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How are electric cars doing in Poland?

Alien 21 | 5,197
17 Oct 2021 #361
Kia is not bad and not overpriced yet. But to call something in Polish "Kia" is "no go". To jest kija warte- It is rubbish.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,182
17 Oct 2021 #362
If you are not fluent in Polish it might sound to you like that. There is diffrence between kija and kia.
jon357 74 | 22,396
17 Oct 2021 #363
Kia is not bad and not overpriced yet.

They're nice cars.

There is diffrence between kija and kia.

Not very much of a difference.
jon357 74 | 22,396
17 Oct 2021 #365
A Polish speaker. And no, it's not that different in the scheme of things.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
17 Oct 2021 #366
They're nice cars.

Yes,but the brand puts me off,last week passing by Kia dealership,I testdrove"telluride",not bad with toys and price for 33k,its just the Fuc/king name KIA puts me off,feels like you are a struggling college student trying to pay off loans.
jon357 74 | 22,396
17 Oct 2021 #367
Yes,but the brand puts me off,

I used to do work for them. At that time, they did some market research. They showed people pics of different cars without the marque's logo on and without identifying details.KIA did really well in the blind tests.

feels like you are a struggling college student trying to pay off loans.

I've never bothered much with cars as a status symbol. Too many people (like some of my neighbours) stress over it and/or end up eating cat food to make the payments on their merc.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
17 Oct 2021 #368
I've never bothered much with cars as a status symbol

I didnt either,but as I get old I want that.Like Toyotas Landcruiser and lexus LX570 are 99% same except for the Lexus symbol and you pay over 20k more for that,same with lexus NX and RX are similar to Toyotas rav 4 and Highlander,its nothing to show off but the feeling of driving that car.and the comfort People have way more expensive cars then them.Maybe Mazur can explain why he is so proud of his 20 YO car then.

Cars with status are way expensive,these cars just give you a different feeling. as we say.Mercedes E class is for economical people,S class for sophisticated people and C class for cheap people.Most normal people cannot even judge a car,just that its Mercedes.But YES in Poland cars are a status symbol.I even remember when delph made a joke about me travelling in trams and buses here.
jon357 74 | 22,396
17 Oct 2021 #369
.Mercedes E class is for economical people

My downstairs neighbour just bought one (on her husband's advice) and is regretting it. She had a fancy Mini before and really liked it. Now she's got one which she says is basically a more expensive version of a cheap car.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
17 Oct 2021 #370
Imagine even the regular oil change price on that will be over 1700pln
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
18 Oct 2021 #371
The E class was a great car. That was my daily driver before I got the Escalade. The new ones are garbage though. They went to crap after 2009 model years. The 2010 and later years have interiors and a drive train more resembling an entry level $30k C-class than a $50-$60k car.

In Poland there's a lot of them on the road of all different generations. A lot are used as taxis because they're reliable at least more so imo than bmw and audi. Now everyone is buying the little suv, crossover things like the Porsche Macan. I see more of them Wroclaw than my own suburb. The real hot cars though in Poland seem to be the American ones especially Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Cherokee, etc.

It makes me wonder though how a lot of these people in Poland afford their cars. There's so many cars on the road worth $40k, $50k+, etc. Even if you're making 10k 15k zloty a month that's still not easy to swing.

What I've noticed in the US is that wealthy people don't mind driving older cars. Like they'll buy an expensive car say an S-class, but then they'll keep it for at least-5-10 years. Not so much in Wroclaw and other cities in Poland. They buy cheaper models, but there's more new cars on the road.
Alien 21 | 5,197
19 Oct 2021 #372
@Dirk diggler
What about Cady. Is it as good as MercedesI am looking for a new limousine that must be a rarity. Cadillac is definitely damn rare thing in Europe but does it break down? What are your experiencec with the Escalade?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
19 Oct 2021 #373
Cadillac is definitely damn rare thing in Europe but does it break down?

I've had two models - a DTS (the large sedan they make, now called the XTS) and my current Escalade. I found the Mercedes E-class to have superior engineering versus the DTS - better trans, better engine, more responsive handling, etc. even though it was a 220 some hp 3.2L V6 while the DTS had a 300 hp 4.6L V8. The E-class was also way more reliable - I bought the E-class at a salvage auction with 30k miles on it and drove it throughout my college years and even a few years beyond. It made it to 250k miles with no repairs, just oil changes and basically none of the recommended MB maintenance. The V8 northstar on the other hand had a notorious overheating issue - it didn't even make it to 90k and it was cheaper to replace the whole engine than fix it. GM used a high tech aluminum engine with steel gasket bolts that have extremely fine threads. They'd always wear down super quick and cause gaskets to fail and thus a total engine failure. Some owners barely made it past the 50k GM warranty only for that issue to pop up around the 60-90k mile mark then get quoted $6-$8k at the dealer to fix the issue.

