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Short Polish<->English translations

21 Jun 2016 #421
Hi, would someone be able to translate this short text in the linked pdf? It's a few short phrases, from polish to english
Thanks a lot!
Looker - | 1,134
21 Jun 2016 #422
Ok, nobody? So I'll try:

Pełnomocnictwo do spraw doręczeń

I have two possible translations for this:
Power of Attorney for delivery/service or Mandate to deliver/to serve

Ja... niżej podpisana

I,... hereby signed below,

legitymująca się

some ID with number

Na swojego pełnomocnika do doręczeń wskazuję

For my plenipotentiary for delivery I nominate


resident of
21 Jun 2016 #423
Thank you a lot, Looker! I couldn't quite get through, but this makes a lot of sense. :) It is in the context of nominating someone to receive correspondence post on behalf of the applicant
30 Jun 2016 #424
Merged: Can anyone tell me what the word 'uszatek' means?

as the title says, thanks.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
30 Jun 2016 #425
Miś Uszatek. A little bear with one ear falling sligtly. Uszy = ears.
Giuseppe Bassi
6 Jul 2016 #426
Merged: Dodgems translate

I'm looking for a Forum or a Database of polish Showmen who own dodgems, can anyone help me ?
How can i translate showmen and dodgems ?
Thank you
19 Jul 2016 #427
Merged: Explanation of a book's title

Please, help me understand the meaning of a title :"The Unraveling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq". I just can't get the exact meaning of the beggining of the title: THE th ewhole context

Thanks for any help
19 Jul 2016 #428
falkiner, I'm sorry to say this but by using you can try to understand this TOTALLY easy title without bothering online strangers who do really great job here helping others. Unravel (v) means to free from complication or difficulty; make plain or clear; solve, so (n) means simply explanation.
19 Jul 2016 #429
Thank you, I just couldn't get the meaning in this context. I checked the dictionary too.
23 Jul 2016 #430
Merged: Tranlastion for a story


I need a couple of lines of dialogue in Polish for a story I'm writing.

The setup is this: an American guy threatens a Polish guy by saying something like, "Leave. Now. Or I call my friend from immigration ... You didn't see me, okay?" Or something that would sound a bit more natural in Polish.

Can anyone help with an accurate translation, please?

24 Jul 2016 #431
Merged: Is there a Polish word that sounds like "juke?"

My Polish grandfather called one of his kids (female) something that sounded like "juke" as a nickname. Does anyone know what word this could be?
mafketis 37 | 10,897
24 Jul 2016 #432
"Leave. Now. Or I call my friend from immigration ... You didn't see me, okay?" Or something that would sound a bit more natural in Polish.

I'm not a native speaker but I'll try so the native can correct it and make fun of my pseudo tough guy talk

"Jazda! Już! Bo dzwonię do kumpla ze służby migracyjnego.... nie widziałeś mnie, kumasz?"

change widziałeś to widziałaś if the person is speaking to a woman.
Looker - | 1,134
24 Jul 2016 #433
I would only change


for 'imigracyjnej' - everything else seems perfect.
mafketis 37 | 10,897
24 Jul 2016 #434
I would only change migracyjnego
for 'imigracyjnej'

yikes! I started with urząd and forgot to change the adjective when I realized służba was the better word.....
28 Jul 2016 #435
Merged: tylko chcę na kommissarstwie utrzymać swoią

I would be most grateful if someone could help me to translate this sentence:

"tylko chcę na kommissarstwie utrzymać swoią"

I thank you very much in advance
Looker - | 1,134
28 Jul 2016 #436
This sentence is not complete. And it looks old - kommissarstwo means in this sentence probably a government job or function. And the part of this sentence might be translated like: I just want to keep my ... (?) /not finished/ on "kommissarstwo"
28 Jul 2016 #437
the beginning of the sentence is:

"Anna iest ze wszech miar dobrą tylko chcę na kommissarstwie utrzymać swoią"

How could this sentence be translated?

Once again, thank you very much for your help with the translation!
Looker - | 1,134
28 Jul 2016 #438
The ending of this sentence would be more meaningful. Anyway it may mean more less:
Anna is a good person but I (or she - this may be misspelled) want to keep my/her ...(?) on 'kommissar'.
30 Jul 2016 #439
What does "reperowanie" mean except for a typical meaning 'repair'??
1 Aug 2016 #440
Merged: Taka sobie faza - meaning?

Hi. Does anyone know what Taka sobie faza means in English?

Many thanks!
1 Aug 2016 #441
Hi, I need help with name pronunciation... the family's last name is Swirydowicz. Thank you!

Oh my gosh, nevermind. I just found where someone had already answered me!
wojtus - | 9
3 Aug 2016 #442
What does "reperowanie" mean except for a typical meaning 'repair'??

Not really. It's quite general term, however "naprawianie" has same meaning and is used more often.

Hi. Does anyone know what Taka sobie faza means in English?

Huh, this one is weird. "Quite average phase"... Without context it's impossible to get it. "Faza" in slang language is a state of being slightly drunk/intoxicated. It's also commonly used for a hot wire in AC installations. Other meanings are technical ones, equal to english "phase".

"Taka sobie" is an idiom meaning "nothing special".
Lyzko 45 | 9,420
3 Aug 2016 #443
"Taka sobie" can sometimes substitute for simply "nieźle" or "not bad" and "wszystko po staremu" = same old, same old.

gregy741 5 | 1,232
4 Aug 2016 #444
tak sobie not "taka sobie" - means " so so"
"nieźle" - means not bad.
Lyzko 45 | 9,420
4 Aug 2016 #445
A difference here, granted.

Thanks, gregy!
gregy741 5 | 1,232
4 Aug 2016 #446
no worrys.
i am totaly dumb when comes to learn languages.been living in the UK for like 14 years and still struggle in everyday conversations. i use to be fluent in Russian tho.but long time ago,when i learned it in primary brain hates language learning.ive typical math brain
Lyzko 45 | 9,420
4 Aug 2016 #447
Now you need to "translate" from SMSese into standard English. You should charge a fee for it, you make a bundle:-)
Forget learning a second language until the first one has been mastered!
27 Aug 2016 #448
Merged: I just want to get someone to translate something for me.

I am of Polish decent and have always wanted to get something meaningful tattooed on me, but my babcia can no longer write well, as she has not had to use it for years, so she cannot give me the correct writing. At least she says so, and I wouldn't want to take the risk anyways! :) I just want the words "God is greater than the highs and lows." or the most correct translation.
adsalk 1 | 17
27 Aug 2016 #449
Literal translation would be this: "Bóg jest większy niż wzloty i upadki"
But honestly, it sounds weird to me, even the English version :)
31 Aug 2016 #450
It's a short form of a quote from the bible, Romans 8:39 to be more precise.

"Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Polish version:
"Ani wysokość, ani głębokość, ani żadne inne stworzenie nie zdoła nas odłączyć od miłości Bożej, która jest w Chrystusie Jezusie, Panu naszym."

God is greater than the highs and lows.

Żadna wzniosłość czy upadek nie odłączy nas/mnie od miłości Bożej.

Depending on whether you want your quote to state us/or myself

So the direct translation of the polish version would be:

Neither high nor low will separate us/me from God's grace.

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