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Cost of converting cars in Poland to left-hand drive

DodgeAvenger - | 1
25 Aug 2009 #31
You said you can import and register your own RHD car, can you give any more info on how this can be done. I'm planning to move to Poland permanently next year and I would like to keep my car, without the hassle of driving back to the Uk every year for MOT's etc.
25 Aug 2009 #32
The current thinking is that it can be done but it is very difficult to do so and no worth the hassle. You must apply to the Ministry of Transport for a special permit to have a right hand driven vehicle registered in Poland. The telephone number to the appropriate department within the Ministry (department of technical specifications) is: 022 630 12 52. Good luck finding somebody there who speaks English.
25 Aug 2009 #33
I would like to keep my car, without the hassle of driving back to the Uk every year for MOT's etc.

I've just been told by my insurer who I have a long-term European policy with (I can stay outside the UK all year) that they accept Polish przeglądy, so I no longer need to go back just for the MOT! Now just to find out how to avoid having to pay road tax...
dnz 17 | 710
25 Aug 2009 #34
If there is no LHD alternative then you can register the car in Poland, I've seen a few rhd JDM skylines on Polish plates so you shouldn't have a problem, Make sure you buy a JDM special edition so that you can prove theres no lhd alternative.

With something like a lancer it would probably be very difficult to convert as the bulkhead will be specifically for a rhd model and unless you fancy cutting and chopping a fine car up then it would be worth keeping it rhd

[quote=inkrakow]I've just been told by my insurer who I have a long-term European policy with (I can stay outside the UK all year) that they accept Polish przeglądy, so I no longer need to go back just for the MOT!/quote]

Who are you insured with, please tell :)
Myszolow 3 | 157
25 Aug 2009 #35
I've just been told by my insurer who I have a long-term European policy with (I can stay outside the UK all year) that they accept Polish przeglądy, so I no longer need to go back just for the MOT!

You can't tax your car without an MOT, so that's not particularly helpful unless you will insure your car with przegląd and not tax it at all - in which case you will be illegal (although it's doubtful you'll be caught if your car never returns to UK).
25 Aug 2009 #36
Who are you insured with, please tell :)

It's AXA through Stuart Collins. I can highly recommend them.

You can't tax your car without an MOT

Bugger - I knew there'd be a catch!
eltdore - | 1
7 Feb 2010 #37
Hi,I am in Uk, so a lot of friends advize to connect myself to this forum.I have a car Nissan Ptrimera 2004,very nice ,nearly new,40.000 on board and i wanted to convert in to the Eu-side drive,someone would help me in that isssue.My friends -a polish advised that there in Poland is a huge bussiness,however I am in uk,and a doctor working mostly of the time I am busy.And the company based in ESSEs ,charge toooo-oooo much,tree of my friends have done it byself in Poland.I `ll try with my mecanick,-a polish,aged-painter.A Good profesional.He has done it to some cars,but not Nissan Primera ..I would be very apreciated for the help.I am based in the North of Uk.

Dear Hitch,I am based in Uk,and would be very pleased if there would be a posible variant to change there in the North of Uk thje drive into Eu-side. I have some polish mecanicks.they assured thast is not diff-t,to some models will take 4-6 hours,like Rover,but need suply to be ready from another car.They have done to a Woxel-opel Vectra. But Nissan will be the pioneering.i learn that RuSSIANS do that at very high standards,but I am in the united Kingdom.My mecanichks agreed to the change ,but needed some suplies,maby not(some pipes for the cooler-conditioner,wipes plastichk and some wiresthere is an article ,where the people do that service every day,it take it 2-3 days,but at very high standarts with the DVL -test---

----mechanicaly also.if you knowledge of russian are good.see that article.activate it.
I will try to post l;ater,because the server is telling me that could not allow it to do,that I am new registewr,to do it later .

Doctor.with respect.
Think Twice
7 Feb 2010 #38
Average price in Poland 1200 pounds, but registry, customs duty etc add to the expense. Find a pranged car thats already registered in PL. then do a complete change over.
16 Mar 2010 #39
i want to convert my daf lorry to left hand drive in polaND DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY CONTACTS FOR ME
Noah - | 6
19 Mar 2010 #40
I need to convert 2 4x4 Toyota colorado from RHD to LFD any help!!

If you know please send contact details,I am in the uk at the moment!!!

Myszolow 3 | 157
19 Mar 2010 #41
Right Hand Drive to Left Foot Drive? ;)
dnz 17 | 710
19 Mar 2010 #42
Judging by the way polish people drive this is very possible indeed. Also steering with your foot keeps a hand free for those all important phone calls behind the wheel.
Noah - | 6
19 Mar 2010 #43
Sorry RHD to LHD!!!
24 Jul 2018 #44
Can you give me an address where to do it? I'd like to convert a 987 Boxster RHD to LHD. Why? Because they're 3-4times cheaper over there. 2600pln sounds very cheap so it would be a great deal!!! ;-)
Alexbrz 3 | 78
24 Jul 2018 #45
Buddy, if it was that easy all your UK cars would already be here, converted and for sale.

Only the parts you'll need for your 987 will set you back over 10k pln, plus the labour by a good mechanic will be a neverending search. They've all moved abroad.

