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tow_stalin - | 57
27 Jul 2010 #271
Sun and Moon

"It is good to note that at least a few Poles call a cat a cat"

hmmmmm... i was SARCASTIC, and i was counting on your intelligence - you disappointed me... please take this into consideration when reading my post...

clarification: your knowledge about poles, europe, etc, is very poor. i don't wont to discuss with you about this, because its wasting of time.

p.s. start counting days to leave poland.

have a nice day
Seanus 15 | 19,706
27 Jul 2010 #272
How about observations of friends rather than this general nonsense that comes up? My friend, xxx, thinks xxx and their opinion seems to be typical of Poles because.... Otherwise, it's just vague nonsense.
OP Sun and Moon 2 | 28
6 Aug 2010 #273
It looks to me also as uptill now I have been playing mouth organ in front of some buffalo. Previously also Terri threatened me for dire consequnces now you tell me to start counting days. You all are mistaken. Most people from sub continent are Arians origin and they do not leave a thing half done. I have started this compaign to tell to Polish Community about their weaknesses and shortcomings and wil continue to so. So forget this notion that I will start counting my days. Incidently I was in Uk for few days and made some more deep obserations about some Poles and will intimate for all of you in due course of time.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
6 Aug 2010 #274
You will find contrast in almost any society. Yes, even Japanese! I like students who produce language with passion but those that are humphy are a real chore. It's like pulling teeth. Mabye they are tired so I'm never too hard on them. They are there to learn and not feel under the cosh but it really requires patience.
OP Sun and Moon 2 | 28
11 Aug 2010 #275
You will find contrast in almost any society.

agreed bu it looks as poles have accepted the observations made by me. this is also a great quality to accept weaknesses and make an effort to improve it. by the way what president of poland is trying to have from his counter part of czeck republic in high mountains.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
11 Aug 2010 #276
Well, the cross issue is certainly exposing a radical element of Polish society. Also, guilty by association works as a concept. I have been labelled as a RM and PiS fan due to defending the cross being where it is. It really doesn't bother me either way but to be tagged as a fanatic is laughable and anybody that knows me would agree.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
11 Aug 2010 #278
Or even The Czech Republic :)

Let's look at another aspect of Polish society, football fans. Who here has been to a football match in Poland?
king polkakamon - | 544
11 Aug 2010 #279
I have been here in Greece in several matches and I don't think it differs substantially from Poland.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
11 Aug 2010 #280
Greek fans have a rep for being close to the most brutal. Turkish fans too.

Polish police are an effective deterrent. The guys are huge!
king polkakamon - | 544
11 Aug 2010 #281
Greek fans have a rep for being close to the most brutal.

Yes,some manage to bring in knives and other weapons.One year ago a fan of Panathinaikos was killed by an arranged clash through internet.

My brother who studied in Italy told me that once PAOK fans from Thessaloniki went with their team to a city in Sicely which is mafia center and after the match they proceeded to vandalisms while whole Italy looked astonished since noone dares to do anything in this city.The locals were caught by surprise.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
11 Aug 2010 #282
The mafia just isn't that powerful here in that way. As regards property, they seem to hoarde the rynek areas but not that active in football.

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