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Weapons laws in Poland. Carrying a concealed handgun?

TheOther 5 | 3,611    
13 May 2018  #781
why is Puerto Rico so violent?

Drugs, corruption and organized crime mostly.

One too many sudafeds in the morning

Oxys... :)
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  13 May 2018  #782
Drugs, corruption and organized crime mostly.

There's plenty of drugs, corruption and organized crime in Russia, Spain, Canada, NYC, etc yet not as high of a murder rate. People in PR are quicker to pick up a gun and use it - that's the main difference.
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
  13 May 2018  #783
why is Puerto Rico so violent?

Poverty is the correct answer delph.
Just like Jamaica, people get desperate to feed their families, get frustrated with trying knowing there is no hope, have given up because they have nothing to lose, a lot of illiteracy and like you said, "given the mentality in some areas towards life."

Life in prison if you get caught with a gun or even a bullet yet the ghettos of Kingston you hear gun shots around the clock.

Johnny's dreamin' again, TheOther! One too many sudafeds in the morning

What prompted that OFF - TOPIC post & ABUSIVE insult to BAIT me with Lyzko ?
Joker 1 | 822    
  14 May 2018  #784
5 injured and 1 dead is nothing compared to the death toll on Polish roads so far in May.

Were they shouting allah akbar before the crashes delphia? Your feeble attempt to re- direct the discussion has failed again, as usual.

Than why has London had more murders than NYC this year?

They dont even take in consideration that our population is much larger and their crime rate per capita is much greater.

The difference is London has fewer guns (although gun crimes are gradually increasing) as it is an island nation

Indeed, Its a really tiny land mass when you think about it, but it has more crimes going on than anywhere else on the planet.
cms neuf - | 639    
14 May 2018  #785
Anywhere on earth apart from say Baltimore, Philly, Atlanta, St Louis, Oakland, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Washington and many others that all have murder rates far higher than London or any other Eurooean towns. The reason is obvious - free availability of guns
Atch 17 | 2,588    
14 May 2018  #786
They dont even take in consideration that our population is much larger and their crime rate per capita is much greater.

The population of London and NYC are almost exactly the same, only a couple of hundred thousand in the difference with London having the slightly larger population.

Delph's original comment was that the UK is a safer place without guns and your answer was

"Really? The religion of peace has just struck again in Paris."

I know this will come as a shock to you but Paris is not in the UK :)) You Americans and your 'Yurp' thang :)) It's not all one country my love.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  14 May 2018  #787
London and NYC are almost exactly the same, only a couple of hundred thousand in the difference with London having the slightly larger population.

With the metro NYC is far larger... not sure if they're taking those into consideration or not...

Regardless, if strict gun laws are supposed to be stopping murders as the gun grabbers claim, then there shouldn't be a single statistic where a country/city with extremely strict gun laws has more murders than a country/city with lax gun laws...

Same thing as johnny pointed out - in Jamaica (same as mexico) the gun laws are very very strict, probably stricter than UK, or even a poorer country like say Russia or Bulgaria or Moldova, in terms of possession - yet that makes zero difference as the murder rate/gun crime is far far higher.

Paris is not in the UK :)) You Americans and your 'Yurp' thang :)) It's not all one country my love

It's difficult for us to tell where one islamicised cucked western European country ends and another begins... although ill give it to you - London doesn't at least smell like trash and urine like Paris.

Tell that to the socialists in the EP - a borderless Europe, and eventually world, as that is what the eurocrats desire... if they had it their way London and Paris would all be in the same Union of Socialist European Republics... but tens of millions rejected their idea and now they must face what they dreaded the most - nationalism
mafketis 16 | 6,334    
14 May 2018  #788
- this is quite an interesting way of looking at it, but why is Puerto Rico so violent?

Because it's full of Puerto Ricans who tend to be violent. Attitudes toward everyday violence vary wildly across countries and in societies where it's regarded as acceptable in personal relationships (Latin America, Africa) or as an expression of honor (Middle East, North Africa) levels of violence will be higher than in other places.

Bring a bunch of people from violent places to a calmer and guess what? They bring the violence with them.