But yeah, kicking a 9 year old topic will make you believe you found a pot of gold.
Sylvio 20 | 155
24 Jul 2018 #46
the usual polish arrogance and total lack of regard for other road users which is so prevalent on Polish roads.

This is so true. Wonder what it will take to see improvement there, if open borders have not done it.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
24 Jul 2018 #47
Wonder what it will take to see improvement there

Another generation. Communist born rudeness and blind ignorance.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
24 Jul 2018 #48
Boxsters are garbage. Get a real sports coupe. Not something barbie would drive.
Joker 3 | 2,499
25 Jul 2018 #49
Stop buying foreign cars especially from Germany. Have you seen the new Jeeps? They are awesome!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
25 Jul 2018 #50
Yea but it seems he's shopping for a coupe not SUV. Although there's many great American scs around the price range of a boxster - mustang gt, ss camaro, corvette, type v Cadillac, srt8 or even rt

To me a sports coupe that doesn't have a v8 isn't a proper sports coupe.

Plus Porsche is just an overpriced volkswagen now anyway. Same with Audi. I was looking at buying an Audi a8 till I found out that warranties do not transfer to new owners. So if someone buys a brand new 2018 Audi he paid 70k for and decides to sell or trade it with say 5k miles after 6 months, the next owner does not have the balance of the 50k 3 year warranty. This was a lame ass way for vw to save money. No other car company pulls this kind of crap. I will be buying either the bmw x5/x6 or a jeep grand Cherokee. The Cherokee is definitely a better value for the money. My very first car was a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee. It was an awesome car - indestructible 4.0 straight six one of the best engines ever made and even had a sunroof and CD player with 13 speaker stereo which was an expensive option back then. I was straight ballin even back in high school lol 40k truck at 17 18 y.o
dolnoslask 6 | 2,986
25 Jul 2018 #51
jeep grand Cherokee. It was an awesome car -

And perfect for Polish roads, as for the sports coupe, you will lose the oil sump within a week on polish roads.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
25 Jul 2018 #52
Yeah that's why SUVs especially the smaller ones I think they're called CUVs like bmw x3, merc glk, porsche macan etc are very popular in poland. Those are nice german cars and reasonably priced for an upper middle class pole. With sport couopes it depends on which one. A lot of the American ones like the mustang and dodge challenger have a high ground clearance. Then again those cars are rare due to the import tariffs. Ive only seen 1 dodge in wroclaw and it was a lightly modded old ram. Poles were taking pics of it lol even my aunt and cousin thought if was a sweet ride. I explained that it wouldnt be worth more than 5 grand but hey.. ballin on a budget... i bet it was a pole living in the us working in construction who shipped his work car over and modded it. 3 6 series is good too have decent clearance while the e and s class sit super low. Still though I've seen quite a few e classes but s class is a lot rarer.

Most people who own a sports coupe generally have that as their weekend car. Plus you can always get a model with adjustable ride height. And there's quite a few track and rally type cars that would be good for polish roads.

I wonder if the poor state of polish roads has anything to do with rally racing being the most popular motor sport in Poland
dolnoslask 6 | 2,986
25 Jul 2018 #53
Every day it's a rally around here, they live on the edge and end up in the hedge.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
28 Jul 2018 #54
Yup. That's why I always make a cousin or friend drive if it's the city. Going through the villages I don't mind though i can handle that but all the pedestrians trams special lanes are just too much. I'd much rather sit shotgun or rifle and take in the scenery. Plus the taxis are super cheap and there's a lot of public trans. It's not like the us where you're basically sol in all but a few major cities if you don't have a car. And even then forget about travelling outside of it without a car. That's one of the things I love about europe. You can throw some clothes in a backpack, take a cab to the train station or airport and be in any number of cities or even countries a few hours later. Here you can't do that.
Flyerbunch - | 1
23 Aug 2018 #55
OMG, i know 2600pln isn't realistic, just being sarcastic.. so I'm just asking the garage where he did this. Looking it up on google there seem to be a couple of garages around Warsaw that have experience.

I already have the parts (cheaper than 10k), just looking for professional expertise or help. Found this 9yr old topic on google trying to get more info, that's it. Guess nobody has any info.

Pot of gold? What are you talking about? I'm not trying to sell it I want to use it properly on the road!

The prices of those cars (boxster S) are 7/8000€ In the UK and in Benelux (my gf is from Warsaw) around 20000-30000€. Maybe that's the pot of gold you're referring to?

Thx for the input on this 9yr Old topic.. it seems I made it alive again.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
23 Aug 2018 #56
boxster S

Chick car. No man who considers himself a gear head would own one. You might as well sell the boxtser and Get a real sc with a v8 not some some sub 300 hp coupe that barbie would drive. Also that's one of the worst cars imaginable for polish roads.

No one is going to pay 30k euro for an old boxster... an 06 with low mi/km is worth 15, 20 tops.
18 Jan 2020 #57
@4x4lover ... that garage in Romford btw! ...
SamirIs - | 1
9 May 2021 #58
Hi Charlie, do you have a phone number or email for the Romford Garage, the email address doesnt seem to work?
Looking to convert VW Passat 2000 from RHD to LHD?

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