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24 Aug 2017
Life / Is Poland split into two religions: catholicism and non-believers? [103]

And those blacks claiming they're Christian then hating on us whites. It's so Christian!!!!

Your argument is invalid, if there are black christians hating on white people in Europe (I personally didn't encounter such people, but I did encounter Chrsitian Poles who identified themselves as a white country that hate non-white people), this doesn't make such behavior right.

How representative those people are of the whole and what are you complaining about?

for the first question it would be easily answered by asking poles who identify as christian if they hate/dislike/prefer not to have a relation with a non-white person (according to their definition), I am complaining about a big chunk of Poles identifying themselves as Christians while having a prejudice against everyone who isn't white, this is a non-christian behavior, saying that you believe in jesus christ then hating on someone who has a different look is a big example of hypocrisy.

Well, Christianity observed on the middle east adopted a subdued, tamed and tailored version of Christianity fitted for people who are under Islamic heel.

Not really, the contrast that I see between Christians in middle east and Christians in Poland is that Christians in middle east focus more on the spiritual aspect of religion whereas the some Christians in Poland practice a Christianity that follows literally the bible and some rules in a way that makes them similar to muslims
23 Aug 2017
Life / Is Poland split into two religions: catholicism and non-believers? [103]

What is an interesting case in Poland is the people who chant "polska czysta polska biała" and identify themselves as Catholics, what an oxymoron that is, but I guess such narrow minded people don't realize that

and after knowing more about certain practices of catholic poles I start to wonder how extreme some people are and adopted a twisted version of Christianity that is far different from the Christianity observed in the middle east, where it has all began.
31 May 2017
UK, Ireland / Polish smugglers caught and jailed [10]

I remember when I was in London a friend of mine told me "look what i'm smoking" , his pack of cigarettes had the words "palenie zabija" , I was surprised, he told me " yeah, cigarettes are very expensive here in the UK, so I buy them from a local grocery store that has them smuggled from Poland"
26 Apr 2017
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

a Soroesque NGO based in Frogland.

They supposedly condemn censorship. Have you ever wondered why they are silent about PC-style muzzling of of free speech?

Hold your horses, according to the same ranking France is only ranked 2 positions higher than Poland
22 Apr 2017
Travel / Hire a Car in Berlin to drive into Poland - can I cross the border driving it? [15]

It's strange - a car rented in Poland cannot drive within the Schengen zone

Usually you can drive it in the schengen zone for an extra fee (usually 50 zloty paid on time no matter the duration of the rent ), there is even a local renting company in Poznan which allows border crossing without charging extra
21 Apr 2017
Work / Studies In Poland, is it easy to survive on part-time jobs? [259]

then Poland is not the country for you.

I second that, unless you have some incredible skill (which I doubt), even if you succeed to find a part-time job in an international company, the salary that they'll give you won't be enough to cover your living expenses (not taking into account the fees you need to pay if you want to study in english)
16 Apr 2017
Life / Why are Muslims seen as a deterrent to Poland? [565]

having women showing their bare arms and legs walking in public without their head not covered with their hair blowing in the wind wearing lipstick, insisting that pork be sold in their meat shops and to demand Western laws be implemented so the Muslims would be required to honor them

which poor muslim country doesn't allow such ? In Syria (where a big portion of refugees come from) everything of the above is available, most muslims come from countries that have secular laws, and just few have "sharia laws" , mauritania, sudan, saudi arabia, iran, afghanistan and pakistan, now how many of these come to Europe and want to "enforce" their laws on westerners ?

You've never lived amongst the muslim community but it doesn't stop you from thinking that you know better than people who live among them

I have. and non of them has the attitude of " I want to come to Europe to enforce muslim law that isn't enforced in my country"
2 Apr 2017
Travel / Trip to Poland this summer - how much spending money to bring??? [12]


that's too much i think, I used to live in Poznan and I spent around 400 dollars per month for everything, I used to go out a lot and buy drinks in pubs and bars , pay rent (a medium apartment shared with another person) and cook food and sometimes eat out or order delivery.

from my experience you need around 300-400 zloty (75-100 USD) for food per month if you only cook (and I always had at least 250g of meat in my main meal),

the transportation in rzeszów according to the website is 70 zloty per month (17.5 USD)

I would recommend you to travel around Poland, there are many interesting places and cities to visit, and if your relative doesn't cook traditional polish food I would recommend you to search for a traditional polish restaurant, restaurants in Poland are cheap (you can easily drink and eat well for 7-10 dollars)
21 Mar 2017
News / Poles call for EU reforms. [67]

Poles can travel more easily, work abroad and invest abroad.

