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Short Polish<->English translations

gregy741 5 | 1,232
9 Dec 2015 #331
Think it's technical.

could be..them names for agriculture and farming thingies,differ from region to region in Poland..them farmers down in the south of Poland are hard to understand. gorals especially.
9 Dec 2015 #332
Dunno. I'm from the Western Poland more so from area with no dialects at all. Just pure Polish. High Polish according to what the classification say.
Ironside 53 | 12,425
9 Dec 2015 #333
could be..them names for agriculture and farming thingies,differ from region to region in Poland..

Tartak - tarcica?
Where lays the problem?
Lumber mill - lumber.
9 Dec 2015 #334
Tartak - tarcica

Yeah. I heard about "tarcica" at least few times before although i've never had anything in common with tartak. Seems it's simply a general desctription of products of lumber mills.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
10 Dec 2015 #335
Tartak - tarcica?

A tartak is a sawmill, tarcica is its product -- sawn timber (planks, boards).
This is standard Polish, no dialects involved.
Yantina - | 17
11 Dec 2015 #336
Please translate:
"Przeczucia mylą . Jutro przelej obiecuje co u ciebie"

I don't know what to make of this,
Context:He lied,I found out and confronted him.
11 Dec 2015 #337
Thank you all so very much for your assistance with the sawmill, lumberyard, Szczekociny translations! You have been an incredible help!
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,862
11 Dec 2015 #338
I was going to suggest some online translation but the results from those almost need translating themselves....

perhaps it means something like 'You are mistaken.(!) and you will find out tomorrow?
11 Dec 2015 #339
"Przeczucia mylą . Jutro przelej obiecuje co u ciebie"

A hunch isn't always accurate. Tomorrow i'll make a transfer(like in moving money between accounts). I promise. How are you?
12 Dec 2015 #341
Merged: Word for nativity? Not the usual word!


My grandmother and great-grandmother, both 100% Polish, passed away last year. They were the last Polish speakers in the family. I was given her old nativity scene and remember them calling it something other than szopka. It sounded like zwubek. Does anyone know what they could have been calling it? Thank you!
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
12 Dec 2015 #342

The word is żłóbek (pronouncned ZHWOO-bek). A żłób is a manger where fodder for liverstocvk is placed. The diminutive has come to mean a Christmas

crèche or nativity set. Other terms for this in Polish are szopka and stajenka.


Merged: Profesor Nadzwyczajny Doktor Habilitowany?

How would you translate:

Profesor Nadzwyczajny Doktor Habilitowany
into English?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
14 Dec 2015 #343
Profesor Nadzwyczajny Doktor Habilitowany

Associate Professor seems to be the preferred translation - I've found this text from the University of Wrocław that goes into detail about translating academic titles.

I know that you definitely don't translate the Habilitowany part into English because there's nothing comparable in the Anglophone world.
15 Dec 2015 #345
Can anyone tell me the meaning of laseczki, as in 'ale laseczki', or 'jakie laseczki'?
A friend of mine has tried to explain this to me, and says it is meant in a complimentary way, but I still don't understand what she means.

I get the feeling that this doesn't translate well to English.
I know Google Translate is crap, but I ran these phrases through it anyway.
'Ale laseczki' came out as 'but the rod', and ' Jakie laseczki' as 'which bacilli'. lol
mafketis 37 | 10,915
15 Dec 2015 #346
Can anyone tell me the meaning of laseczki, as in 'ale laseczki', or 'jakie laseczki'?

roughly: laseczka (pl laseczki) girl, chick

"ale laseczki!" roughly "Those chicks are hot!"

