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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

29 Apr 2018  #272
Can you tell me where u get ticket reservation?? My employer said he will place my ticket after visa granted.
rakhi - | 9    
29 Apr 2018  #273
did you get your visa???
Altruist 1 | 4    
29 Apr 2018  #274
You need to ask the organization to give you flight tickets with cancellation option. Their tie-up with travel agencies should make it simpler for them to do it.
30 Apr 2018  #275
Hello All, anyone got the appointment today for Work visa? Window was supposed to open today @ 10 AM right?
1 May 2018  #276
Anyone looking for work visa appointment in New Delhi or has been able to book one since March? Please let me know.

I am also looking for an appointment since March but not able to book it. Slots do not open.
Ams23 - | 2    
1 May 2018  #277
Same here. Trying since March. Previously, the website used to crash. Now, the website is up and running, however no dates for work visa available.
3 May 2018  #278
Hello Guys,

If anyone is looking for visa appointment date kindly contact on this mail ID shitalsharma972@gmail.
She helped me to get 5 Mumbai Visa slots. She is very genuine and no advance payment. If anyone is looking for you can contact her. She is truthful and genuine.
Ashna - | 7    
  3 May 2018  #279
Did they conduct any interview???
You done with the work permit visa or student visa??

its been 24 days i didnt see my token number on site .Does it means my visa got rejected ???
AkshayIN - | 8    
4 May 2018  #280
Accept or reject, the token number must come up on the website.
4 May 2018  #281
Student visa...
just call on the number given on their website and tell your token number.
I think the enquiry timing is 9-10 in the morning and 2-3 in the evening.
Your passport might be ready for collection, its just that they havent updated the token numbers on the website. Good luck
Ashna - | 7    
4 May 2018  #282
i called but they didnt pick up the call
5 May 2018  #283
Keep on trying until they pick up. There are two numbers. Call on both.You cant expect them to pick up the call in one or two tries.

I have heard that they paste the list of token numbers outside the consulate. If you are staying in mumbai you can go and check. But i am not sure whether they do so or not.

Just keep on calling them.
manahchakshu 1 | 3    
5 May 2018  #284

Hey, congratulations on your visa.

I'm currently waiting for visa slots to open and gathering my documents in the mean time.

Would you mind answering a couple of question?

- Since I read here that the visa applications were rejected because the motivation letter did not entail applicant's return to India.
Did you write anything specific about your return plan in the motivation letter?

- I have received A-type work permit. The checklist mentions that proof of health/travel insurance for first two weeks needs to be provided.
What insurance did you opt for?

Would be great to know answers to these questions.
vishal2709 - | 9    
  6 May 2018  #285

i am waiting for visa slot to open for national work visa.
i have couple of question.
- application form (13) they are asking NUMBER OF TRAVEL DOCUMENT. what kind of document i should count?
i have one year work permit. does it necessary to book a return ticket?

would be great to know answer to these questions.
7 May 2018  #286
- Regarding your question, "Number of travel document" is your passport number. It's not the number of documents.
- You need to mention the return date but return ticket won't be required.
vishal2709 - | 9    
7 May 2018  #287
any one got the appointment date for work visa?
7 May 2018  #288
Trying for couple of weeks but work visa window is not open.
7 May 2018  #289
yes vishal, i am also checking from weeks. windows for work visa is not opening
Ashna - | 7    
7 May 2018  #290
they wont pickd up uff so terrible sometime the phn will be engaged .dont know what to do now??
abatz - | 4    
7 May 2018  #291
Hi Guys,

I am going to apply for Work visa in Mumbai in near future. Can someone please confirm if I need to get documents Apostilled?
Documents like degree certificate, marriage certificate? Kindly confirm.

7 May 2018  #292
For me also it was like that only. Just keep on trying everyday dear. Else go to the consulate once an check whether they pasted the list there.
Ashna - | 7    
7 May 2018  #293
mmhh will c
AkshayIN - | 8    
7 May 2018  #294
The covering letter does not mention return date or intention to return. It mentions more of facts - why, when, your details and the list of documents attached should be good enough.

I have National D type work visa. I submitted 4 weeks of Schengen travel insurance even though visa asked is for 365 days.


Just mention passport number there.

If it is a permanent job offer, then no need to have return tickets

@abatz No documents need to be apostilled. Just submit copies and have originals handy while submitting
vishal2709 - | 9    
7 May 2018  #295
thank you
if possible than share your covering letter format.

guys i find out this site for flight itinerary, anyone have experience with this site? any other suggestion ?
Harini - | 10    :-(
8 May 2018  #296
Student visa appointment dates are yet to open, kindly contact to this mail id priya.rai19890@gmail, genuine work.
abatz - | 4    
8 May 2018  #298
Thanks Akshay :)
Ashna - | 7    
9 May 2018  #299
its been 30 days there is no update from there what to do now?they wont pick up the call totally down now uff
9 May 2018  #300
Did you check here? Or better you go to the consulate.

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