The state of any society is first and foremost a result of the values and choices of the people living there. Migrating somewhere else doesn't change that (it can but it takes generations and perhaps forceable weaning them away from their original culture and can bring about alienation which has its own problems...)

Human nature isn't that hard to understand but people in charge of urban and migration (and lots of ofther things) in the modern world try to ignore human nature and the importance of cultural values and the results are what they are.
Atch 17 | 2,588    
  14 May 2018  #789
not sure if they're taking those into consideration or not...

The answer there would be no, the Metropolitan area is not the same thing as NYC. The London Metropolitan area on the other hand is included as the City of London refers only to the ancient Roman part of it which is centred round the financial district - when I was six somebody gave me a lovely illustrated map "The City of London and the 32 Boroughs" and the info contained therein has stuck :)

a borderless Europe, and eventually world, as that is what the eurocrats desire..

I suppose that's our ultimate destiny. Wouldn't that, after all be God's plan? That human beings should overcome our divisions and hatreds.

Look, unfortunately what you have, is a world divided into different stages of human development. In the years since the end of the second World War, Western Europe has elevated itself to the highest ever level of civilization in that we have stopped killing each other and have learned that by being friends and co-operating with each other, we will achieve much more. We have more peace and more prosperity than we ever had, even with the rash of terrorist attacks.

HOWEVER, Europe now has to contend with a sector of human society that hasn't reached that point and is still mentally living about 500 years ago. They're not the only ones either. Look at Africa, it's just as bad, nothing but wars. South America is no picnic either, a very mixed bag. And quite frankly some European countries and Russia (which is still basically the Soviet Union under another name in my opinion, bloody dictatorship) are hungry for conflict, would love a crack at opening up old wounds and having another excuse to go to war with their neighbours. But in time, not in our lifetime, but in time, that may change.

what they dreaded the most - nationalism

And with good reason. Historically, it's always lead to war.
mafketis 16 | 6,334    
14 May 2018  #790
historically everything leads to war.... nothing leads to war quite like peace, every single war? preceded by peace. Maybe peace should be outlawed?

a world divided into different stages of human development

dont' buy it, it's more that different societies have different majority prefences (the same range of behavior is found in all societies but what the majority in each society wants is different)
Atch 17 | 2,588    
  14 May 2018  #791
Yes, but that's a fairly superficial view if you don't mind me saying so Maf. If you go deeper and think about the development of the human race, we're still in very early stages. If you imagine the human race as a child, Western Europe is a like a three year old, where consciousness has kicked in. A two year old generally is incapable of self-control. A three year old can actually make conscious decisions about things. I'm afraid much of the rest of the world is still a 'baby'.

Forgot to say, about peace - the difference is that for the first time with Europe, you have richer countries helping their poorer neighbours to improve their circumstances rather than going to war with them and trying to exploit their weakness. The idea is to get everyone up to the same level. Conquest and colonization is an outdated concept.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  14 May 2018  #792
I suppose that's our ultimate destiny. Wouldn't that, after all be God's plan?

Indeed the Zionists and bankers of the would like nothing more and they've been trying to do this ever since they formed the World Jewish Congress over 100 years ago and put the Fed together in 1912. This is the same exact stuff that they tried in Russia, in Germany, in the US, and now EU. ROFL there will be no 'God' in the Union of Socialist European Republics - just as there was none in the USSR.... EU HATES God and religion - unless it's Islam of course.... Their religion is the STATE. and besides - one EU nation after the other is rejecting the socialist multikulti agendas of the EU and voting populists and nationalists to lead the country so its unlikely their little experiment will succeed. that's why their so mad that Poland and hungary aren't taking in migrants because it makes their divide and conquer strategy much more difficult. its far harder to ruin a united homogenous nation that wishes to have their culture and identity remain intact. when PJP2 came to Poland in the 70s a million poles came to see him. they didn't ask for money or even freedom from commies - they said 'WE WANT GOD' nothing more.... and like the commie puppets, that's what the EU fails to understand - not everyone wants their vision and people will fight to the death to preserve their culture for the next generation. we overthrew one oppressive government that tried to change us and erase our identity, we have no problem doing it again. whoever thought that Poland would bring down the USSR? Well our actions lead to a domino effect that did - and perhaps that's what is going on right now with the EU.