jakie laseszki can be similar (sounds weaker to my non-native ear) or a question "what kind of girls/chicks?"
15 Dec 2015 #347
Ok, thanks Mafketis.
Very different to the google translate definition!
How 'chicks' translates to 'rod' or 'bacilli', I'll never know, but hey this is Polish!
mafketis 37 | 10,915
15 Dec 2015 #348
How 'chicks' translates to 'rod' or 'bacilli',

google translate does not deal well with very informal or slang usage....
15 Dec 2015 #349
Yeah I guessed it had to be slang, but with GT, you can quite often get gibberish anyway! I very rarely use it for precisely this reason.
19 Dec 2015 #350
To be precise "laseczki" is a plural form of "laska" and "laska" literaly means "assistive cane". It is a slang of course and refers to a chick that's usually very thin (resembling an assistive cane). It is almost never used with girls that are overweight.
19 Dec 2015 #351
Thanks Esidar, now I can see the reasoning behind the phrases, and it does make sense now!
mafketis 37 | 10,915
19 Dec 2015 #352
It is a slang of course and refers to a chick that's usually very thin (resembling an assistive cane). It is almost never used with girls that are overweight

that doesn't explain robić laskę komuś? (rough: give smn a bl0wj*b)
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
22 Dec 2015 #353
Merged: Skierowanie?

Is there a nice word for skierowanie in English or is that strictly a communist-era concept? There used to be a skierowanie to a workers' holiday centre (free of charge) or to a physician. To this day you need a skierowanie to see a speciaist in the state health service.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
23 Dec 2015 #355

But referral slip, sheet, document or what? The Polish medcial skierowanie is a slip of paper.
23 Dec 2015 #356
It would be in the form of a letter usually.
A GP ( general practitioner ) would write to a specialist on a patient's behalf if he/she thought the patient needed to see a specialist for further evaluation.
Goblin night - | 1
14 Jan 2016 #357
Hello, guyz
I have business visit to Poland, I got invitation letter from this company in polish language could any one help me out to get the right translation into English.

Firma PAXBUD Spółka zo.o zwraca się z prośbą do Konsulatu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej o wydanie wizy z prawem wielokrotnego przekraczania granicy w okresie 12 miesięcy na teren Rp w terminie od 02.01.2016 do 25.03.2016.

Przyjazdy do Polski wyżej wymienionej osoby są związane z prowadzeniem rozmów handlowych, składania zamówien , wyboru asortymentów towaru i dokonywania zakupów w naszych skepach. Iż w chwili obecnej dysponujemy szerokim asortymentem artykułów przemysłowo-gospodarczych.

Koszty pobytu i noclegu na terenie Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej pokrywa wyżej wymieniona osoba we własnym zakresie i z własnych środków.
I hope to get the answer .thank you
15 Jan 2016 #358
MAX BUD Company Ltd. asks the Consulate of the Republic of Poland for submitting a visa with multiple cross-border allowance within 12 months on the territory of Poland between 02.01.2016 and 25.03.2016.

Arrivals into territory of Poland of the above-mentioned person are related to the conduct of trade talks, receipt of orders, choosing of assortments of goods and purchasing in our stores.

"Iż w chwili obecnej dysponujemy szerokim asortymentem artykułów przemysłowo-gospodarczych." This part seems to be cut out of context but it means "... that at the moment we offer a wide range of products."

The costs of stay and accommodation in the Republic of Poland will get covered by the above-mentioned person and with the person's own funds.
plg 17 | 263
26 Jan 2016 #359
Merged: Translation from English to Polish using "you".

I was talking to my Polish friend.
Getting her to translate some things for me. Which is never easy. As Polish is so difficult and she sometimes doesn't understand. So a simple thing like " Ewelina wants you", ended up taking 30 mins for her to translate something for me which i am not even convinced is correct.

So.................. i want you
he/she wants you
John/Ewelina wants you??????????????? anyone??
i thought it would be Ewelina chce cie. But she said that makes no sense.
Wulkan - | 3,203
26 Jan 2016 #360
" Ewelina wants you"

Context? Wants to fcuk you? Wants to speak to you?

As Polish is so difficult

No, you giving no context make things difficult.

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