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10 Jun 2023
Classifieds / Someone help me with the Polish visa appointment! [203]

To cancel an appointment at the Polish embassy, generally, you can follow these steps:

Visit the website of the Polish embassy or consulate where you scheduled your appointment. Look for any specific instructions or guidelines regarding appointment cancellations.

Look for an "Appointments" or "Visa" section on the website. There may be a dedicated page or a link to the online appointment system.

Navigate to the appointment management section or login page for the online appointment system. You may need to provide your email address, appointment reference number, or other login credentials to access your appointment details.

Once you have accessed your appointment details, look for an option to cancel or reschedule the appointment. It may be a button or link labeled "Cancel," "Reschedule," or a similar term. Click on that option.

Follow the prompts and confirm your cancellation. The system may ask for a reason for cancellation, so provide any necessary information if required.

After confirming the cancellation, check for any confirmation message or email indicating that your appointment has been successfully canceled. Keep this confirmation for your records.

If you encounter any difficulties or cannot find the specific process on the embassy's website, it is recommended to directly contact the embassy or consulate via email or phone to request assistance with canceling your appointment.

Remember to provide as much information as possible, such as your appointment reference number, full name, and any other relevant details, to help them locate your appointment and assist you accordingly.

9 Jun 2023
Law / How does Poland decide that you're a resident for tax purposes? [2]

I'm not a tax expert, but I can provide some general information that may be helpful to you. When it comes to determining tax residency in Poland, it's usually based on the concept of "center of vital interests." This means that if Poland is the country where you have your main personal and economic ties, you may be considered a tax resident there.

While the duration of your stay in Poland is a factor, it's not the only one. Other factors, such as family ties, social connections, and the location of your primary residence, can also be taken into consideration. The exact criteria used to determine tax residency can vary, and it's important to consult with a tax professional or accountant who is knowledgeable about both US and Polish tax laws to get accurate and up-to-date information.

Leasing a property in Poland alone may not automatically establish tax residency, but it can be a contributing factor. If you're concerned about potential tax implications, you should consider consulting with a tax professional who can provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances and the applicable tax laws.

It's also worth noting that tax laws and regulations can change over time, so staying informed about any updates or changes in the tax legislation of both Poland and the US is crucial to ensure compliance and make informed decisions.

Again, I strongly recommend consulting with a tax professional or accountant who specializes in international taxation to get the most accurate and relevant advice for your situation.

26 May 2023
Language / -ski/-ska, -scy/ski, -wicz - Polish surnames help [185]

Roslan is a name:
Morawa - it may refer to Moravia, the name of geographical land (Czech region)
Garczek - small pot - regional spelling of the word 'garnek'
21 May 2023
Law / Polish Graduate Working in Poland with GERMAN VISA? [27]

If you have a job offer in Poland and you are a non-EU citizen, you would need to apply for a relevant residence permit in Poland to legally work and reside there. The specific type of permit you would require depends on your circumstances, such as the nature of your employment, your qualifications, and the duration of your stay.

Regarding your situation, if you have a German national D work visa, it indicates that you have authorization to work in Germany. However, this visa does not automatically grant you the right to work in Poland. You would likely need to apply for a separate residence permit in Poland based on your job offer.

The fact that you previously held a Karta Pobytu (residence permit) in Poland, even if it has expired, may be beneficial in your application process. It demonstrates your previous residence and work history in Poland, which could be taken into consideration by the relevant authorities.

To determine your eligibility and the specific requirements for obtaining a new residence permit in Poland, it is strongly advised to contact the appropriate Polish embassy or consulate in Germany or consult with an immigration lawyer who specializes in Polish immigration law. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information based on your individual circumstances.

It's important to note that immigration policies and regulations can change over time. For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your specific situation, it is recommended to consult with the appropriate authorities or an immigration lawyer.

27 Apr 2023
Po polsku / Pytanie o pozwolenie na pobyt mojego męża [3]

W przypadku starań o zezwolenie na pobyt dla męża w Polsce, władze mogą zapytać o obecność i rolę innych członków rodziny, w tym również o Państwa sytuację. Zwykle w takich przypadkach władze chcą mieć pewność, że osoby ubiegające się o zezwolenie będą przebywać w Polsce przez większość czasu i będą tam legalnie pracować lub studiować.

Jeśli będziesz musiała wyjechać do Tunezji na krótki okres, to władze mogą to zauważyć i skontaktować się z Państwem w celu uzyskania wyjaśnień. W zależności od okoliczności, może to wpłynąć na decyzję w sprawie zezwolenia na pobyt dla męża.

Ważne jest, abyście dokładnie przedstawili swoją sytuację w aplikacji o zezwolenie na pobyt dla męża, włącznie z planowanymi wyjazdami do Tunezji. W ten sposób władze będą miały pełen obraz Państwa sytuacji i będą mogły podjąć właściwą decyzję.

Najlepiej skonsultować się z prawnikiem lub doradcą ds. migracyjnych w Polsce, aby uzyskać dokładne i rzetelne informacje na temat Państwa sytuacji i procedur ubiegania się o zezwolenie na pobyt.
2 Mar 2023
Po polsku / Staram się polepszać się po polsku :) [85]

ujśał z życiem

uszedł z życiem



przytrafia się tobie lub waszymi krewnymi

waszym krewnym

wszyscy poczuły boleść utraty

wszyscy poczuli ból utraty

Just first three sentences (but overall good job)
30 Dec 2022
Study / How to get a scholarship in Poland being from UE [3]

In short:
You can find information about scholarship programs for international students studying in Poland on the websites of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, and individual universities and institutions. You can also check with your home country's embassy or consulate in Poland for more information about scholarship opportunities.
30 Dec 2022
Real Estate / Property Register and who registered at a property in Poland [2]

In order to check whether there is anyone registered in the purchased apartment, it is necessary to submit an application for a certificate from the population register in the given commune (city) office competent for the administrative address of the purchased apartment (house).

When submitting an application for a certificate from the population register to the commune (city) office, it should be accompanied by documents proving that the application is submitted by a person who has a legal interest in obtaining the relevant document.

For more details read this article:
30 Dec 2022
Real Estate / Is there a website where I can see the information of second-hand houses or rent houses? [3]

There are several websites where you can find information about second-hand houses and rental properties in Poland. Some popular ones include:

Otodom: This is a leading real estate website in Poland, with a wide range of listings for houses, apartments, and other types of properties.

Gratka: This website also offers a large selection of properties for sale and rent in Poland, including houses.

Nieruchomości: This website is specifically focused on real estate in Poland and has a range of listings for houses and other types of properties.

Gumtree: This is a popular classifieds website that has a section dedicated to real estate in Poland, including listings for houses.

OLX: This website is also a classifieds platform with a wide range of listings for houses and other types of properties in Poland.

It's worth noting that many of these websites have listings in both Polish and English, so you should be able to find information about properties even if you don't speak Polish. You can also try searching for specific locations or areas in Poland to find properties in those specific areas.
30 Dec 2022
Law / Used vehicle bought in Poland - is it possible to unregister it from abroad? [4]

This is the info I got asking if is it possible to unregister a polish registered car abroad:

Yes, it is possible to unregister a Polish-registered car abroad. If you are the owner of a Polish-registered car and you no longer wish to use it in Poland or you are planning to sell it or permanently export it to another country, you can unregister it with the Polish authorities.

To unregister a Polish-registered car, you will need to follow the procedures established by the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and the Polish Vehicle and Transport Technical Supervision Agency (Polish acronym: ITD). This process typically involves submitting a request for deregistration and surrendering the vehicle's registration documents to the ITD.

In order to unregister a Polish-registered car, you will need to meet certain requirements, such as having a valid identification document and proof of ownership of the vehicle. You may also need to pay any outstanding fees or fines related to the vehicle.