The EU has never been this divided. It has more problems on every front than it knows how to handle. It can't handle the migrants, it can't handle Russia, it can't handle economic problems all over - Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, it can't stop the terror attacks - yet its focusing on some perceived rule of law BS because it doesn't like the people that Hungarians and Poles DEMOCRATICALLY put in power based on campaign promises which threaten the EU system and expose it for what it is - an aggressive movement just like the USSR's that swallowed up one nation and people after the other, tried to erase their culture, language, laws by force, put millions in camps, starved, murdered, etc.... yeah sounds like a great plan.. if that's God's plan and our destiny than i'd rather just be a hermit and live in the forest with animals...

And the people pushing for this global system isn't because they care about humanity and peace - it's about control. They don't give a sh1t about people. They do this under the guise of tolerance and openness but it's bullsh1t. theyre only saying that and stupid people buy into it. the eurocrats live in suburban homes in all white neighborhoods - they don't live in malmo or tower hamlets or rinkeby. they walk around with armed guards and then tell others they have no right to arm themselves and boo hoo if they get stabbed by some turd world goat herder because he was mad that someone bought beer on ramadumb. This is all so a one certain banking and political system can be expanded, that's all. That's why the west is in constant conflict with countries that reject the fractional reserve western BIS banking system like china, Russia and iran. they don't want their countries controlled by Zionists bankers - and who can blame them, Unlike the west and the EU, China, Russia, and Iran for the most part actually respect other nations' culture, religion, customs, etc. - provided they don't **** with theirs and butt heads. Not the US and EU though - they want to 'spread democracy' or at least their version of it to people who want nothing to do with it and are happy with their current system. yet everywhere they try to 'help' and 'spread democracy' the people end up being worse off than before. Libya was far better under gaddafi, Iraq far better under saddam - and they tried to pull the same sh1t in Syria but this time Russia, china, and iran stepped in and said no - you're not getting away with it this time. and they won - EU and US lost and everyone knows it - Assad is still in power and now even the US/EU has come to accept he's not going anywhere...

urope now has to contend with a sector of human society that hasn't reached that point and is still mentally living about 500 years ago.

That's because it took in a bunch of turd worlders. It's not Swedes that are causing Stockhold to be the rape capital of the world, its not Parisians driving cultural enrichment trucks and shooting satirists because they got offended, it's not Englishmen beheading people....

And with good reason. Historically, it's always lead to war.

LOL most of the deaths in the past century weren't caused by nationalism - they were caused by socialism and communism....

Besides, there will be another great war.. there's too many people in the world and not enough food and other resources. its only a matter of time.
Atch 17 | 2,588    
14 May 2018  #793

You're a bit behind the times there Dirk. Our financial crisis is well behind us now.

We're a great little country :)) Wrap the green flag round me boys, go on ya boys in green etc :D

LOL most of the deaths in the past century weren't caused by nationalism

Typical American thinking. A century?? You're talking about European history. Those wars span a lot more than a century.
mafketis 16 | 6,334    
14 May 2018  #794
I'm afraid much of the rest of the world is still a 'baby'.

I don't necessarily believe in the unidirectional theory of progress (that all humanity is headed in the same direction with the same goal and some groups are ahead of others).

Nationalism is like everything else, it has its pros and its cons. The nation state enabled the most destructive wars seen on the planet but it also helped produce the highest living standards in history. Universal public education and lots of other things are inextricable from the nation state and it can't be junked without getting rid of them.

The UK is probably the farthest along in the specific project of dismantling the nation state and this includes the government backing off from things like providing healthcare, education, law enforcement, conflict resolution and other services.
Atch 17 | 2,588    
  14 May 2018  #795
I don't necessarily believe in the unidirectional theory of progress

Fair enoughski. What do you believe?