The Escalades though I love and it's been pretty bullet proof over the years. It's the same platform as the Chevy Suburban/GMC Tahoe/Denali and a bunch of pickup trucks that's been made for decades. The only large repair I've had was the brake lines rusting over which happens on these models in areas where they salt the roads in the winter. I put threaded stainless steel lines so it won't happen.

I love driving the Escalade because it feels like you're driving a dump truck with a souped up engine. The acceleration is actually great on it - around 6 seconds for a car that weighs almost 3 tons is pretty damn impressive. Every little honda accord or toyota camry just feels like a bug you could run over with nothing happening. Other large modern SUVs like the Mercedes GLS, BMW X5/X6, Range Rover, etc. drive more like sedans and are very nimble, but the Escalade still has that true "truck" drive feeling to it.

The Escalades also keep their value tremendously well for an American car while the other models plummet. Aside from the Escalade though, I don't think any of the caddy's are a good car to own. The leases aren't too bad but they're just too cheaply made and too unreliable to own for a long time imo. Even the new top of the line XTS sedan which replaced the DTS uses the same crappy 3.6l V6 that the entry level CTS had back in 2004 is a piece of crap imo.
Alien 21 | 5,197
19 Oct 2021 #374
@Dirk diggler
Thank you for your comprehensive answer. I will keep looking...
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
19 Oct 2021 #375
Yeah I wouldn't get a caddy in Poland... no way... way too unreliable and risky without an established dealer/mechanic network where you can get it fixed. Not to mention that with all the VAT and taxes you can get a much better car for the money. Aside from the Escalade, which is really just a fancy Suburban, Cadillacs are cheaply made with unnecessarily overcomplicated technologies and very unreliable compared to competitors... but for some reason I still like them because of that sofa like ride and I guess the bling factor which is the only reason people even buy them in the first place.

But that W210 generation of Mercedes will always hold a special place in my heart for how reliable it was. I'd still be daily driving one today if it didn't look so dated.

Even today I still think about buying an early 00's E55 AMG as a daily driver - 350hp naturally aspirated RWD Germany V8 that's actually reliable for $10k - maybe one day I'll buy it and mod it out to look a bit fresher.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
19 Oct 2021 #376
Yeah I wouldn't get a caddy in Poland

I wont even in USA,lol those days of caddy eldorado are long gone:)I hate American cars,I only had 2 and I crashed Jimmy GMC in 1999.American cars are crap,they are/were comfi but fall apart quick.Now worst German car in US is BMW,I think they are now made in Mexico for the US market and in 2/3 years expensive problems start.(But they are very reliable and durable in Europe).Only American vehicle I trust is tesla(maintenance free).
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
19 Oct 2021 #377
Now worst German car in US is BMW,I think they are now made in Mexico for the US market

The 5 series were made in China for the longest time... Idk about the other models but yeah they're garbage. BMW last good car was the E38 740s which I believe still are made in Germany though. Actually certain Rolls Royce/7 series share a lot of the same components

This girl that was living with me for a while had a late E39 model 328CI that we modded out to look/run like an M3... basically it was an M3 clone. Total POS. It seemed like every other week something broke on it especially the window regulators and motors. I was so happy when she crashed it. I bought her a pos 1994 ford tempo that smelled like cats. She was not happy, but hey the way i see it she's already in debt and working it off.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
19 Oct 2021 #378
Man I drove 7 series once drunk,the car like literally kissed the road,got pulled over but the PBA card worked and they told wife to drive ,I still remember was 2004 I think and they had all those details(stocks,speed etc)under the car windscreen like they have those running news in the bottom of new channels on TV.I was impressed then.But BMWs are crap in the States.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
19 Oct 2021 #379
Yeah that's one thing that impressed me about the newer X5/X6's when I was shopping around - it had that heads up display which even way pricier MB and other cars don't have
Alien 21 | 5,197
20 Oct 2021 #380
What would you say about this cars:
DS 9
Kia Stinger GT
Maserati Ghibli
Genesis Sportlimusine (2016)
are my dreamcars.
VW golf 125hp can be my reality tomorow- in best price. What should I do?
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
20 Oct 2021 #381
None of those cars attract me.I test drove Ghibli but the interior is so cheap with made in china class plastic.Since NJ weather is almost like Poland,my first rule of the thumb is that a car has to be AWD & ABS,then its the height.It all depends what you want to use the car for,how long you want to keep it for,maintenance costs ,will it be garaged or parked outside.

