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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

9 May 2018  #301

Did you check here? Or better you go to the consulate.

Ashna - | 8    
10 May 2018  #302

today she picked upthe phone and the passport is ready for collection will collect it tommorow .dont know will i get my visa or not
farhansk34 - | 1    
11 May 2018  #303

does anybody know when is student visa session gonna start in mumbai ?
11 May 2018  #304

Did you get the visa?
vishal2709 - | 5    
12 May 2018  #306

what reason they give to your rejection?
14 May 2018  #307

i have been waiting for visa slot . it would be nice if you help me out in anyway . thank you
14 May 2018  #308

tldr: trying again and again is the only way I guess

I was also waiting for slot to open up and was disappointed to see dates moved from 2018-06-04 to 2018-06-08 in fraction of second.

then i kept checking and a slot opened up for 2018-06-07 and finally got an appointment.
manahchakshu - | 3    
14 May 2018  #309

Same with me.. I checked from 10am to 10.35 am repeatedly. I could see the message that no slots were available till 4th June. Then I went out for 15 mins and checked again. And saw the date was moved to 8th June.

Then I though of giving it a try one more time and luckily, this time the date opened on 6th June and I booked immediately.

I guess, that's the only way to secure an appointment date. Keep trying again and again until the slot opens. Man! Getting polish visa interview date is like treasure hunt. You never know how and when you're gonna run into it. haha
abatz - | 4    
14 May 2018  #310

Hey Guys,

I have couple of questions, hope you can help.

1. Which travel insurance to opt for and its time duration? I'm applying for work visa.
2. Is there any other way to pay visa fees apart from Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in Mumbai? I have morning appointment and I'll have to reach a day prior for this!

Thanks in advance for your help.

manahchakshu - | 3    
14 May 2018  #311


1) I'm not certain of all the valid insurance agencies. However I do know that the duration of insurance depends on type of your work permit.

For A type work permit, you need insurance coverage of only 2 weeks from the date of your travel. Let's wait for others to respond to this question for valid insurance providers.

For all other types of work permit, the insurance should cover entire duration of stay.

2) I'm afraid there is no other way. You'll have to go there a day before your actual appointment, it seems.
abatz - | 4    
14 May 2018  #312

Thanks a lot :)
Harini - | 5    
14 May 2018  #313

Drop me your details to
vishal2709 - | 5    
21 May 2018  #314

did any one get visa slot today?
2 days ago  #315

can someone help me how to book a appointment for visa stamping
Harini - | 5    
1 day ago  #316

@Surya Talluri
I can help you, pls drop mail to

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