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Cost of converting cars in Poland to left-hand drive

brettd1982 3 | 6
17 Mar 2008 #1
Does anyone have any info on how much it costs to have a car converted to left hand drive over in poland, i know its a possibility as a friend had it done.
17 Mar 2008 #2
It's not going to be worth the hassle and is going to vary hugely depending on what the car is and what equipment it has.

Why would you want to convert your car? Just sell it and buy another one which is LHD.
plk123 8 | 4,142
17 Mar 2008 #3

agree, seems like a waste of time and money to convert one from the wrong side. just get another that is correct already. :)
Michal - | 1,865
18 Mar 2008 #4
I know they are very good at converting cars in Russia as the Mafia steals cars in the West before taking them back East for conversion. Unless you have a very good high quality car such as a Polonez or the latest Syrenka, I doubt if the costs would be worth while. Some cars can not be converted as the clutch lengths are different in some cars. Hire a horse, they can trot anywhere!
TheKruk 3 | 308
18 Mar 2008 #5
Unless you have a very good high quality car such as a Polonez or the latest Syrenka,

Now that is funny sarcastic yes but funny. I am of course partial to the Warszawa
JacekinLAnNY - | 24
19 Mar 2008 #6
There is no reason to convert it. Just drive on the left side. JDM Japanese cars like the Skyline and 240sx are imported into the US and people drive them (right hand drive) as is without a problem
Goonie 8 | 242
19 Mar 2008 #7
I have a few friends that have modified a few cars to drive on the left hand side in Australia. Cost them about as much as the car lol But it was a classic Corvette.

I also know a person that did the reverse to a Skyline, about 10gs here in the states.
Kashubian - | 9
20 Mar 2008 #8
Legally you can not register a RHD car in Poland, Cars in the UK are cheaper.

It will cost from 2500Pln depending on the model. You can however drive on UK plates :-)
20 Mar 2008 #9
Legally you can not register a RHD car in Poland.

Yes you can. I know people who have.

It will cost from 2500Pln depending on the model.

Rubbish. The parts alone will cost far more than that.
Wroclaw Boy
20 Mar 2008 #10
Legally you can not register a RHD car in Poland.

No You cant not any more, at least till they cahnge the legislation again which of course happens all the time over here.
20 Mar 2008 #11
You can import an RHD drive car and register it here if it is your personal property when you move here. What you can not do is sell it a Pole/Polish resident because he will not be able to register it.
Michal - | 1,865
20 Mar 2008 #12

It is certainly true to say that Poland never allowed right hand cars to be registered there but may be things are changing?
Kashubian - | 9
20 Mar 2008 #13
Converted a car 4 weeks ago, cost me 2600 PLN so yes I do know, reason can't register the RHD car in Poland. Car in question was a was a Mk 2 GTI Golf

Or maybe I am wrong, but I'm not as I did it, and couldn't do it.
zoogle 6 | 44
20 Mar 2008 #14
Where did you have your conversion done Kashubian? I'm gonna be bringing a skyline with me that looks like it's going to be quite the hassle...
desmond - | 1
8 Oct 2008 #15
do you have any garage in the uk where right hand drive cars can be converted to a left hand drive?
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
8 Oct 2008 #16
Get in touch with the AA they will probably be able to recommend a good garage that can do this in your area. It's probably more common these days as so many people are passing through and purchasing cars in the UK to take back home.
Hitch - | 2
10 Jan 2009 #17
Thread attached on merging:
Where can I convert a right-hand car (UK registered) to a left-hand car?

I would really appreciate learning about workshops in Poland that can do the conversion as I don't want to sell my car.


time means 5 | 1,309
10 Jan 2009 #18
if indeed it is at all possible? i would imagine the cost would be huge, probably worth more than the car.
wildrover 98 | 4,441
10 Jan 2009 #19
The cost depends a lot on what car you have....some cars are very easy to convert from right hand drive to left hand drive , many have all the connections on the steering for both left and right hand drive if that model is exported to countries using both systems....As for sombody to do the conversion , you will have to ask around in your local area...More and more cars are being brought into Polska from the UK , so there are bound to be more people doing the of luck...
time means 5 | 1,309
10 Jan 2009 #20
simple solution-everyone should drive on the CORRECT SIDE-THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD :-)))))
wildrover 98 | 4,441
10 Jan 2009 #21
I tried driving on the left when i first came to Poland , hoping the locals would copy the idea , but after a few near accidents and lots of light flashing i gave up and drove on the right....
Hitch - | 2
10 Jan 2009 #23
Thanks for your responses guys. I am actually not living in Poland nor moving to it. But I learnt that the Poland has many workshops doing such conversions, and I need to find one such workshop.

the car is a 2005 nissan primera.

tomek - | 134
10 Jan 2009 #24
Call +48511035268 and ask for Adam from Rover Auto Parts, he will know weather it is possible and vaguely how pricey it might become. He is located near Warsaw (Zielonka).
27 Jan 2009 #25
hello i live in poznan. i am recently looking to buy this car: mitsubishi lancer evolution, ive been dreamming about it since last century
however the prices are way too costy in poland than in UK...
here are my questions:
1 how much is it going to cost me to convert RHD to LHD lancer evolution in poland?
2 any gargage do that in poznan?

many thanks
Rockon4ever 1 | 6
27 Jan 2009 #26
Thread attached on merging:
rhd convert to lhd in poznan

Hey everyone
i've recently spoted a car on ebay UK, (lancer evolution) i've been thinking about bringing it back to poznan... and register a local plate for it

is there any good garage that will do the conversion of rhd to lhd in poznan? how about the price range?

4 Jun 2009 #27
yes, there is one in romford essex,
4x4 lover
7 Jun 2009 #28
this garage in romford very expensive about £3000
pgtx 29 | 3,146
7 Jun 2009 #29
seems like a waste of time and money to convert one from the wrong side

some Poles would appreciate to be alive... ;)
dnz 17 | 710
7 Jun 2009 #30
Poles can't drive very well so it could be demanding for them to drive a RHD car in a LHD country, Personally I drive around 1500 miles a week throughout europe and don't find it a problem at all and have never once crashed or for that matter come near, General road etiquette and patience work very well unlike the usual polish arrogance and total lack of regard for other road users which is so prevalent on Polish roads.

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