My dream car changes with time and technology,now I am dying for Cyber truck.

You should visit "Cars and Coffee" meetings,they have them in Poland also.You will get better idea from the owners of there cars.There meetings are usually on Sunday morning(I dont know in Poland) so its hard for me to go.Here is there facebook page in poland""
Spike31 3 | 1,769
22 Oct 2021 #382
now I am dying for Cyber truck.

I tried out Tesla Model X but wasn't satisfied with its range [slightly over 300 miles]. Tesla S would be better at 400mi but come on, for that price I can have 2 new Dodge Challenger Hellcats.

Elon needs to try harder to convince me :-)
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
22 Oct 2021 #383
Most cars do around 300 miles to a full tank,problem is charging takes so much time,even with super charger.I sold mine after 2/3 years to a guy who goes to Canada from NJ,often has to stop for at least 1/2 hour(including driving to a charger sometimes as most are on the rest area) at least to charge,and its only 575 miles.I really liked the falcon wing doors.Cyber truck battery is going to last over 500 miles and now I read somewhere maybe over 600 miles,not so bad.Remember you dont have to charge fully to go almost cpl 100 miles.Sometimes I miss it though,what pi/ssed me was that during software upgrade one day for auto self driving,one has to touch the wheel every minute or so(I forgot).Basically Tesla took off the responsibility of any accidents caused by it and put it on the driver
johnny reb 50 | 7,394
25 Oct 2021 #384
Economic released Thursday called "Comparison: Real World Cost of Fueling EVs and ICE Vehicles."
The study has four major findings:

There are four additional costs to powering EVs beyond electricity: cost of a home charger, commercial charging, the EV tax and "deadhead" miles.
For now, EVs cost more to power than gasoline costs to fuel an internal combustion car that gets reasonable gas mileage.
Charging costs vary more widely than gasoline prices.
There are significant time costs to finding reliable public chargers, even then a charger could take 30 minutes to go from 20% to an 80% charge.

Elon needs to try harder to convince me :-)

I concur.
johnny reb 50 | 7,394
25 Oct 2021 #386
Because the Liberal Tree Huggers have brainwashed them to think that they actually save the environment.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
25 Oct 2021 #387
Not really,I think most Tesla buyers do it for fun,I dont know about other brands.If it was to to save money on fuel they will never overpay for the car.Its just fun to drive it.Now why would an idiot pay 20k for a used branded car then buy a new car for the same price,which probably has more toys.Those cars dont even have a back up camera,which is standard now in every model.Gone are the days when they use to charge extra for power seats.power windows or power steering.
Novichok 4 | 8,185
25 Oct 2021 #388
Those cars dont even have a back up camera,

Me, the idiot, has a car that was made in 2005, has 172,000 miles, zero failures, back-up camera, and is the single most reliable car on mother earth.

Also, the softest and quietest...I bought it 6 years ago with 105,000 miles on it for $14 grand. Today, I can get $8000, which translates into $1000 per year depreciation. This being a Lexus, it looks brand-new inside and out. No squeaks, no rattles, either.

Now, here is the question: why would I dump it for what is a step-down inferior crap. I can walk into the nearest Lexus (3 miles from me) and buy any new car for cash today but I will not because in the US we are not show-off idiots. Mercs and beemers are everywhere - including Chicago ghettos.

Showing off we leave for the look-at-me in my new piece of Eurojunk idiots who are on the first name basis with the service guys - even when their Eurojunk is still under warranty.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
25 Oct 2021 #389
I am not in a mood to look up Polanda and post what Mazur posted about buying a 2002 car for 20 gees just cpl years back.Now the idiot got caught lying.Mazur also posted this pic of the car.STINGY!

  • Nice car for a person who has more money then he can spend.
Novichok 4 | 8,185
25 Oct 2021 #390
Now the idiot got caught lying.

No, idiot. Mazur had it and sold it two years ago. Now Mazur drives the 2005 LS430 his wife used to. His wife now has a 2014 RX350 her husband bought two years ago for $23,000 with 45,000 miles and certified for two years - bumper-to-bumper. Not a scratch on it. That's how smart money is spent on cars.

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