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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

Ams23 - | 2    
10 Jun 2018  #331
I have sent last week.No response.
11 Jun 2018  #332
Hi Folks!

Hope you are doing good.
I need an info about National D visa (work)

I got slots for my wife and kid during July 5 and 6 2018,
But I am still trying to book a slot, (and the site already says Lack of dates until July 6 2018)

For sure, I would get a date later than July 6,
So , my question is : Can I first apply their visa (dependent) and then apply mine ?

14 Jun 2018  #333
Hey everyone, I have an appointment on the 2nd of July(Monday) in Mumbai.. however, I am currently in Bangalore. is it possible to make the Demand Draft at the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in Bangalore prior my appointment?

15 Jun 2018  #334
yes sure
19 Jun 2018  #335

You can just take cash and pay it in favor of the Consulate in Mumbai, the Abu Dhabi bank is located 2 mins away from the consluate. Go a day earlier and do it.


You have to apply first since you are their sponsor for entering the country. Either submit it together (preferred) or submit alone first. The latter will be more of a hassle for you.
20 Jun 2018  #336
I did it at the Bangalore branch today. Thanks anyway :)

Has anyone applied for National D visa with a sponsor? What were the documents that you submitted? Most of the information online is for those going for work/studies. I am going to visit my friend for about a year who's sponsoring for everything.

I found some links where it says NOC is required from husband/father in the case of single ladies traveling. WTF is this? When did India become Saudi?

It's not mentioned on the official website but it is mentioned in these 2 websites that I found :

Is this legit?
21 Jun 2018  #337
what are the documents we have to submit while interview
27 Jun 2018  #338
Hey I need National Work visa appointment at Mumbai Consulate. I am trying from past 3 weeks but they are not opening any slots for National Work Visa.

No response to mails and no one answers the call.

Any one able to help here or any one able to book a slot in past 3 weeks, please reply.
Anyother way to approach Embassy for Slot booking?
2 Jul 2018  #339
Any one able to book slots today at Mumbai Consulate???
2 Jul 2018  #340
No dear..I am am trying same and tired...
Can you call me at +918511109535 ?
opalkochi - | 1    
2 Jul 2018  #341
I need help with appointment in Mumbai/Delhi for work visa. Pls contact me if any help. Urgent
AJISH_K - | 1    
2 Jul 2018  #342
Hello Everyone.

We provide visa appointment for Poland (Work/Student)
Payment after visa appointment.

Contact : ajish.ngl@gmail.
eamdavadi 1 | 14    
3 Jul 2018  #343
Hi Guys,

Any one knows how long it takes to get workpermit approved from consulate? My work permit submitted on May 10th and still waiting for response.
ajitkatariya - | 13    
3 Jul 2018  #344
Is anyone able to book slot this monday. I'm trying from last 2 weeks and not able to book appointment. Any help?
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
3 Jul 2018  #345
Hi Ajit
I also tried a lot but it seems that they have not open slot ....
what u think ?
rohanpatel - | 8    
3 Jul 2018  #346
Hi Ajit
Possible to talk on phone ? I am also facing same issue.
my contact number is 9898562235
ajitkatariya - | 13    
3 Jul 2018  #347
@Rohanpatel and @Sanjay.patoliya

ya, My friend was trying from last one month, but still not getting. I mailed consulate also, but no reply from them. No idea how to get the appointment. This only problem with poland currently, as they have not outsourced to VFS, other country outsourced to VFS and it is not that difficult there.
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
3 Jul 2018  #348
@ajitkatariya thank you brother..Just one question ...last Monday , they open slot for people or not ? If yes at what time they opened ? I tried at 10 AM and it was not open even tried next one hours but situation was same...
krish90 - | 6    
4 Jul 2018  #349
Iam also tried its closed with in 30 seconds same happens to me. don know what to do
ajitkatariya - | 13    
4 Jul 2018  #350
yes, only date was moving ahead, but no option was available to select. :(
ajitkatariya - | 13    
4 Jul 2018  #351
I have sent mail to anil, lets wait for the reply.
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
  5 Jul 2018  #352
@ ajitkatariya , Do u have any positive reply from mail ? Any positive news ?
eamdavadi 1 | 14    
5 Jul 2018  #353
@sanjaypatoliya @ajitkatariya,

Do you guys know how long it took for you guys to get your work permit approved? mine was submitted on May 10th and still waiting.
5 Jul 2018  #354

Is anyone able to book Visa slot at New Delhi using the new Email system. I am trying fro last 4-5 weeks but did not get any response.
ajitkatariya - | 13    
  5 Jul 2018  #355
No reply yet.

permit took around 5 weeks
6 Jul 2018  #356
Anyone has idea on what to put in bellow fields for National work Visa

1)National identity number
2)Employer and employer's address and phone number
3)Surname and first name of the inviting person(s) in the the Republic of Poland.
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
6 Jul 2018  #357
you can expect around Mid of July...I submitted on 26th April and got on 28th June so u can imagine..
6 Jul 2018  #358
Dear All,
If anybody need appointment of Poland work permit of Bombay and Dehli kindly contact us....7340889228

we will do help to getting appointment...
sanjaypatoliya - | 11    
9 Jul 2018  #359
Anyone got appointment today for National D work ?
ajitkatariya - | 13    
9 Jul 2018  #360
No, appointment today also. It is not opening , only dates moving ahead.

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