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Buying and registering a car as a non-resident Polish citizen

Crypto4life 1 | -
29 May 2022 #1
So i live in the USA and i come to europe about 5-6 months each year; i'm tired of blowing loads of money crappy rental cars. I also have a situation where I must be careful not to establish tax residency outside of puerto rico due to some special tax program I'm a part of.

Is there some way that I can buy and register a can in Poland? I'm not really into using the address of my cousins as last time I did that I got bi+ched out about some crazy idea that the sheriff could show up looking for me. lol

SO I don't really have an address in Poland (I can get a mailing facility address) and don't care to have one. I don't really plan to be in PL for more than 30-60 days in any year, mostly I will use the car in other parts of the EU and garage it in Poland during the winter when I'm sitting on a sunny beach here sipping cold beers.

Does anyone know a lawyer that can take care of this for me? Register the car, receive my mail, take care of the insurance. I'm happy to pay well...

If there are better solutions like company in Estonia or Bulgaria or whatever please suggest, I'm open minded to solutions around the bureaucratic red tape...

Looker - | 1129
29 May 2022 #2
Read this article:,pytania,8,28,5169.html

Part of it google translated:
A person applying for a vehicle registration certificate is obliged to submit an application for vehicle registration, in which he indicates his address. The legislator, when requesting the applicant to provide an address (town, street, house and flat number), suggests that it is simply an address where it will be possible to locate the person concerned. However, it does not require the applicant applying for the vehicle registration certificate to indicate the address of residence in the application...

Such a person, by entering the address of residence in the application form, submits a declaration that the place of residence indicated by him / her is related to the intention of permanent residence in the same place (town). Check-in for a temporary stay or the lack of registration (for permanent or temporary stay) does not constitute a spontaneous ground for refusal to register a vehicle, if the applicant meets the conditions specified by the provisions of substantive law necessary to obtain a document
cms neuf 2 | 1682
29 May 2022 #3
Might be worth checking one of the long term leasing companies like Carsmile or 99 Leasing - they retain ownership of the car so it might be a way to avoid this
jon357 73 | 22848
30 May 2022 #4
Leasing is big in Poland and I can strongly recommend it.

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