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What do Poles really think about cats?

mjd 2 | 3
31 May 2013 #1
At a party today, I spoke to a friend who has been to Poland several times over the past 30 years. She spoke of a Polish friend who "unusually for a Pole, really liked cats."

I found it hard to believe that Polish cat fanciers are unusual. Where I live, most every family has a cat. Any opinions? What do you personally feel about cats?
jon357 74 | 21,705
31 May 2013 #2
Dogs are much more popular here as pets, though there are certainly plenty of cat lovers.
beckski 12 | 1,617
31 May 2013 #3
I recall another thread on PF, stating the lifespan of a cat in Poland is rather short :(
Paulina 16 | 4,192
31 May 2013 #4
Wow, well, then it must be true if a thread on PF stated that! ;D

My grandma's cat was so old that she lost almost all her teeth before she died (of old age). I even thought at some point that it must've been two cats, because she was at my grandma's house, like, since forever lol But, no, that was one and the same cat all the time xD

I don't know what's the ratio of dog and cat owners, but I guess Russians are more fond of cats than Poles. But that's just my impression. However, I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's unusual for a Pole to like cats o_O That's absurd lol I know cat owners and there's nothing unusual about having a cat in Poland.

What do you personally feel about cats?

I like them. I like both cats and dogs.
Zazulka 3 | 129
31 May 2013 #5
I spoke to a friend who has been to Poland several times over the past 30 years. She spoke of a Polish friend who "unusually for a Pole, really liked cats."

Poles like cats too. The biggest forum devoted to dogs has close to 59 thousand members and the biggest cat lovers forum:, that is 2 years younger than the dog forum, has just over 50 thousand members.
WielkiPolak 56 | 1,008
31 May 2013 #6
I think what was meant by 'unusually for a Polish person' was that in Poland, a lot of people tend not to be obsessed with cats. They do not clothe them or let them sleep in the same bed. Sometimes people can be a little over the top in Britain or the USA. It doesn't mean they don't like cats.

A good example would be this. In Britain, people are prepared to pay a lot of money, to buy a kitten. In Poland, people often given them away to neighbours or friends for free, because having a cat is just an extra cost. People in Poland don't seem as excited about kittens or cats. Just a general observation.
Zazulka 3 | 129
31 May 2013 #7
They have no choice. As of January 1, 2012 new animal protection laws in Poland have made it illegal to sell dogs and cats without a breeding license. All illegal breeders when caught can be fined up to 3000PLN.

This is why sometimes you can find on the net or in newspapers an ad like this: a dog leash for sale. Free puppy with a leash purchase.
WielkiPolak 56 | 1,008
31 May 2013 #8
Perhaps but I know a lot of people did this before those regulations as well. Perhaps less in the city, but in the more country areas they would give them away to other people for free.
Ironside 53 | 12,344
31 May 2013 #9
well some people are nasty to animals and their nastiness is easier displayed towards cats than dogs but one cannot say that cats are in anyway discriminated against on a larger scale.
beckski 12 | 1,617
1 Jun 2013 #10
This spoiled-rotten Polish kitty seems to be well taken care of. Noticed he or she in a Polish bookstore window in Warsaw.

  • Polish Kitty
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
1 Jun 2013 #11
What do Poles really think about cats?
They favor Polecats

some people are nasty to animals and their nastiness is easier displayed towards cats than dogs

Doesn't that violate some sort of anti discrimination law? "Some animals are more equal than others"...........Orwell
Kowalski 7 | 621
15 Aug 2013 #12
Merged: How much do polish cats actually kill?

Only last week I've had two corpses: a pigeon and a rat, killed by my murderous cat (she!) and brought home!
I'd like to add my cat is well fed and isn't doing it for survival but for fun.
My cat likes to murder after eating fresh meat. Her usual activity is to look cute, sleep, cuddle ,eat cat food, play, sleep more, murder , look cute, sleep, murder, doze off, play, look cute and murder again.

I don't think all her victims are brought home.
How does that compare to non polish cats?
Zibi - | 336
15 Aug 2013 #13
Perhaps she is a feline Dexter? :)
15 Aug 2013 #14
:) you have got a real hunter at home :) I suggest you watch this documentary: bbc-horizon-2013-the-secret-life-of-the-cat-pdtv-xvid-ac3-mvgroup you will get some data for comparison :)
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
15 Aug 2013 #15
Well, what do you expect when you take a predator into your home? ;-)
ShawnH 8 | 1,497
15 Aug 2013 #16
Her usual activity is to look cute, sleep, cuddle ,eat cat food, play, sleep more, murder , look cute, sleep, murder, doze off, play, look cute and murder again.

Mine is like this:

Her usual activity is to look cute, sleep, cuddle ,eat cat food, play, sleep more, murder , look cute, sleep, Wake us up at 5:15 am in the effin Morning, go outside, murder, doze off, play, look cute and murder again.
Lenka 5 | 3,389
15 Aug 2013 #17
My cats sometimes kill 30 times a day :D Like flies and mosquitos :D
Kowalski 7 | 621
15 Aug 2013 #18
I'm having hard time touching her after seeing dead frozen rat at my balcony or allowing her on my knees. At the same time she has gained some respect from me, too. What a killer! Anyway thanks for replying; looks she's normal yet my wish would be: don't bring corpses home. If studies are correct and only 20% victims are brought actually home then she's been tremendous serial killer. She probably knocks down 100 a year or so.
Lenka 5 | 3,389
15 Aug 2013 #19
Well, she wants to make you proud. My mother once, after moving to my father's home, walked out barefoot in the morning and stood on dead rat my father's cat brought home. The cat waited to be rewarded for bringing this treassure and instead was suprised by my mother screaming her lungs out :)
beckski 12 | 1,617
15 Aug 2013 #20
Non Polish cats can be evil too. My neighbor's serial killer kitty once dumped a decapitated pigeon on my lawn. Ewww!
Kowalski 7 | 621
15 Aug 2013 #21
my can't get that surprised look, she'd say I'm curious instead. She gives wtf look very well , too.
She'd make me proud if she came to me when called while I have some friends over. She never does come when I call her , except when I kneel down and hold something in my hands - indicator she'd get something. Cat rulez. My cat does and I'm accepting this with some reluctance.

She has never ever pood at home (yet) which is good. :)
Spirit 1 | 26
31 Jul 2014 #22
I don't think my cats are Polish, but one is a murderer, a cute calico, she catches, kills and eats (yuck) rats here in Hawaii (we have two types, brown tree rats and larger Norweigan gray rats, which she prefers...). I get to dispose of the heads and tails.

My other two cats are a lovable, cuddly black, and a nasty-tempered gray.

  • Persephone the Rat Murderer

  • Jette the cuddle bunny

  • Ahinahina of the nasty temper
Roger5 1 | 1,449
31 Jul 2014 #23
and a nasty-tempered gray.

You'd get along better if you accepted the power dynamic operating between you. Ahinahina is merely asserting her role as the dominant creature. As one of her staff you should understand that if she wants a cuddle, she'll let you know. Otherwise you can busy yourself with preparing tasty meals. cleaning up after her, being a prompt doorman, and giving her the space and respect she deserves. My grey tabby has put considerable effort into training me, and I like to think it has paid off. He never has to wait long when he wants to go out at two-thirty in the morning. It's all just a question of knowing our place.
jon357 74 | 21,705
31 Jul 2014 #24
At least these Polish cats have now been rescued:
A WOMAN who tried to join together dead and alive cats to create a Frankenstein-style animal has been arrested by police after nearly 100 dead felines were found in freezers her house......The horrifying story was revealed by police after they raided her house in Warsaw, Poland when neighbours complained of a horrid smell and loud high pitched noise nearby.
beckski 12 | 1,617
1 Aug 2014 #25
There was once a thread that mentioned, Polish kitties only have an average life span of 2 short years. Maybe it's because of some of the crap they kill & eat?
Spirit 1 | 26
1 Aug 2014 #26
I worry about that. Although my Hawai`ian kitty has the colors of the Polish flag (red and white), plus a bit of black ( to signify her evil nature), I am certainly concerned that the rats she kills and eats have fleas and flea larva''''''''''' which can cause a variety of worms.

I monthly treat her with a topical medicine to avoid all that (Frontline, Revolution, etc.), but I still worry.

My black doesn't tolerate Revolution, so I use Frontline.... I use Revolution (stronger) on those who tolerate it.

Available in Poland? Even in the US it is expensive.
Nickidewbear 23 | 609
17 Apr 2015 #27
Merged: Rademenes The Cat

Too cut and appeared on TVN24.

Meet Rademenes. It's a cat who miraculously escaped from anaesthetizing and now sweetens other animals difficult moments. He lives in a shelter for animals in Bydgoszcz. - He hugs to every pet in the office - says Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich, a veterinarian from Bydgoszcz shelter which currently owns the pet.,28/rademenes-czarny-kot-ktory-przynosiszczescie-chorym-zwierzetom,162731,1,0.html
13 May 2017 #28
Hi, I live in Lancashire. There are lots of Polish families living around our area. I love cats but unfortunately lots of the Polish families nearby it would seem do not. I have a healthy respect for felines and have ended up feeding, defleaing and giving affection to these poor cats. They let their children treat the cats as toys often hurting them. They are fed outside and are not allowed in the home. There is no outside shelter provided. It is grossly unfair both to the cats and the people living around them. I am sure this is not the case of all Polish cat owners but quite a few act in this way.
Bieganski 17 | 890
13 May 2017 #29

As the old saying goes, dogs have owners and cats have servants.

This relationship has been studied seriously by mental health professionals as well.

Here is a good explanation on an individual level which you could scale up to a national level:

cat owners are relatively low in owners are more social, interactive and accepting and cat owners...are more introverted, self-contained and less sociable.

Perhaps if you were more social and took the time to get to know your Polish neighbors on a first name basis you would get a better understanding of all this and not be so judgmental of them.

But if prefer the company of cats over human contact then don't worry. The takeaway is that Poles just have that much more in common with your queen and royal family who themselves never took much of a liking to cats either.
Spirit 1 | 26
13 May 2017 #30
I'm Polish, and I and my entire blood family have always loved cats.

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