Let me add that many international companies have activities and businesses in Poland because of its EU membership, VW, Amazon, IBM, caterpillar and many many others, they usually pay better salarird than what polish companies pay, and they employ a lot of people hence decreasing unemployment.
18 Mar 2017
History / History behind Poland and Turkey's Relationship [118]

and giving up from manipulating with Muslims in the region for neo-Ottoman aims

I see that Erdogan still has neo-ottoman aims especially after saying that turks in Europe should have 5 children
16 Mar 2017
Study / Review of the Poznan University of Economics? [18]

is it worth to study Finance at Poznan University of Economics and Business for international student

I've graduated from Poznan university of economics (in english), the program needs lots of improvement and the finance program is quite new, so I don't know if you'll benefit from these studies or not, I personally learned a lot in many classes and felt that I've wasted my time in other classes, some teachers were excellent and had an excellent command of english, while others had a slight polish accent (which didn't affect comprehension), and we only had one case where the teacher was bad in english, but we informed the program coordinator and this issue was fixed.

I think it is possible to find work if you graduate, especially if you speak several languages as there are many international companies that have offices in Poland, you would also have the possibility to do a master in another european country with your degree at Poznan university of economics, I've been told that SGH Warsaw is a better choice if you want to make connections
16 Mar 2017

I see that you are from Azerbaijan, if you speak russian well you "might" find a job in a company that requires russian speakers, usually to contact russian customers, but your chances to get such a job and with a part time schedule are quite low
19 Jun 2016
Study / Studying in Poznan for an Arab student. [25]

Is there any website where I can find flats for rent ?

There is, but it's in Polish, and even if you manage to use it, you might have problems in finding a landlord who speaks English, there is also, it's in english, but people usually use it for vacations rather than long term renting (though you can), maybe someone else in this forum knows other methods ?

Oh, and you also need to have a contract when you rent to show it at the municipality for the residence papers (and I don't know if it's possible to obtain a contract through airbnb)

Btw, students usually rent a room in a flat rather than the whole flat, because most of the flats here accommodate at least 2 persons

I also found this website :

and found for example this apartment 5 min walking from the city center :
the cost is around 2000 zloty plus bills, so around 2300-2400 zloty ( 600$) , it gets cheaper if you choose an apartment that is further away from the city center.

What speed of Internet I can get for (11.5$) per month ? is there any upload / download limitations

10 Mbps (which has the download speed of 1mb/s), unlimited of course, not like Lebanon :P , usually you don't have to worry about the internet subscription because it is provided with the apartment.
19 Jun 2016
Study / Studying in Poznan for an Arab student. [25]

industrial design

Cool, where ? At Poznan universtiy of technology ? (politechnika)

I'm studying business at Poznan University of Economics

How much doest it cost approx to rent a flat in the city centre or in a decent area ? How can i find a flat ? can you recommend any website ?

That depends, do you want to have your own flat ? have you considered living in the university's dorm ?

Internet costs around 45 zloty (11.5$) per month , mobile subscription around 30 zloty (7.5$) monthly (I prefer to use a prepaid sim as I mostly use my sim card for mobile internet, thus I pay around 50 zloty (12.5$) every 3 months),

The transportation in Poland is quite cheap for students and it's much better than Beirut (or Damascus), you can subscribe and pay 185 zloty (47$) for 5 months, Polish trains are also cheap, a ticket between Warsaw and Poznan (300km) costs around 30 zloty (7.5$) for students.

