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How are electric cars doing in Poland?

Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
4 Jul 2017 #31

Its culture and funds. There probably is no such program to reward hybrid electric etc drivers. In Poland in general people tend to buy turbodiesels and gas (some add lpg bc its available at every gas station) . hybrid vehicles are catching on though which means electric vehicles eventually will too. Right now they're a bit too pricey for the average polish driver.

Also if a polish guy is going to drop 70 80 grand on a car hed rather get one of the old german brands like Mercedes Porsche Audi and especially bmw now which many poles prefer. Or even American like jeep which is even more pricey than German cars bc of the import.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
4 Jul 2017 #32

Now that's awesome because installing the home charger involves (at least in us) putting in a new 240 volt specialty outlet, running 2 or 6 gauge wire (depending how quick you want a full charge, the standard is decent though for daily commuting) new breaker box and all that was just too much - especially putting in 6 gauge wiring in the garage. If it was like in Ireland I would ve definitely bought the tesla. The cost and time of all the electrical work made it untenable. Id basically have to drive the tesla for 4 years just to recoup the investment in electrical. Plus gas is cheap here now again.

I ended up buying one of those like mercedes suv crossover things though. This was like 2 years ago or so. I don't like it very much it burns a ton of gas its not very comfortable and the big rims even though they're stock make the ride really stiff. I still usually drive my old caddilac sedan to get from place to place.
NoToForeigners 9 | 994
4 Jul 2017 #33
Anyone saying that Electric Cars are "green" is blind.
johnny reb 50 | 7,431
4 Jul 2017 #34
So true but you won't convince the Greenies of that.

But the car with the lead attached was a massive clue..

Yup and to build one of those lead lithium ion batteries takes forever plus the toxic chemicals that it takes to mine that lead and the toxic wastes in build the battery and the disposal of the toxic old just so much better for the environment.

But electric is so much cleaner.........really ?.......where does that electric come from ?.........coal plants you say.........
Those batteries cost between $3000 and $5000 and only last about 80,000 miles and you need a new one installed.
And the toxic chemicals used to recycle the old ones.
Only cost $500 to get a new one installed.
Bottom line is these electric cars are gonna make some people very rich with no effect on the environment what so ever.
In fact gas cars produce much less environmental harm then do these toxic electric cars over all from what I have read.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
4 Jul 2017 #35
@johnny reb

Try $8k $10 plus for teslas at the dealer for a new battery... In older hybrids $3k $5k minimum.

Yes they have made people rich - especially the Chinese who bought a123 battery (one of largest battery makers for hybrids) after they bought it shortly after Obama dumped 750 mil into the program.. Realzikng that this was a too big too fa green program Obama and the U.S. bought it back.. The Chinese made hundreds of millions usd in profits for simply holding a company for 6 to 12 mo

I looked at tesla because I thought it'd help save me on my commute. After I added up the totals it wasn't worth it
Marsupial - | 877
4 Jul 2017 #36
Electric cars are at the beginning of their life. Pretty much like the model t was a real beginning for oil cars. The only difference is that what took 110 years or more for oil cars to get to now will take the next 10 years for electric cars. So they are still in infancy and lacking in many things. The important thing to know about this is that the movement for this as other new energy sources is moving fast. Many places will be left behind but germany and poland won't. Both these countries will be heavy users of electric cars. Lastly, posting fake manufacturing data and procedure for things like batteries posted on the net by oil companies to catch you is bad for your image.
Atch 20 | 4,155
4 Jul 2017 #37
Now that's awesome

Yes, we have free public charging of your vehicle as well. In typically Irish fashion:

"the division responsible for rolling out and maintaining the public charging points network, did propose to introduce charges late in 2015 only to postpone the decision following a bit of an uproar"

Yes, public outrage at the idea that we would have to pay for it:D (In the same way there was a national crisis of unprecedented scale when the government introduced water charges a couple of years ago and sure enough they are now going to be scrapped).

Here's the full article on the electric cars which makes for interesting reading regarding real life running costs:

If it was like in Ireland I would ve definitely bought the tesla.

