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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

13 Jul 2018  #391
I'm sorry they rejected you the visa. I also applied around 28th of June and my friend met your wife who was applying for her visa at the consulate in mumbai. We are exchange students going to Warsaw from India. We study international relations and my special area of interest is consular relations and conflict resolution fyi.

From what i understand, you shouldnt have mentioned everything in the cover letter as you did like vacationing etc. It had to be crisp and to the point because it has to reflect the visa that you are requesting for. For example if i applied for a Student Type D visa and mentioned that i would visit Austria and go sight seeing, my chances of being rejected would be much higher as the consluar would not be able to determine the exact reason of wanting a Type D student Visa. To top it off, you did not have an interview neither did I or my friend. All the consular sees are your papers and judges based on that.

Now for the appeal part: Most appeals are rarely overturned. The fact that they stamped your passport is much serious as it will remain in it till your passport expires. Wherever you apply from be it Dubai or Abu Dhabi, they will have it in their system. It also reflects badly when you apply to other western countries embassies/consluates.

I have been born and brought up in the GCC and I can tell you without a single doubt that if you had applied in Dubai, you would have got the visa. Each consulate behaves differently in countries. But now that you have a stamp stating that they rejected it in Mumbai, the chances are next to nothing.

Create a strong appeal, write an appeal letter stating and assuring your return to India. It would be better if you could buy a return ticket if you havent to show them that you are serious about it. Appeals are rarely successful but still i wish you luck.

The rudeness of the embassy/consulate staff is due to the low international standing of Indians and their image across the world as tourists or potential visitors. You will not see this in other countries when you apply for a visa.

Me and my friend are also very tensed about our visa decision which will be out next week. But we have written explicitly and categorically that we are returning to India because we have to graduate next year and we wouldn't in our right minds stay back in Poland and jeopardize our degree.
13 Jul 2018  #392
Wow man. Thanks for your reply.
(But I don't have a wife :P I'm not a dude :D )

I applied for a National Visa- Others. I'm not going to study at all in Poland (for this year at least). It's really a long vacation that I want to go for as I recently completed my triple major degree in English, Psychology and Journalism. I need a break!!!

That's why I wrote that it is an all-sponsored holiday by my close friend.

I was born and raised in the Middle East too. The difference in the way the staff behaves is as stark as night and day.

Anyway, I will appeal and hope for the best.

Good luck to you as well!
In case of rejection, it's not the end of the world. :)
13 Jul 2018  #393
my apologies, must have confused you with someone else on this thread.

my example of the student visa was only an example of how visa consulars approach applications. I have applied for the other's category too since i am an exchange student only and the requirements are tailored accordingly.

Similarly if you are a "year long" tourist, the requirements would have been drastically different.

However, when you do appeal, make sure you have a sworn affidavit from your friend in Poland notarised there locally and sent to you asap if possible. Attach this with the appeal letter and flight ticket.

The affidavit should state clearly that all expenses will be paid by your friend which includes housing, general expenses etc. Speaking from a consular's viewpoint as i have interened in an embassy in New Delhi, they only look at your documents logically. A year long vacation doesn't really make sense given most indian citizens have a habit of overstaying their visas and becoming illegal workers in western countries.

In order to make the appeal work make sure you address the 2 points they mentioned on your rejection letter. It would have been best not to mention about your family since now the consular will be under the impression that you will work there illegally to earn.

I'd suggest getting the bank details of your friend as well along with the letter of sponsorship while appealing.

Yes its not the end of the world but quite depressing in the interim.

Thanks (fingers crossed)! :)
15 Jul 2018  #394
Hello Everyone

I need your help, I am looking for National visa Work but my passport is issues at Madhya Pradesh and presently I am staying at Andhra pradesh so I am not sure were to apply for . Your suggestion will be helpful
ajitkatariya - | 13    
16 Jul 2018  #395
appointment showing lack of date till 7th Aug, but not displaying next date to book, I feel this site is hacked and polish embassy not interested to solve this.
rohanpatel - | 8    
16 Jul 2018  #396
I think something wrong....this is not possible...someone controlling one got single appointment today
ajitkatariya - | 13    
16 Jul 2018  #397
I mailed you and provided my contact number also, but you can't called me back. Can you please help me out.
vishal2709 - | 9    
16 Jul 2018  #398
its look like some one hacked it
rohanpatel - | 8    
16 Jul 2018  #399
Anyone got today any appointment ?
Rob1212 - | 34    
  16 Jul 2018  #400
I guess we can keep trying this for a year and still be seeing lack of dates.
16 Jul 2018  #401
Got a date for 06-08-2018, but when tried to reserve it, it threw an error. But it is not showing any latter dates. Looks like its a big flawed system.