Btw, just because I think humans have the potential to live in peace with each other, doesn't mean I believe we should get rid of the nation state. Nor is that what the EU is about. Although if you want to be philosophical about it, the concept of 'nation' is very earthly. We are very limited, primitive creatures and we cannot bear to let go of our national identity. It's like a baby's special 'blanky' or cuddly toy :)) Like I say, the human race is still infantile. We certainly still need nationhood and distinct cultural identities. Look at how much I love Ireland and am always banging on about it. I'm earthbound enough and lacking enough in spiritual development to say that I would be heartbroken to see the Gaelic culture disappear.

" Lives there the man with soul so dead
Who never to himself hath said
This is my own, my native land"
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  14 May 2018  #796
The ideologies of communism and socialism werent the official policy of governments till the 1900s. So yes it makes no point to look earlier when they didnt move beyond the writingss of a hypocritical deadbeat and were failures resulting in tens of millions of deaths thats why the former commie and socialist countries rejected a centrally planned one party system. Even Cuba's leadership recently said socialism isnt working for us anytime. If you want to eat grass and garbage like they do in Venezuela and north Korea be my guest. Polish people however want no part of a socialist society. We hated it, we overthrew it and we'll likely do the same to the EU if they insist on shoving such an agenda that robs us of our identity and culture and forces us to work while turd worlders collect benefits and pop out a soccer team of kids. The eu knows this thats why they must walk a fine line between punishing democratically elected leaders who arent toeing the EU line and alienating even more centrists and even some leftists to the nationalists and populist.

This isn't a battle of liberal vs conservative, it's between globalist and nationalist. And right now it's the globalists who are in retreat because they overplayed their hand and more and more people are realizing their policies harm the average westerners. That's why theyre flooding europe with turd worlders who benefit from the globalist agenda and will be tomorrow's voters. Well the populist states are deporting them before that can happen. We're not going to tolerate a white genocide through multiculturalism and bureaucracy
delphiandomine 86 | 16,949    
14 May 2018  #797
The UK is probably the farthest along in the specific project of dismantling the nation state

In fairness, that only applies to England, not the rest of the nations. What England is doing is astonishing to me, as it looks like they're effectively relying on private organisations to deliver almost all public services. What you say about them dismantling the nation state is very very true, and it's one reason why the Scottish Parliament won't accept England taking control of things that should be under Scottish jurisdiction.
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
14 May 2018  #798
You should run for the President of Scotland delph on the campaign promise that ever Scottish citizen be allowed to conceal and carry a gun within Scotland.

You might just never know.............
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  14 May 2018  #799

Isn't the police system sort of like two tier where theres a public one for everyone else and then a private on for the wealthy neighborhoods? Sounds like england is going the way of South Africa atlwast as far as policing
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
14 May 2018  #800
@Johnny, I'm not trying to bait anybody....I'VE SUCCEEDEDLOL

Just a wee bit tired of that ol' Archie Bunkeresque refrain "G-d, guns, and guts are what made American great!" malarky.
Any thinking person knows that what matters at least as much as brawn are brains:-) Seems some of us are lacking in the latter department.

How many more have to die for you people to get the message?
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
14 May 2018  #801
Then another warning in your profile has been earned.
and I am just a wee bit tired of your daily Jewish pity parties.
Just a mini population control.
It helps get rid of the rift raft.
American history tells you that the bad guys either end up getting shot or hanged.
And that is the way Americans wants to keep it.
TheOther 5 | 3,611    
15 May 2018  #802
I am just a wee bit tired of your daily Jewish pity parties.

Yeah, but you will never get tired of Netanyahu's daily pity party and the ass kissing of the grifting Trump and Kushner families, right?
Atch 17 | 2,588    
  15 May 2018  #803
it makes no point to look earlier

I'm not sure I understand your point.In discussing the present day, one can't simply discount 1,500 years or so of European history (and that's recent history for Europe). I swear to God I'm not being funny here, but is it the American education system that produces such a simplistic approach to subjects or is it just you? History has always been about expanding your territory,empire building and money. That's what the last two World Wars were about. But to go back to empire building. It basically involves not only acquiring territory but spreading your culture all over the world and doing your utmost to assimilate the indigenous population. The Soviet Union was about empire building, just as much as Imperial Russia had been. That's what Hitler was doing too. The major wars of nineteenth century were the Napoleonic ones (and the Seven Years War before it). They involved every major power in Europe and were actually known at that time as the Great War, that term being used a century later to describe the First World War.