I don't think so at 80,000 euros!! But there are lots of cheaper ones.
johnny reb 50 | 7,431
4 Jul 2017 #38
this is that the movement for this as other new energy sources

New energy source ?
Electricity is made from fossil fuel is it not, so how is this a new energy source ? lol

posting fake manufacturing data and procedure

I haven't seen anything in this thread that was posted as such.
Perhaps you would like to elaborate on your false claim.
Atch 20 | 4,155
4 Jul 2017 #39
Well you can have hydro-electricity and wind powered. You don't have to make it from fossil fuel. Happy 4th of July by the way to all our American friends - and foes :)
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
4 Jul 2017 #40
We have free charging stations at some of the overpriced yuppie ultra modern condos n apartments as well as in front of certain grocery stores... But u can't just leave ur car there to charge for 6 hours..

Thanks for the article I'm going to check it out now..

In Ireland the cost of the car would be higher but with the tax credits, high cost of petrol, few chargers as you say would ve made it way more worth it than here esp if kept the car for a while
Marsupial - | 877
4 Jul 2017 #41
No johnny electricity is made 20 different ways and fossil fuel less and less soon enough it will be an insignificant amount. The usa is very slow on converting, we are getting quicker by the day. Under trump you will fall significantly behind which is great for us other people. As to fake made up stats i am referring to all your posts ever concerning anything to do with science. Get your science from actual science people not the oil companies. Lastly, jeep is the worse suv you can buy. It truly is runbish.
johnny reb 50 | 7,431
4 Jul 2017 #42
No johnny electricity is made 20 different ways

Really, perhaps you would like to share those twenty different ways with us.

for us other people

Perhaps you could clarify just who "us other people" are.

i am referring to all your posts ever concerning anything to do with science.

Yet you post nothing more then your personal opinion. lol
How many electric cars ya'll got there in Australia Marsup ?
Marsupial - | 877
4 Jul 2017 #43
I dont want to share anything. Reason is if you have to ask the question its too late to teach you high school science. I can suggest some schools if you like.

Us other people to clarify are everyone who does not get their science from fossil fuel companies and backward elected officials with a money agenda.

There is bugger all electric cars in Australia. Our economy is backward mining which is failing badly. Fortunately business people are ignoring our backward leaders so the hope is we wont disintegrate.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
4 Jul 2017 #44
Thanks arch

Yeah here were limited to basically 3 4 electric cars of which only the tesla is popular here. We don't have any vw Audi electric cars here and the jap ones sell poorly. The BMW i8 (not sure if its electric or hybrid though but I think its full electric) I absolutely love. Right now I have grad school tuition to worry about perhaps when I'm done I can look for another toy for the driveway
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
4 Jul 2017 #45

And no the jeep inline 4 liter is an amazing engine. That was the first car I ever brought and eventually turned it into an off-road car. I drove over 200k moles on it all over the us and only ditched it because I tipped it on its side. The Cherokee is garbage now but the wrangler and older cherokees are beasts especially in mud sand or snow. Far more reliable than land rovers for off-road. My friend has a discovery and a 100k d90 or p90 defender and I'm always fixing snapped rods and busted hoses for him because he deosnt know **** about cars
johnny reb 50 | 7,431
4 Jul 2017 #46
I dont want to share anything.

Perhaps that is because it is you that has nothing concrete to share.
You made a claim and I simply ask you to back it up with something besides your opinion which you apparently can not do.

. As to fake made up stats

You accuse me of fake stats, yet that is exactly what you seem to be posting as you can not produce the twenty ways electricity is made without using solid fuels.

You made that claim and I simply ask you to tell us what those twenty ways were but you apparently can not.
I would call that "Fake News".

Us other people to clarify are everyone who does not get their science from fossil fuel companies

Oh, so perhaps you could tell us where you do get your science from then ?
Producing and operating a electric car is more toxic to the environment then a gas operated car.
Electric cars are a fad that will soon be forgotten as many will walk away rich people like Al Gore has.
Marsupial - | 877
5 Jul 2017 #47
Its obvious to me you know nothing about any of it and you are just putting on here stuff you read online. No way you have any knowledge of even basic electric theory. A quick ckeck of vw and ford and other manufacturers would show you the 60 plus models of these cars that are being released between now and 2020. Why the hell would anyone listen to yet another internet delusion is beyond me when you can just look what those brands are saying on their official sites. All your stats and science is fake. Anyone reading this should go to one of those sites and see for themselves and get the correct information. Fake news is just trump, he is a fad soon to be history, a manchild at best
NoToForeigners 9 | 994
5 Jul 2017 #48
Marsupial - | 877
5 Jul 2017 #49
Thats why upgrading ypur power is crucial. Copenhagen is 70% renewable power. Here in oz another massive solar farm is going up there seems to be one made every few months. The two combinations are crucial. We have more coal than most yet south australia has not a single coal fired station. The new buses are hydrogen! The combination is the key. One is not viable without the other. Our cars at home charge off solar. Countries who use coal still are backward unless they are making other arrangements. Most vidoes are false since they dont show the destruction caused by coal in the mining process. In any case petrol and coal are done and on massive downward spiral, every day that goes by they are less important. Economically it makes me happy that some are not doing this because i want us to be in the front and i consider some of these backward views as a massive boost for our future here. Someone has to lose and the usa under trump is heading that way. Yay!
johnny reb 50 | 7,431
5 Jul 2017 #50
i want us to be in the front and i consider some of these backward views as a massive boost for our future here. Someone has to lose and the usa under trump is heading that way. Yay!

