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Short Polish<->English translations

majkel Activity: - / 55
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14 Oct 2016  #451

1) painting on glass: Holy Mother of Częstochowa.
Glass, oil, stained glass.

Painted by Janina Leś? Leń?

2)basically the same but it's Holy Mother of Calvary.

Looker Activity: - / 911
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14 Oct 2016  #452

Leś? Leń?

For me it's Lew.
24 Oct 2016  #453

Merged: can someone translate this to english please?

Mysle ze to twoja decyzja I jesli ci jest dobrze tak jak jest to zostaw I nieidz w sabilizacje a jesli wiesz jakiej kobiety szukasz itd a spotkasz ja to samo wyjdzie a na milosc nigdy niejest zapuzno.
Wulkan Activity: - / 3,001
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24 Oct 2016  #454

She's cheating on you.
mafketis Activity: 16 / 3,802
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24 Oct 2016  #455

Mysle ze to twoja decyzja ...

I think that's your decision and if the current situaton is good for you then stay and don't (get married? the original is "don't go into stabilization") and on the other hand if you know what kind of woman you're looking for etc, a you meet her it will become love by itself, it's never too late
28 Oct 2016  #456

The following is a quotation from Polish communist president Bolesław Bierut from around 1949:

Władza ludowa jest podstawą i oporą, gwarantującą pełną możliwość pomyślnego wydźwignięcia kraju i wydźwignięcia wsi polskiej z dotychczasowego zacofania gospodarczego i kulturalnego.

This is my translation attempt:

The power of the people is the foundation and the basis, guaranteeing full opportunity for successfully uplifting the country and uplifting the Polish countryside from the current economic and cultural backwardness.
Marysienka Activity: 1 / 195
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29 Oct 2016  #457

Other than "władza ludowa" it seems correct. I think "government" is better translation of "władza " in this sentence. Also "of the people" sounds so innocent while in this context "ludowa" is fuul of communsit/socialist background. As PRL was translated to People's Republic of Poland , I think "people's government" would be better.
29 Oct 2016  #458

The following is a Polish communist propaganda slogan from the early 1950s which was printed on a number of stationery postal cards:

Niech żyje i krzepnie sojusz robotniczo-chłopski - fundament naszego państwa, dźwignia budownictwa socjalistycznego!

And this is what I think what it means:

Long live and solidify the worker-peasant alliance - the foundation of our state, the lever of socialist construction!

It's the words "lever" and "construction" that I'm not sure about. Does anybody have better alternatives?
wojtus Activity: - / 8
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26 Dec 2016  #459

Although propaganda ******** slogans do not need to be translated literally, you've made very good job. These are exact original meanings.
rusty75 Activity: - / 1
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31 Dec 2016  #460

Merged: Marriage proposal at midnight... please translate?

(else i will stick to english)

Dear Gosia
Love of my life
You are the other half of me
I have loved you from the moment that I met you

My happiness started when you came back to kiss my cheek
And since that day
I have wanted to ask you this

Will you marry me?
NoToForeigners Activity: 5 / 506
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1 Jan 2017  #461

Droga Gosiu,
Miłości mojego życia,
Jesteś moją drugą połową,
Kocham cię od momentu naszego spotkania.

Moje szczęście zaczęło się gdy pocałowałaś mnie w policzek,
Od tego dnia chciałem zadać tobie to oto pytanie,
Czy wyjdziesz za mnie? (although I'd ask "Zostaniesz moją żoną?" which means "will you become my wife?"

I wish you the answer will be positive :)
Student111 Activity: - / 1
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23 Jan 2017  #462


Text translation needed

Is it possible someone could translate the below sentence please? Translate apps do not give a grammatically correct sentence in English,
The extract is taken from a Notorial deed.

oświadcza źe do calości spadku powołuje siostrzeńca

thanks in advance
Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,424
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23 Jan 2017  #463

"In witness whereof, the rest (residue and remainder) of the estate shall go to the niece."

"Entirety", "the ENTIRETY of the estate.." would be more textually faithful:-)
milawi Activity: - / 60
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24 Jan 2017  #464

to the niece.

Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,424
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24 Jan 2017  #465

"Bratnica" or "siostrzenca" (minus ź) means NIECE!
Lenka Activity: 2 / 1,071
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24 Jan 2017  #466



"siostrzenca" (minus ź) means NIECE!

Siostrzenica means niece. Siostrzeńca is a variation of the word siostrzeniec which means nephew
Ziemowit Activity: 7 / 2,254
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24 Jan 2017  #467

... że do calości spadku ...

Yes, ENTIRETY and not "the rest (residue and remainder) of the estate"

"Bratnica" or "siostrzenca"


It should be 'bratanka' rather than 'bratanica' as he puts both names in the genetive. Or if the nominative is 'brataniec' (archaic for 'bratanek' which form Łyżko may indeed have in mind), the genetive form would be 'bratańca'.

And who is 'synowiec' as it appears in "Pan Tadeusz" by Adam Mickiewicz?
Te groty przywiózł w pakach gotowych z Królewca
Pod sekretem; weźmiem je, zaraz zrobim drzewca,
Szabel nam nie zabraknie, szlachta na koń wsiędzie,
Ja z synowcem na czele, i jakoś to będzie !"

Lenka Activity: 2 / 1,071
Joined: 17 Nov 2009 ♀
24 Jan 2017  #468

If you look at Lyzko post you'll notice he means female relative. He translates both as niece in which case it's siostrzenica and bratanica. I corrected the spelling as for niece not nephew.

You are right about the case if you look at the original post though.
NoToForeigners Activity: 5 / 506
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24 Jan 2017  #469

Lyzko's Polish is terrifying :)
Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,424
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24 Jan 2017  #470

Not as terrifying as your "English"LOL

@Hi, Lenko! Thanks for catching that one.

Haste makes waste, right? Had I thought for another second, I'd have realized instantly that the GENITIVE SINGULAR MASCULINE of siostrzANIEC is in fact "siostrzeŃca", and WITH a soft sign as written, therefore, of course NEPHEW:-)

A beginner mistake I oughtn't have made, particularly as a professional translator!
Lenka Activity: 2 / 1,071
Joined: 17 Nov 2009 ♀
26 Jan 2017  #471

GENITIVE SINGULAR MASCULINE of siostrzANIEC is in fact "siostrzeŃca",

SiostrzEniec not siostrzaniec. Be careful with your spelling because that's one of your weaknesses.
NoToForeigners Activity: 5 / 506
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26 Jan 2017  #472

Don't teach the expert lol
Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,424
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26 Jan 2017  #473

No, no, thanks for that! True, I often make orthographic mistakes when I type, although I know the correct spelling:-)
How frustrating.
29 Jan 2017  #474


Meaning of Skarbka

Besides being a city in Poland, can this be used as a term of endearment?
29 Jan 2017  #475

yes, skarbek / skarbka also means 'a little treasure.'
NoToForeigners Activity: 5 / 506
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2 Feb 2017  #476


is a declensed form of "skarbek" (Genitive). Never call your gf "Skarbka" as it was in Nominative.
NoToForeigners Activity: 5 / 506
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3 Feb 2017  #477

"Skarbek"(aka "Skarbnik") is also a mythological ghost/spirit living in Silesian coal mines. It's a Silesian version of "Karzełek". A spirit guardian of treasure in Polish mythology. :)łek
rdywenur Activity: 1 / 154
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7 Feb 2017  #478


Word meaning/translation

Can someone explain what this means. Not sure of correct spelling but soulds like shlak trafi. I think its slang or used like a curse word.
NoToForeigners Activity: 5 / 506
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7 Feb 2017  #479

It's "A niech to szlag trafi" or "Niech to szlag". It comes in several versions. It is Polish and more polite version of "For fu**s sakes". It literally means "Let it get hit by a huge blow". Oddly enough many Poles spell the first word "SzlaK" wich is incorrect. I always correct them.
gumishu Activity: 10 / 4,182
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7 Feb 2017  #480

It comes in several versions.

one is "Szlag by to trafił" ;) - Szlag comes from the German word Schlag which means blow,hit

Oddly enough many Poles spell the first word "SzlaK" wich is incorrect.

it is often spelled as 'szlak' because of the same pronounciation of the words - most people are unaware of the origins of the word and confuse it with 'szlak' (trail,route)

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