When it comes to food costs, it depends if you're cooking or eating in restaurants, I pay around 300-400 zloty ( 75-100$) on food monthly (I mostly cook), and I always eat around 250 grams of meat minimum per day, generally, food is much more cheaper in Poland than in Lebanon, I remember buying a big combo from Burger King in Beirut for 15000 L.L (10$) , Whereas in Poland it will cost you around 20 Zloty ( 5$)

Can I open a bank account there on student visa ?

Yes you can.

if I get the chance to get some freelance jobs or part time job can I work legally as an international student ?

You can, but it's difficult, if you only speak English and Arabic and have no qualifications it will be almost impossible, there are many jobs if you speak English and German/French/Dutch/Russian in Poznan, you are from Lebanon so I assume that there is a good chance that you speak french.

how hard it is to learn Polish ?

Quite hard, and it depends on your effort/determination, don't expect to be fluent in one year (or maybe even two)

btw how can I PM you, i'm not familiar with this website.

You need to create an account
19 Jun 2016
Study / Studying in Poznan for an Arab student. [25]

specifically in Poznan city

Good choice, many international students and student events, may I ask you what you're gonna to study ?

There is some racism, but these are (till now) still minor incidents, you're not going to struggle.

Should I cancel my plan ?

I don't think so.

I will keep wearing a cross around my neck in and hope that everything will be fine there :)

Hahahahaha, that's what my mom told me to do when she heard about racist problems.

The racism is sometimes against black people, indians..

If you want, you can ask me any questions about life in Poznan, what to do.. tips etc.. I've been living here as a student for nearly three years, you can PM or just ask here in the thread. la te5jal :P
12 Jun 2016
News / Poland's Sejm passes anti-terrorist act; opposition negate [86]

authoritarian regime of his home country and a democratically elected one with ease.

I didn't say that the current political system in Poland is authoritarian, but i'm seeing many elements (especially in this anti-terrorist act) that suggest that it's shifting towards authoritarianism. Again, I might be wrong, but time will tell :)
12 Jun 2016
News / Poland Sports News [985]

Hahahahaahahahaha , good one :D
12 Jun 2016
News / Poland Sports News [985]

They could, But I doubt that any team would rely on this strategy.
1- It's too risky, and one goal can change everything.
2- In order to be one of the best thirds, the second criteria (after the points) is the difference between the scored goals and the conceded goals, so teams are still motivated to score goals.

Anyway, we will see how it will turn out to be, the games so far haven't been that crazy (apart from the last minute goals)
12 Jun 2016
News / Poland Sports News [985]

this ridiculous 24 team tournament

I think there's a positive side to this system, a team who has lost the first two games has still hope to qualify, it means that they will play as good as they can in the last game, whereas in the previous system, a team with similar circumstances would just play the last game as a friendly match.
12 Jun 2016
News / Poland Sports News [985]

Why not ? they played well and had the chance to score more goals. Maybe they even secured their place in the play-off,because of the new system of the Euro Cup, where the best 4 teams in 3rd position get to qualify to the next round.
12 Jun 2016
News / Poland's Sejm passes anti-terrorist act; opposition negate [86]

You sure you're not kissing and all?

Are you fantasizing about it ?

being from Syria

And polish.

a Muslim

An atheist from a catholic family

you have the right of it of being concern about those laws

I voiced the reason of my concerns, I might be wrong, but time will tell, there are already people who are condoning the use of this law to suppress demonstrations

if anti-terrorism law curbs media's protests and protests such as KOD then it is better for Poland and Polish people,

12 Jun 2016
News / Poland's Sejm passes anti-terrorist act; opposition negate [86]

promote pervert marriage, abortion on a whim, legalising "recreational" drugs, and self-style gender identification.

Isn't that the United States that you live in ? Why don't you come here to Poland ? All these legislation, laws, politics that you support are affecting our lives (the people who are living here) not yours.
12 Jun 2016
Love / Asian guy in love with Polish girl (any chance?) [125]

hahaha, I don't think that's the type of answers he wanted to get.

So, Polish girl? Not, if her parents are asked

That's not completely true, it totally depends on the family. I know many cases of polish-foreigner couples (with the parents' consent), it's not that uncommon as you portray it. Nevertheless, I don't think that the nationality of Tom2000 is the main issue in "successfully seducing" the Polish girl that he likes.