I also don't understand the reason for the saying socialism doesn't work, if you want to eat garbage etc. Do you mean that you think the EU has socialist policies? To some extent it certainly does, in as much the premise is that countries should give to the common pot according to their means and take according to their needs. It's that precise policy which has been so beneficial to Poland's development.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  15 May 2018  #804
It is worth looking at history when its pertinent. The end of post 793 shows were talking about the body counts of communism.and nationalism. No sh1t ancient and medieval history is important, but it has nothing to do with the body counts of 20th century communists like Mao and stalin exceeding any 'empire building' war of anytime in human history. And no not all wars are about empire building, civil wars, uprising, etc being a good example. The war of troy was over disrespect and a woman. So no, not all wars are because of nationalism and empire building. In fact, the highest body count was by commies killimg and starving their own people - some way to build an empire. And fyi theres around a hundred american unis with higher rankings than any uni in Ireland. So before you go talking sh1t about the us education system, recognize our top schools rank well above top ones in Ireland.

And no polish society despises communism and socialism. That's what westerners fail to understand about polish people. Yes money is important but it's not everything. Poland has experienced everything from being a large wealthy country to being in total poverty and ruin and being off the map for over a century. When the pope came to poland 1 million people weren't chanting we want money we want wealth. They chanted we want God. And I guaruntee if the EU doesnt back off intruding in our sovereigntt opinions will drastically change. No Pole imagined that the eu would end up telling us who were supposed to take in and not take in, whether a democratically elected candidate can enact campaign promises, etc. We've had enough of foreign powers trying to tell poles how to think how to act and trying to erode our culture and identity. Poles want freedom and independence and the more we perceive the EU is taking it from us the more well reject it. And already these feelings are growing thanks to eye interference. According to the bathory, only 9% of poles want further integration with the eu and accoeding to a report published by bathory foundation, a soros led group, more poles believe that the sanctioning of poland is due to the ec dislike of poland rather than an actual rule of law problem. The vast majority of poles also have no desire to join the eurozone. They want to remain in poland for the free trade and movement, but if the EU keeps interfering in sovereign domestic affairs, which the majority of poles do not want, than you'll start seeing campaigning for a polexit. And in fact according to that same bathory paper, most poles believe the country would be just fine if it left the EU.

Paper is titled ' polish views of the EU, the illusion of consensus

And the EU funds are but a tiny percent of polands gdp. Yes we got some roads and new gyms in schools, but it is the West that profited the most through the opening of polish market and its cheap labor. It is the age old strategy of giving with the right then taking from the left while hanging eu funds over polands head.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,949    
  15 May 2018  #805
And no polish society despises communism and socialism.

Really? PiS introduced a blanket 500zł a month for every child after the first one - socialist. PiS are increasing taxes on the rich to pay extra money to disabled people - socialism. PiS want extra taxes on fuel to pay for electromobility systems - redistribution of wealth - socialism. PiS introduced free basic universal health care - socialism. PiS abolished the upper limit for ZUS contributions - socialism. And so on... The only parties to really advocate economic freedom never gain parliamentary representation.

I mean, I wish Polish society wasn't socialist, because I wouldn't have to pay a large amount of cash monthly to pay for other people's pensions. But...

Polish society is *very* socialist. Even the famous 21 demands of the MKS - - look at their economic demands. Recognise much in common with capitalism there?
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  15 May 2018  #806
Helping poor and old people and reforming zus has little to do with the neo marxist socialist agenda, the type of socialism im referring to, that the eu is trying to implement in poland - multiculturalism, refusing to allow elected leaders from carrying out campaign promises, flooding our country with migrants that the majority of poles dont want, etc. Poles are supportive of things like the 500zs payments, what they do not want is for migrants to come and take advantage of these without contributing.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,949    
15 May 2018  #807
refusing to allow elected leaders from carrying out campaign promises

Do you seriously believe that politicians should be allowed to do what they want on the basis of a narrow victory? What happens when the next government promises that any unused land in cities will be compulsory seized for the symbolic price of 1zł? Would you be so supportive then? Or would you say that a narrow majority doesn't give them the right to do as they please? Or, let's put it another way - a Democrat wins the 2020 Presidential election and they sweep Congress. He/she decides, because they won, they have the right to ban guns unilaterally. What then? Do you support them, because they won? By the way, as part of the ban, they introduce sweeping new powers to monitor anyone known to have purchased a gun. What then? You'd demand that the Supreme Court interprets the 2nd Amendment, wouldn't you?

