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English speaking Tax accountant in Warsaw

pras1979 1 | 1
4 Jan 2018 #1
Can anyone recommend an English speaking tax account or online accounting services for LLC company formation and taxing purposes in and around Warsaw.
Most of the Accounting firms I contacted have very high rates of 400 to 700 PLN per month. This seems very high as I currently don't have any income form the Company.

- Does one need to hire accounting services even if you don't generate any income from the company?
- Is it possible to find a private accountant who can files the taxes and do the accounting?
- is one option I was looking into. But again, they don't speak English nor their services are in English.

I appreciate any inputs regarding this.
cms 9 | 1,254
4 Jan 2018 #2
There are plenty of small private accountants so just google ones near your apartment . You would struggle to find anyone for less than 250 in central Warsaw. Add in the requirement for English and the 400;is probably right.700 is probably a rate given by someone who is already busy and only wants clients who pay well. If they get to know you are an easy client and pay on time they will probably drop the cost a bit after a year or so.

You don't need to hire an accountant - you could do it yourself. If you think professionals are expensive then try amateurs.
24 Jan 2018 #3
I would recommend BPG Polska Audyt. They have lots of qualified tax accountants and tax advisors as well. Check their website to learn more.
polishinvestor 1 | 361
24 Jan 2018 #4
English speaking adds to the price but around 400zl per month isnt so bad. Ok, when you are starting out the accountant wont have much work, but once you get going there are a lot of things to deal with and if you have a lot of invoices,/customers and employees even 700zl wont sound bad. The point is to get up and runnning as soon as possible. You can of course try to find private accountants but English will be a problem for many.
9 Feb 2020 #5
Any one can be part time private accountent for new open company to help ?
We dont know much about it. But problem is company in warsaw offer you 250 or 400zl.
But when you take the offer month later give you invoice 700 to 800zl .

So we are looking clean man with budget price 250zl handle easily .
No this fee . That fer.+ + .

Please call for my friend new company info at 880646588.

Thank you.
cms neuf 1 | 1,737
9 Feb 2020 #6
What I wrote a couple of years ago is still true. You can google but it will be very difficult to find an English speaking accountant for 250 zloty in Warsaw.

What this accountant has done to you is unfair - though I don't know all the facts, but that is what happens when you go to someone for a knock down price.

In fact at today's prices you will struggle to get a plumber or a locksmith for 250 zloty.

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