Speaking of backward views, look who's talking.
I don't think it is usa that is heading that way but more so crumbling Britain who is way behind times.

Many places will be left behind but germany and poland won't.

Really !
This is what I will be driving here in the U.S. while you are driving your battery operated tin can so we here will definitely not be left behind.

In fact we are many years ahead of you. lol
Now put your jealousy away again.
Marsupial - | 877
5 Jul 2017 #51
Volvo just announced the end of combustion engine this morning. Stop your fraudulent spread of fake science and fake news and stop posting fake rubbish.
johnny reb 50 | 7,431
6 Jul 2017 #52
stop posting fake rubbish.

It is not fake rubbish cowboy but I do have a great sense of humor.
Electric cars are an up and coming short life fad and I even invested in them last March.
You guys always wonder if I am really into trading stocks well I will let you in on one.
I am betting on Tesla Motors making a huge amount of money in a short period of time on these cars before the fad is over and people quit buying them.

Tesla makes cars and energy lithium-ion storage batteries for cars here in America.
I bought 200 shares of their stock back in March at $243 per share. (TSLA)
Today I just bought some more at $312 per share as I think it has a good chance of taking off this summer.
Keep track of what it does in the next few months before I cash out.
I will either end up having a very luxurious time in the Caribbean this winter or egg on my face so Harry can mock me. lol

So hide and watch to see what happens with my short term investment.
That is my personal take on electric cars.
Marsupial - | 877
10 Jul 2017 #53
Ok fair enough. I bought shares in tesla when.people never even heard of it. I am cashing soon also to help fund another house. Tesla looks like building the worlds biggest battery in south Australia worth a few hundred million. You may want to keep shares longer, once others see what can be done he may get more orders of that size!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
10 Jul 2017 #54
You'll have a good return on tesla just sell on the next major news release.

I've been focusing on bitcoin and ethereum lately. Btc has been at 2500 give or take 50 70 bucks + - for a week and half now its rly aggravating me.
11 Jul 2017 #55
Re tesla caveat emptor. After Hong Kong did away with subsidies, the following quarter the company failed to sell any cars. Where there are the biggest subsidies, they sell the most cars. So essentially the company is on government life support, when its not tapping shareholders for cash of course.
Marsupial - | 877
11 Jul 2017 #56
Subsidies are a temporary phenomenon. We live in an age of energy transition. We are swapping to the automobile but some people still think that horse and carriage will survive. I know, its 50 miles to a gas station and the machine has stopped and we have to use a horse to tow it there. But one day there will be a gas station every 5 miles even though no one believes us.
11 Jul 2017 #57
Subsidies are the main reason the cars are sold. Very few people will consider the green argument unless the financials make sense. And without subsidies they don't. Norway is a perfect example. The problem the government has is how to taper off the subsidies without crashing the market. I can point you towards some lovely snake oil btw.
Marsupial - | 877
12 Jul 2017 #58
None of that matrers when they start making 60 models and so on or when the chinese start choking to death in their streets like they are. Done and dusted and in the bin with coal. The fake anti green argument dies pretty quick when you cant breathe. Anyway, we have reached transition stage.
12 Jul 2017 #59
You do realise that the electricity used to charge these batteries is in large part obtained from burning fossil fuels. More worryingly for Tesla is they still cant make a profit despite subsidies. Shares are priced for perfection. Lets see if they can deliver more than the 50,000 cars they did in H1.
jon357 74 | 22,469
12 Jul 2017 #60
the electricity used to charge these batteries is in large part obtained from burning fossil fuels

Yes. This is something we have to work hard to reduce.

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