cuz that money will get them way far then the lifestyle they will live in there country.I even met cpl EXOTIC ones who are well educated but were in Poland for sex life.

Also I observed that most Poles here are to polish there English and get impressed by the native speakers,lol I know speaking English for them is an achievement,whereas in English speaking countries its an norm.

LOL most migrant English teachers who claim to be intellects are google intellects now using Duck Duck go lol:))
Alien 21 | 5279
17 Sep 2023 #861
EXOTIC ones who are well educated but were in Poland for sex life.

They probably had a bad idea. Because even Martyna Jakubowicz already sang "There is no free love in concrete houses/ w domach z betonu nie ma wolnej miłości."
pawian 224 | 24573
19 Sep 2023 #862
Poles are not racist

Only a little bit. Especially when they call certain variety of black radish Murzynka - Negress.
Once I accepted it as normal coz it is one of my fave veg in wintertime. Multiple advantages for health: full of vitamins and minerals, a lot of fiber, spicy. Black radish is also excellently beneficial for your hair (pity I learnt about it too late, I wouldn`t be nearly all bald now)

But on second thoughts, I deem it offensive. Let`s name it differently. Any ideas?

Alien 21 | 5279
20 Sep 2023 #863
Any ideas?

I suggest calling it "białas" because it is white on the inside.
Paulina 16 | 4479
20 Sep 2023 #864
. Let`s name it differently. Any ideas?

"Polish blackface" lol


Sorry, I couldn't help myself... ;P
mafketis 37 | 10943
20 Sep 2023 #865
"Polish blackface"

I shudder to think what will happen when the woke-scolds find this....

Baba bulanda
28 Sep 2023 #866
black Poles is

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Cargo pants 3 | 1490
28 Sep 2023 #867
@Baba bulanda
Do whatever you want but please dont support faggots in Poland and do support my new bar near the mosque there called"More Hammered"
Alien 21 | 5279
29 Sep 2023 #868
@Baba bulanda

I thought their names were all Mohamad or something like that.
Alien 21 | 5279
29 Sep 2023 #870
called"More Hammered"


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