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Places open in Poland on national holidays

28 Feb 2010 #1
I have someone coming to see me on May 1st, birthday is on the 3rd, would like to take him somewhere nice but I have no idea where might be open. I know the labour laws mean that no one can be forced to work on these holidays so does anyone have any restaurant suggestions please?

If not looks like I'll be doing a bad impression of Levi Roots :)
22 Apr 2011 #2
[Moved from]: Trading hours over Easter in Poland

Hi All,
Is shops in Poland closed on the saturday, sunday and monday over Easter?

22 Apr 2011 #3
you can definitely do some shopping on Saturday - hours can differ I guess - Saturday and Monday is a lost cause
22 Apr 2011 #4
Closed Sunday and Monday (everything except small family run shops). Everything is open as normal on Saturday.
24 Dec 2013 #5
Merged: Any place that has food (restaurants ,supermarkets , groceries ) and open at christmas eve?

I'm in Wroclaw and I didn't know that literally everything will be closed ,i'm dying of hunger here XD I only have bread and chips left !!

title : *open on christmas eve

oh and I have some cornflakes and milk :P
24 Dec 2013 #6
oh Dany boy :D

Seriously mate, you must have realised that shops do occasionally close early for Christmas?

You might have some luck with 24hr garages.... other than that.... i think you're screwed :P
24 Dec 2013 #8
yh, buy yourself a mars bar and a packet of crisps :P

You should be able to buy beer and fags too :) Merry Chrsitmas :P
24 Dec 2013 #9
yh, buy yourself a mars bar and a packet of crisps

I would ... IF I COULD , I didn't even find a vending machine ,well there is one ,but it only serves drinks ...
24 Dec 2013 #10

1) go to a 24-hour petrol station.
2) Buy food.
3) Smacznego :P

4) Try to get an invite to an acquaintance's Vigilia supper :D

or 5) book a ticket back to Syria for Christmas - pretty darn quick :D
24 Dec 2013 #11
Perhaps he thought it was America where supermarkets are open on Christmas? I went shopping on 12/25 a couple of years ago and was surprised at how busy it was.
24 Dec 2013 #12
Is anyone here in Wroclaw who can invite Dany?

Sorry, otherwise it's pot noodles from petrol stations, perhaps a few places. A bit like where I am now during Eid. Tomorrow more will be open.
24 Dec 2013 #13
A bit like where I am now during Eid.

oh well ,even during the Eid (any muslim holiday) you have all the restaurants (and other places ) opened ... oh well ,good thing i had some crackers ...
24 Dec 2013 #14
Yes. It's a bit of a pain in PL. The bigger petrol stations do have plenty of stuff, and I guarantee there's a long queue outside. Anyway, Dany, عيد ميلاد سعيد وسنة جديدة سعيدة

Merry Christmas, and let's hope 2014 is 100 times better for you me and us all, than 2013.
24 Dec 2013 #15
haha thank you ,
عيد ميلاد سعيد لك أيضا
merry christmas to you too
15 Dec 2014 #16
Merged: Places to buy food on Christmas Holidays?

Hi everyone!
We plan to travel through Poland for 11days from 19 till 29 of December. It is our first trip to Poland. We are going to be in Wrocław on 25th and in Krakow on 26th of December. Where can we buy food on these Holidays? Are all food shops closed? Or the only way is to eat at restaurants? What about Bar mleczny on holidays? Thank you.
15 Dec 2014 #17
Milk bars are usuallt closed in Warsaw as far as I remember but some restaurants are open especially in hotels and ofcourse in malls and last hope can be a big mac from mickey dees(holy cow).
Pope Sylwester
1 Jan 2015 #18
Mickey D's and KFC will be open for normal hours on New Year's Day?
1 Jan 2015 #19
Mac D's should be open, check here for your location:

KFC similarly.
5 Feb 2015 #20
Places always open are such like restaurants, cinemas, fast foods (not sure though) and gas stations.
13 Dec 2021 #21
Hello all,

Can someone write the exact opening hours during Christmas please ?
I tried to call some sops, no one is picking up.

Mostly interested in supermarkets.
Thank you very much in advance.
13 Dec 2021 #22
no one is picking up.

It's not Christmas yet so shops are trading during their usual hours. They're just not very good at answering calls or emails in Poland.
13 Dec 2021 #23
opening hours during Christmas


Forget about bigger shopping's at 25.12.2021
There is yet a chance at the Christmas Eve day:

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