I happened to talk to embassy and the lady who attended the call is little rude and she is not ready to share statistics on how many slots are normally opened for a day.

Also she told people are coming and submitting National Visa which means site is working properly but you have issues in booking and be quick in booking when the slots are opened. No idea how fast we should be when slots are not visible at all in the site.
Rob1212 - | 34    
16 Jul 2018  #402
It was 6th August for you and 7th for me. And it's not the first time this happened. Unless there is something happening behind the scene, don't believe this is gonna work. If there is someone from any where in India who was successful recently, do share your experience or advise. This can be helpful for everyone who are struggling.
rohanpatel - | 8    
  16 Jul 2018  #403
I do not think really any success case today registered. I tried with 4 computer and all we 4 trying to book slot but never seen any slot....only date is moving and no solution..if anyone got slot today...let us share his experience...i think it is easy to win FIFA World cup then to get slot here....I tried to book with good internet which are have 100 MBPS Speed...what i else i can do? I am really tired and not getting idea what i can do further ? sent mail to Mumbai consulate no reply..tried to call them 100 times but never able to make good connection..
16 Jul 2018  #404
For Calling Mumbai consulate, you need to try between 2:00 - 3:00PM. You might get lucky. I happened to talk to them last week, but really no use. Only if you have a slot, they are ready to hear you otherwise they will simply ask you to book and slot.
ajitkatariya - | 13    
16 Jul 2018  #405
I feel somehow there is agent network behind the scene. So I'm just looking for genuine agent now with decent fees , not Exorbitant charges.
krish90 - | 6    
16 Jul 2018  #406
please be aware of fraud's particularly this id(
17 Jul 2018  #407
@ajitkatariya he is fake guy..dont approach him..
17 Jul 2018  #408
I am trying for national work visa from last 2 months..but no luck. Please tell me how can I get it soon.
My mail ID is neetud1752@gmail
Ashutosh - | 2    
17 Jul 2018  #409
I got an appointment for National student visa after long time and it was an urgent for me. Thanks to Neelam Chauhan. If anyone wants to book appointment approach Neelam ( ‭0734-0889228‬). Paymnt after confirmation.
aditya755 - | 8    
18 Jul 2018  #410
@Ashutosh and @ajitkatariya both are fake. do not come in trap. they are making different ID and giving review about agent. I am also looking National VISA appointment since last 2 month and never got chance to get it. Agent who are claiming that they are genuine all are fake not waste your money and time on them...
eamdavadi 1 | 14    
18 Jul 2018  #411
Guys, I want to ask same question again but may be to different people, how long it took for you to get your work permit approved? my employer submitted on May 10th and still I am getting impatient
durugkarrahul - | 2    
18 Jul 2018  #412
Need help in getting appointment at Poland Embassy.unable to take dates in Mumbai Consulate.

aditya755 - | 8    
18 Jul 2018  #413
you can add 70-80 Working days from date of submission BUTTTTTTT it will take more time to get appointment at Mumbai Consulate. I am trying since last 3 month without success single time so you can imagine now...BEST OF LUCK....
eamdavadi 1 | 14    
18 Jul 2018  #414
Thank you....I hope to get it in July end then...
aditya755 - | 8    
18 Jul 2018  #415
It is not difficult to get Work permit...Main task is to get VISA Appointment....try to book appointment now only then your luck will work might be in Aug or sept something...
vishal2709 - | 9    
18 Jul 2018  #416
guys today i was at consulate. i had approached almost every one who get the appointment today. both who got student visa and national visas. everyone told me same that they all get slot by some agent or some consultant. not even single person said that they got appointment by them self. so definitely some kind of network working behind the scene. in this thread who claim for booking a slot beware of them. they all are FAKE. please guys beware of this kind of people. its better to get delay rather than get duped.
19 Jul 2018  #417
trying to get appointments since four weeks, trying every monday mornings. I have got reply for my email and call from the embassy but is of no use. When i contacted, they advised to check between 3-4am, tried it since last two weeks, just wasted some sleep.

