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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

9 Jul 2018  #361
No appointments today as well. They just moved the dates ahead.
9 Jul 2018  #362
Same here. the dates moved quick.
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
  9 Jul 2018  #363
Anybody have idea at what interval they are opening appointment for National visa..I am not asking for every monday...that every one know ? its like once in month or once in two month ? any idea ?
9 Jul 2018  #364
what to write no of days for requesting visa and in intended date of departure when my course is of three year will it be within one year or as per my course
9 Jul 2018  #365
I got an appointment for National Visa while trying on a Sunday at 7AM. You really have to keep checking whenever you can.
10 Jul 2018  #366

you got it for national visa work or national other?
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
10 Jul 2018  #367
I can you are in day...24 hours we are checking website but i could not see any slot for us..I heard that they are opening National work or student visa based on quota only and no body know when new quota will open...anybody have any idea ?
10 Jul 2018  #368
I think your question was directed at me.. I got it for National others.
Rob1212 - | 34    
10 Jul 2018  #369

Great you go that. May I ask if the national visa Work applications and documents be accepted under this national visa others category, if we have a date for that. Would be really nice to hear back from you. Thanks for your time.
10 Jul 2018  #370
I'm sorry I can't help you with that.. My application was for a year-long holiday sponsored by a Polish friend, so they accepted my application for the National D type visa.

The reviews of the consulate in Mumbai are awful and my personal experience was okay-ish(I haven't received my visa yet, it's been a week since the appointment).

The staff there are pretty rude. There was a woman who came out yelling first thing in the morning to all those waiting in line. They seem really strict about having the right appointment and all documents in a particular order when submitting (you will see this list on the wall next to the door of the consulate, and once more inside). I didn't have an interview, but the woman collecting the documents only cross checked by asking whom I was gonna visit and asked for a photocopy of the original invitation.

The ordeal in the consulate lasted less than 2 minutes but the entire experience from booking a slot to traveling all the way to Mumbai was a month long adventure. I managed to get an appointment for 2nd July when searching on the 10th of June.. (so start early!)

My advice is to follow everything as mentioned on the official websites. Do not attempt to do anything else as there has been no success stories from anyone who tried to deviate from the norm.

I hope this has been of some help.

Rob1212 - | 34    
  10 Jul 2018  #371
@bubu - Really appreciate your reply mate. Thanks a lot.
10 Jul 2018  #372
You're welcome :) good luck with your application!
Rob1212 - | 34    
10 Jul 2018  #373
Sorry, one more query now due on that, do you or anyone have an idea how to cancel an appointment? They neither pick up calls nor reply to mails. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks.
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
10 Jul 2018  #374
while my wife and kids are coming with me so they have to apply on National-Others ?"

I will of course apply on National work type.
Request you give some feedback.
10 Jul 2018  #375
I don't think it's an issue to cancel an appointment by simply skipping it. As per what I've experienced, they didn't call us out according to our appointment time or application number or anything. I just happened to be standing first in line that day with my appointment set at 9:20am. There could've been someone with an appointment for 9:15am but nobody asked about it.

I think you can apply for a fresh appointment online with no major issue.

National-others is appropriate when you are inviting someone and sponsoring for their visit. So yes, you have to choose National-Others in the case of your wife and kids. Make sure that you have a registered invitation for them (officially stamped in Poland). It will help to serve as a proof of accommodation and financial sponsorship. This visa is for a year. If it is a shorter visit, like 3 months, then the Schengen visa would do(you can use the invitation here as well).
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
10 Jul 2018  #376
@Bubu and to all...
Hello thank you..sorry to asking you once again some question.
Actually i did apostille of document on 15th May 2018 and now getting delay of visa because of non availability of slot.
do you think any validity issue came for apostille of document ?
are polish need some specific validity of apostille of document ?
any idea ?
Rob1212 - | 34    
10 Jul 2018  #377

Thanks a lot for that note on my question. Answers it perfectly. Good luck. Cheers mate .
Neet88 - | 1    
11 Jul 2018  #378
Hello Rob when is your visa appointment date ? and what type of visa appointment you have national work or others for which u r looking for cancellation .Can you please let me know ?
Rob1212 - | 34    
11 Jul 2018  #379
I have an appointment for national visa others but I am looking for national visa Work appointment. Been trying for more than a month now without being able to see any dates.
11 Jul 2018  #380
Sorry I have no answers for that
Rob1212 - | 34    
11 Jul 2018  #381

I have never heard of validity issue for apostille of documents at least in other embassies. Unless there is a rule here in this embassy, I don't think there should be a problem. If I'm wrong, someone else can help him here. Good luck.
rohanpatel - | 8    
11 Jul 2018  #382
I heard that there is some agent are using some software to get visa appointment in Mumbai.Any body heard about any success story or all are fake ? Request you all give view so we have idea whether it will work or not ?
12 Jul 2018  #383
Uh.. I really don't know about that. It's a huge risk to trust these agents as you cannot be sure if they're 100% genuine.

There were signs on the walls of the consulate warning to not go through the process with an agent.

Each application form has a barcode, so it'll be incredibly risky to dupe the officials with anything else.
13 Jul 2018  #384
Hi all,
I'm gonna apply for work visa. Do I need work permit to fill the visa application form?
I can see that many of them are facing tough time to get the appointment from the embassy. So, I asked my employer about this issue and they told me to fill the application form if it doesn't need work permit. I will be getting my work permit within 10days.
Rob1212 - | 34    
13 Jul 2018  #385
There is no need to mention your work permit details on the application form. Do note, when you have an appointment and go to the embassy to submit your application and others documents, you need to have your work permit to submit along with your visa application. Good luck.
rohanpatel - | 8    
13 Jul 2018  #386
Dear Rob1212, Will they accept National VISA -Other application instead of National VISA- Works ?

Rob1212 - | 34    
13 Jul 2018  #387

Sadly, They will not. I had the same issue, I called them and confirmed it. And you have to send them a mail requesting to cancel your appointment. If you don't do so, you cannot register again for a new appointment. You can confirm this by making a call to the embassy. Good luck.
13 Jul 2018  #388
Soo my application for the National D Type Visa got rejected.. I will appeal on Monday. Could anyone help me with the additional documents I could provide to appeal the decision?

The reasons they provided were:
1. Justification for the purpose and condition of the stay was not provided.
2. Your reason to leave the territory of Poland before the expiry of the visa could not be determined.

I did tell them honestly in my cover letter that I want to go on a long vacation to Poland, where I will be visiting my friend who will sponsor the whole trip.

I also mentioned that I have my brothers back in India as well as my parents in Dubai(I have a visa valud for 2 years for Dubai), so I will be returning at the end of my stay to join my family.

In case my appeal gets rejected as well, would it be okay to try applying at the embassy in Dubai?

Btw.. These morons stamped my passport for no apparent reason.. it's just a small stamp that says "Visa D POL 02/07/2018 Consulate General of Poland, Mumbai"

Would that affect future applications?

Help pleeeease!
dolnoslask 5 | 2,417    
13 Jul 2018  #389
Btw.. These morons

With that attitude I would not let you into Poland.
13 Jul 2018  #390
Whoops my bad. :))

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