As for floods of migrants and multiculturalism - it's already here. Major cities are getting more and more diverse, you can't move in places like TK Maxx in Warsaw for Muslims, Indians are all over IT cities, Ukrainians are absolutely everywhere, etc etc. Even in factories these days, you'll find plenty of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis working in meat processing plants because locals simply don't want to do those jobs anymore.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  15 May 2018  #808
Rofl Pis obliterated PO in the elections. They wiped the floor with tjem and stole their seats. To this day PO hasnt been able to regroup. Pis continues to have 2x 3x the support of PO.

And yes if a candidate or party win an election they should be able to enact their campaign promises as that is clearly what the voters desired. If the opposition is against it they can vote on it in parliament and debate. It is between poles to figure out amongst themselves, not for the Ec, a foreign institution that poles did not vote for, to decide what our elected leaders can or cant do. And that is indeed what most poles believe.

As far as diversity, those are people who came legally. They are working, contributing, paying taxes, etc. They are not migrants who snuck into europe or poland illegally. They are not migrants like those in France germaby sweden etc that are raping scores of women, stabbing people, massacring people with aks trucks and bombs and then marching down the street demanding sharia and asking crosses to be removed because it offends them. The vast majority of migrants in poland are ukranians, not muslims and africans from the third world. That's why poland isnt having problems like germany even though it too took in over a million migrants. The majority of ours came from another european country and work, assimilate, learn the language, and don't cause violence, thousands of rapes or terrorism. The migrants coming from Africa and middle east however have caused those problems and on top of it they don't want to work because the welfare is more money theyd ever make back in the third world and then they demand german socirty conforms to them. No that will never fly in poland.

And those situations will likelt never happen. You're comparing appropriation of private property to campaign reforms. If po didnt stuff the courts, which eu said nothing about, and if the courts didnt need reform then you wouldnt have this situation. PO pulled the same kind of stuff pis is doing now with clamping down on media, putting their own people in, restricting criticism, etc. EU said nothing then because they are a pro eu party. Well polish voters got sick of their country, their economy being slowly handed over to the EU. Pis won because they said theyd hand the country back to the will of its people. The breaking point with po imo was when they agreed to take in 5k migrants despite 3/4 of poles being against it - including half of po supporters being against it. It will be a very long time before poles get over that and all the other things po did hence their approval ratings being 1/2 to 1/3 of ever since the elections.

And if the 2nd amendment were passed tens of millions of gun owners, legal and illegal owners, still wouldn't give up their guns. It wouldn't make any difference. You dont have to open your door to the police unless they have a warrant. Same with going on your property. So no I wouldn't bother going to the supreme court as one such a thing would never happen, neither will poland pass a law to appropriate private land without compensation - our country isnt run by bolshevik commies nor would such a group ever win an election much less a majority
Ironside 47 | 9,182    
15 May 2018  #809
There were 15 murders in London in February against 14 in New York,

Many crimes and murders that involved fire arms regardless of the fact that guns by the large are banned in the uk. Due to increase in so called 'knife crime' authorities in England wants to ban knifes. lol! The next step for them would to ban fists.

A much simple solution a law abiding citizens should be able to arm themselves. A Simple, nit and elegant solution, evidently not for control freaks if they had they way they would keep a finger in ever '''hole they could. How they can claim to be liberals and be for freedom...that is a hollow slogan in most cases..
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
16 May 2018  #810
A much simple solution a law abiding citizens should be able to arm themselves

I would argue a much simpler solution than that is not to have a policy of open migration and multiculturalism as is in Poland.

No acid no rampant gun or knife crime,no terrorists oh dear I have just addressed the elephant in the room, tin hat on ready for incoming.

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