Called few agents over the phone, they charge between 15k-30k, payment after appointment, but still I heard reviews of people got duped with fake appointments. Last two times, I could literally see "Lack of appointment dates" changing. This monday at 10:00 it was lack of available dates till 03 Aug, At 10:02 it was lack of available dates till 06-Aug and by 10:05 it was lack of available dates till 10- Aug.

I have tried from two different computers with good stable internet connection and would have refreshed atleast 20 times betweeen that period, but not able to secure slots.

If any of you have got appointments, kindly mention the time or anything you have done differently (Like using incognito or removing cookies)


Hey Vishal, did you find any legit agents from meeting the applicants at the embassy? If you have can you share their contact
20 Jul 2018  #418
hi guys,

So i got my National Type D visa as i am going for a semester exchange. In all honesty i had started the ground work since the last week of May. I started off by making a comprehensive list of documents required for the visa. I called the consulate 4 times and clarified each and every detail that they would be requiring in order to grant me a visa.

The only tough part was trying to book a slot, but i checked and emailed both the consulate and Embassy in New Delhi and mailed them. While raising the issue that slots do not open, they were opened in the week that followed by which i got an appointment. I accepted any date they gave and got one after 3 weeks of the date of selection. In the interim i collected all my documents and arranged for travel to Mumbai. Went there a day early and spoke to them over the intercom if they would be requiring anything extra. While they might sound rude over the phone, please also understand that they recieve hundreds of applicants each week. There are 2-3 actual consular officers working in the consulate as it is not very big.

The onus of providing the right set of documents is on the applicant and not upon the consular. The visa that they provide has to be in accordance to EU guidelines as it allows you access to other countries as well.

One of my friends did all the procedures that I did with the help of an agent friend of his. The difference was that I saved around 30-40k Rupees which can be easily used to buy flight tickets for Poland or can be used to visit other EU nations. The procedures are quite simple and straightforward, those of you who have applied for a US or UK visa will confirm that their processes and document requirements are much more extensive.

I will once again advise you not to take any help from agents. You will only be wasting your own money for a process that you yourself can do very easily. All consulates/embassies are aware of the fact as to who seeks helps from agents and who doesn't. You doing your visa process on your own will only show the level of competence as an individual to the consular while he inspects your applicaiton profile.

I took me around 2 months from the last week of May till now to get my visa. Do your ground work beforehand, check and cross check each detail in the application form. Make sure you have the departure and return dates correct, no mistakes on the application form, insurance, all support letters, finances etc. You will have no problem in getting your visa then. Make sure you convince them of your return to India or wherever you are from. All they ask for is that you respect their visa's terms and conditions.
ajitkatariya - | 13    
21 Jul 2018  #419

I'm not agent and also i just found one genuine agent , though not from this forum, but with others and he doesn't charge anything unless you get the mail from consulate in your mail box and not like other agent who says they'll use temp mail id and then share the details. Most of the agent who says that they use temp mail id,are fake as they don't trust us.

As per process once slot is book, you can not modify online without consulate help. So if agent is not FAKE, should use our mail id as slot is already book.
krish90 - | 6    
23 Jul 2018  #420
Please Away from this kind of fraud agents today, try your own . These guys are well playing our need they charge 4500 to 8000 jus think each week at least 4 people faked by them. they provide only fake appointments you can not able to check with consulate also , ur appointment has been confirmed or not . they trying u to pay before 2 o clock otherwise we are going to cancel your appointment, but there is no way cancel appointment once u send email to consulate from your personal mail id then only appointment will cancel. these people target only sunday and monday contact you with some impress words. if any agents asks money means tel will pay after my visa interview over.

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