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21 hrs ago
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [790]

Pan ????????

P. Chrząszcz

+ Ela ????

Ela rządzi się jak szara gęś (let somebody translate this idiom for English)

wody i ???????

czeka na odmrożenie wody i ogrzewa dom
Waits for defrosting (thawing) water and heats the house with gas and electricity
6 Jun 2020
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [790]

Regarding this service in foreign armies abbreviation.
Could it be: 35P. Obr. Kr. ? Maybe then it means '35 Pułk Obrony Krajowej' (national defense regiment) like here:
16 May 2020
Law / Penalty points on driving licences in Poland [26]

How to verify the number of penalty points in Poland?
Check here or visit this website for more information:,mam,punktow,karnych,Jak,to,sprawdzic,37618.html
16 May 2020
Law / Checking Polish driving licences that they are still valid? [19]

Oh, you are talking about the driving penalty points like in this thread?
You can verify this online on this website:
To do this you need so called 'Profil Zaufany' (trusted profile).
If you have the PESEL number, then you can sign for the Trusted Profile via an online banking system in Poland.
Another way is simply to go to a nearest Police station in Poland with an ID and ask.
11 May 2020
Law / Checking Polish driving licences that they are still valid? [19]

Nothing there with such data.
But disclaimer (translated with Google):

The system only shows the issues that are in progress. If you have received the document from the office, the case regarding the document received will disappear from the portal.
2 May 2020
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [790]

I am good/bad etc at (doing something)"

The literally translation could be:
Jestem (nie jestem) w tym dobry.
But the better sounding translation:
Znam się (nie znam się) na tym.
30 Apr 2020
Travel / Will corona kill my plans? Travel to Poland [18]

Those of you who stuck abroad, or need travel to Poland, check this out:


Due to the continuing coronavirus crisis, Lufthansa must still cancel an increased amount of flights.

Search timetable - contains all flights until 31 May.

28 Jan 2020
Classifieds / I will buy second hand scooter in Warsaw. Whats the procedure? [4]

To buy, no need for any special documents, just money.
To drive - you are required to have a driver licence - one of "A" category, or "B" (when you have it 3 years or more in Poland)
27 Jan 2020
Classifieds / I will buy second hand scooter in Warsaw. Whats the procedure? [4]

The procedure looks like this:
- find a seller (for example at olx website, close to your location), who owns a scooter you like,
- contact with him (via email or phone), try negotiate the price,
- make a payment for the scooter (best in person via cash)
- enjoy your purchase
24 Jan 2020
Off-Topic / Music I have never got bored of [415]

The music from the above post brought me back memories from this artist' numerous performances I had the pleasure to experience in Orlando:
Nicholas Marks
8 Jan 2020
Life / Health Care Quality in Poland - NFZ vs Private [3]

The public health care is now better than it was in the past.
However I don't trust NFZ' dentists for example - private specialist in the dentistry field are still affordable and of good quality.
Another major drawback of the public healthcare is long waiting time and lines.
I use NFZ just for basic family care, labs, some check-ups. Then I look for specialists in the private sphere.
Of course, more serious treatment is already expensive in private, so hospitals, etc. - such facilities rather with the NFZ deal.
21 Dec 2019
Po polsku / Krótkie tłumaczenia z polskiego na angielski i z angielskiego na polski [13]

To pierwsze zdanie wygląda jakby zostało skopiowane z translatora, dlatego tłumaczenie nie jest jasne.

Moim zdaniem chodzi o ważność informacji co lubią, jakie są trendy wśród fanów (miłośników??) danej muzyki, czy muzyki jako całość. Oczywiście dane o fanach są również przydatne do odpowiedniego marketingu.

Nie wiem jakie informacje fani mieliby "gromadzić" i w jakim celu. No chyba że jacyś hobbyści, fascynaci, którzy zbierają wszystko związane z tym co kochają.
19 Dec 2019
Life / Get a refund in Poland for medical expenses abroad [4]

Maybe this helps a bit:
and a Polish source: