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English translation of cuteczka?

Chrzescijanin 3 | 3
11 Aug 2021 #1
I'm confused about a Polish word I saw online in a social media comment. Facebook translats "cuteczka" as "cutie," but someone said it was a miss-spelling of "córeczka" ("daughter"), replacing "ó" with "u" and accidently typing "t" instead of "r" because those are next too each other on the keyboard. Google Translate sometimes translats "cuteczka" as "cutie" and sometimes as "daughter" in diffrent contexts. I tryed entering this word alone into difrent online translators. Some of these other translators (besides Google Translate) leave it untranslated, like it's also supposed too be an English word (tho I've never herd someone say it when speaking English) or like it's a word their translator systems don't know, but one of these translators so far translats it as "cutie" (with alternate translations "cuticle" and "cutecheck"). Some web search results for "cuteczka" include words like "cuteczka i tatuś" ("cuteczka and daddy") or "mamuśa babcia i cuteczka" ("mom, grandma and cuteczka") in their descriptions, but the descriptions said more than that and indicated that the material was pornographic, so as a Christian, I didn't click. Just from the descriptions, it looked like "cuteczka" could mean "cutie" or a mistyping of "córeczka," unless maybe it was a deliberat combination of those words to mean "cute daughter". Anyway, since I don't click those kinds of links, it was hard to know which meaning was intended. So does "cuteczka" mean "cutie" (tho I know there are other, more popular words in Polish with a similar meaning), or "daughter" (misstyped for "córeczka"), or "cute daughter"?
Paulina 17 | 4,469
11 Aug 2021 #2
@Chrzescijanin, I've never seen "cuteczka" being used. I guess it could be a misspelling of "córeczka", but I would have to simply see it in the context in which it was used.

@Chrzescijanin, you can send me the context in a private message or to my e-mail.
Novichok 4 | 8,268
11 Aug 2021 #3
I was doing so well and then this...Corka, coreczka, corusnia, corenka, coruchna, corusienka, ... Sick.
How about just daughter. Too simple?
Lyzko 45 | 9,513
11 Aug 2021 #4
Those diminutives are what make Polish, Russian too, so charming:-)
Malgorzata, Malgosia, Gosia, Gocha, Gochu.... I LOVE IT!!!

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