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4 Oct 2019
Travel / Poland in photo riddles - part 2 [153]

It doesn't look to be any of the Fiat models

Yes, it does! It's the Italian Fiat 127 (sorry for cracking the riddle for you)
2 Oct 2019
Food / Polish Cook Information [3]

The Cook's name is Miroslawa Wilk.
Yes, it seems that she works also for the agroturistic:,305.html
I couldn't find any other publications beside those online, for example check some of her recipes here:
27 Sep 2019
Genealogy / How to find a burial site / records in Poland... [78]

In the city of Debno (Dębno - but not Dembno today - old name) you can find two cemeteries. Both are the Municipal cemeteries, one by the Kosciuszki street, another by Wloscianska I street.

But the people you're looking for were most likely buried in the old cemetery in Debno (old. Neudamm/Nm. - Germany):
Now only a park there.

Info about the city: - check the comments of ancestors from this place.

...If this is the right place - in Poland there are several towns with the name of Dębno:ębno_(disambiguation)
25 Apr 2019
Life / Polish Nursery Rhymes [178]

For me it seems more like a chant connected with cooking:
Maybe it is "kaszę baba gotowała" what could be translated: a woman cooked grits (buckwheat, barley, or a semolina)
22 Mar 2019
Study / Polish language school, Sopot. Opinions? [2]

You may check some reviews from here:
Keep in mind that the negative opinions may be deleted, so the whole picture can be not clear...
8 Mar 2019
Genealogy / Tulinski relations [11]

Registered users can sent a PM to other registered members of this site. Why don't you try that?
28 Feb 2019
Life / Russian rap vs Polish rap [87]

But not this one I guess?
16 Feb 2019
UK, Ireland / Posting mail from Poland to the UK [16]

Having the same issue with a parcel from the same company as last time..

It should teach you this first time not to use their "services". Buy from the common known shops/portals only.
BTW which website/company?
2 Feb 2019
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [706]

I'm sending to you a photograph from my wedding. As a souvenir for (from?) your friend Piotr.

I'm not 100% sure the second sentence, although something like that.