It is important to note that unregistering a Polish-registered car does not necessarily release you from your obligations as the owner of the vehicle. You may still be liable for certain taxes or fees, such as road tax or parking fines, even if the vehicle is no longer registered in Poland. It is always a good idea to consult with the relevant authorities and seek legal advice before unregistering a vehicle.

23 Nov 2022
Genealogy / Where is Lazon? [7]

I felt this would be it. The difference between "w" and "n" is quite small and it's easy to missread this, especially from a handwritten text.

Best luck in your research.
20 Nov 2022
Po polsku / Podwyżka czynszu [3]

Taka kasa za 8m2? Przegięcie.
Nie płać za ostatni miesiąc i wyprowadź się (ludzie tak robią, albo nawet całkiem olewają płacenie po kilku miesiącach, polskie prawo chroni takie osoby). Kaucja oczywiście przepadnie.
19 Nov 2022
Law / Bus ticket fine in Poland (Warsaw) - what if I don't pay the fine? [36]

Make a complaint.
The best way is to go by person to the office indicated on the fine ticket and show your valid ticked, along with the fine paper. If there's an email, you can send them the scans and explain the whole situation.

I wonder why this inspector did not accept your proper ticket, what it means "it's too late".. Or maybe you bought it during inspection?
19 Nov 2022
Genealogy / Where is Lazon? [7]

And how about Lazow - Łazów?,_Masovian_Voivodeship
8 Jun 2022
Law / Where to Apply for Citizenship Confirmation within Poland? [2]

Where can I apply in person?

In any registry office in Poland.

where (...) I can apply in person

a decision on the confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss shall be issued to the interested party or to an entity with a proven legal interest or obliged to receive the decision, by a Voivode competent for the place of residence or the last place of residence on the territory of the Republic of Poland of the interested party; should this ground be lacking, the decision is issued by the Masovian Voivode. A decision by a Voivode may be appealed to the Minister of Interior.,Confirmation-of-Polish-citizenship-or-its-loss.html

and how

Only in Polish:
5 Jun 2022
Life / Polish Nursery Rhymes [243]

I've found this:

Jeżyk i marzenia...

Jeżyk ze ślicznym noskiem,
przemierzał pewną wioskę.
Szukał schronienia na zimę,
więc miał nietęgą minę.
Patrzył, wąchał i zaglądał,
na smutnego wciąż wyglądał.
29 May 2022
Law / Buying and registering a car as a non-resident Polish citizen [4]

Read this article:,pytania,8,28,5169.html

Part of it google translated:
A person applying for a vehicle registration certificate is obliged to submit an application for vehicle registration, in which he indicates his address. The legislator, when requesting the applicant to provide an address (town, street, house and flat number), suggests that it is simply an address where it will be possible to locate the person concerned. However, it does not require the applicant applying for the vehicle registration certificate to indicate the address of residence in the application...

Such a person, by entering the address of residence in the application form, submits a declaration that the place of residence indicated by him / her is related to the intention of permanent residence in the same place (town). Check-in for a temporary stay or the lack of registration (for permanent or temporary stay) does not constitute a spontaneous ground for refusal to register a vehicle, if the applicant meets the conditions specified by the provisions of substantive law necessary to obtain a document
16 May 2022
Po polsku / Problem z otrzymaniem dokumentu z Polski [2]

Spróbuj zwrócić się z tą sprawą do konsulatu. Powinni pomóc.

O wydobycie aktu zgonu za pośrednictwem placówki konsularnej mogą wnioskować małżonkowie, wstępni, zstępni, rodzeństwo, przedstawiciele ustawowi osoby zmarłej. Inne osoby wnioskujące o akt stanu cywilnego...
5 May 2022
Life / Polish Nursery Rhymes [243]

This must be it:

"Lata ptaszek po ulicy,
Zbiera sobie garść pszenicy;
Co uzbiera, dzióbkiem kole,
A ja sobie ciebie wolę."