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Short Polish<->English translations

kaprys 3 | 2,374
6 Jun 2020 #781
I can't make everything out.
But the first thing is służba w armiach obcych /service in foreign armies. I don't understand the abbrevation but he was a kapral /corporal.

Dark (?) blonde hair (if that's a c for ciemny), blue eyes, dark eyebrows.
As for usta, nos, broda/mouth, nose, chin, I believe they put 'prop.' But I'm not sure. If so it might be short from proporcjonalne meaning regular/in right proportions.

Chest 95/88
Height 168 cm
Sight : normal (?)
General health condition: (category ) 'A', fit/able.
He was wounded in his right leg -w prawą nogę.
Because he was injured/wounded (ranny) he was in hospital in Hungary in 1915.
I can't make out what's written in red.
What I can't understand is last but one page. It says udział w wojnach which roughly translates as participation in wars and they put światowa (?), which suggests a world war but the dates given don't match the dates of ww1 afaik.

He was in the Russian front and a prisoner of war/front rosyjski, niewola.
He was awarded some sort of foreign medal /distinction (?) /odznaczenie zagraniczne but I can't read it.

It would be great if someone else might have a look as well.
Looker - | 1,046
6 Jun 2020 #782
Regarding this service in foreign armies abbreviation.
Could it be: 35P. Obr. Kr. ? Maybe then it means '35 Pułk Obrony Krajowej' (national defense regiment) like here:
kaprys 3 | 2,374
7 Jun 2020 #783
Quite possibly

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