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How are electric cars doing in Poland?

Novichok 5 | 7,779
25 Oct 2021 #391
The last of great cars that doesn't sound like diesel and never fails...And it's electric... I mean the windshield wipers and the radio.

johnny reb 47 | 7,049
25 Oct 2021 #392
His wife now has a 2014 RX350 her husband bought two years ago for $23,000 with 45,000 miles and certified for two years

I guess it is as two years later (today) a 2014 RX350 with a 100,000 on it are going for $23,000.
You got one hell of a deal Rich.
Spike31 3 | 1,813
26 Oct 2021 #393
problem is charging takes so much time

And also a battery degradation at around 5% capacity per 100k miles. It's better than the competition but still worth noting.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,637
26 Oct 2021 #394
Yes,true.Most people in the US change cars in 4/5/6 years.That is one reason not to buy used vehicles.

You got one hell of a dea

Sounds like a truck with salvaged title.Lexus has 50k mile or 4 years (whichever comes first) bumper to bumper factory warranty.I wonder how does certified used Lexus warranties work,if any.I will check it out when I go back.Thats what I found on used certified lexus website:
Novichok 5 | 7,779
26 Oct 2021 #395
Sounds like a truck with salvaged title

No. The reason for that low price was that when I got home I realized that the engine was missing. I called them to complain but they refused to fix the problem and said that they are Leksus, not Lexus.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,637
26 Oct 2021 #396
they refused to fix the problem

Why?Didnt you have ....

- bumper-to-bumper.

Novichok 5 | 7,779
26 Oct 2021 #397
Didnt you have ....

That dealer had a dog in his trailer.
Alien 18 | 4,786
28 Dec 2021 #398
We have now 1 week short holiday. On the way on the seaside I have seen a Tesla driving resonable 130-140 km/h. My speed was the same. What was the main difference between me and him. Temperatur outside was -15*C. I was in T-shirt in our 22*C warm cabrio and he was in thick winter jacket in his Tesla. Hmm that is a typical Tesla question; range or comfort.

To the seaside
Alien 18 | 4,786
8 Jan 2022 #399
I read an article that in Germany nobody wants to buy electric cars that are several years old without renewed batteries. I am not surprised because the replacement of batteries costs 7000 - even 20000 Euros.
Miloslaw 19 | 4,751
8 Jan 2022 #400

A Tesla was the second best selling car in the UK last year.
Unheard of for an American car.
They must be doing something right.
But I am in no rush to get an electric car.
I will stick with good old petrol for now.
Korvinus 2 | 453
8 Jan 2022 #401
I remember an old article, about Elon Musk meeting with several other billionaires and politicians on an island to discuss global warming. In a stereotypical villian fashion. He has invested a lot into Tesla cars that they now want to force everyone to buy by 2030. He is doing his part to advance the globalwarmthink portion of the agenda. Getting everyone to buy overpriced cars that don't actually help the environment.
Vlad1234 17 | 895
8 Jan 2022 #402
He is doing his part to advance the globalwarmthink portion of the agenda.

I think, the cheapest type of car which don't contribute to global warming is the biofuel car. They were there for 120 years. Why electric cars?!
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
9 Jan 2022 #403
He is doing his part to advance the globalwarmthink portion of the agenda.

Have you ever watched the carbon emissions that come off a jet plane ?
Over twenty million commercial flights a year polluting the world.
This doesn't the count military flights.
Maybe Musk could design electric airplanes and really do some good.
Face it, Poland's little four bangers pose little to no risk to the environment.
Korvinus 2 | 453
9 Jan 2022 #404
Have you ever watched the carbon emissions that come off a jet plane ?

Just buy a Tesla bro, that will offset the 700 million Panjeeps who burn their trash consisting of mostly plastic
Miloslaw 19 | 4,751
9 Jan 2022 #405
Just buy a Tesla bro

Yeah? Let's just see how those batteries survive this winter first shall we?
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
10 Jan 2022 #406
If Europe and Poland have a winter like we are having, those electric cars will not budge.
Today started the work week with 15 million people under wind chill alerts stretching from the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest into the interior Northeast and New England.

Wind chills across the Upper Midwest were forecast to be as cold as 45 below zero and wind chills across the Northeast and New England as cold as 35 below zero.

Cold like that drain batteries very quickly and they freeze.
I'll take my V-8 4x4 truck any day that has a $100 battery and starts at -30F below.
Novichok 5 | 7,779
10 Jan 2022 #407
Wind chills across the Upper Midwest

I am sure wind chills across the Upper Midwest have a great impact on electric cars in Poland. Spot on, JR.
...and so does this:

my V-8 4x4 truck ... that has a $100 battery

johnny reb 47 | 7,049
18 Feb 2022 #408
Toyota and Yamaha to develop a hydrogen-powered V8 engine.
Yamaha Motor has been commissioned by Toyota Motor Corporation to develop a 5.0-liter V8 engine for automobiles that is fueled entirely by hydrogen.
In Japan, Toyota and other automotive-related companies are about to begin a collaborative effort to expand the range of fuel options for internal combustion engines.

This engine will turn out 455 bhp.
Looks like the electric vehicles may be a thing of the past, thank God.
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
12 Apr 2022 #409
NASA has come out with a battery for E.V.'s that are smaller, not made with Lithium and can charge in 15 minutes.
This could be a huge game changer for electric cars.
Vlad1234 17 | 895
20 Apr 2022 #410
Obviously, that pure battery EV is irrational due to the price and weight of the batteries. Therefore the near future belongs to either charged hybrids or biofuel. Hydrogen has few times smaller density than biofuel and probably doesn't have future without strict compulsion.
Alien 18 | 4,786
21 Apr 2022 #411
Electric cars are perfect as golf caddy or post car or even for daily use for commuters but not for long range. My Golf needs 6l gas/100km. It makes even now 12 Euro. Range about 800km. My time is priceless, but even with 100Euro/h would it be too expensive to make an 45 min stop for charging. By 10 mln electrocars in Poland you will lose 10 mln hours everyday for nothing. It would be a disaster for any economy.
jon357 74 | 21,868
21 Apr 2022 #412
even for daily use for commuters but not for long range

True, however there are usually better options for long range travel, trains, coaches etc.
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
18 Jan 2023 #413
The EV fad is over.
Lawmakers in Wyoming filed a surprise resolution Friday that would ban the sale of electric vehicles (EVs) in the state, as a response to other states, including California, banning the sale of gas-powered vehicles.

The real surprise was all the support in favor of the resolution.
People have caught on that EV's are not cost effective and do more damage to the environment than a gas-powered car does.
I knew this was coming..

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