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13 Oct 2011
Language / Fejsbuk, Jutub, Majspejs (Facebook, Youtube, MySpace) - different spelling in Polish? [7]

so I've seen these -alternative- spellings in some polish magazines I bought, and was wondering how many Poles using these sites do actually spell them phonetically in polish, or if that's how they're actually written in Poland.

I showed my magazines to my some of my co-workers and confused the hell out of them. I loved watching them attempt to read those terms. lol

PoliszForums - not much of a difference there. :D
13 Oct 2011
News / What's the stupidest question asked about Poland? [414]

oh god, the worst: "what's the difference between (shoe, nail, etc.) polish and Polish"

WTF?! -__-

well, dunno bout the british pronunciation, but we north americans pronounce the artsy 'polish' with an 'a' sound, like 'Palish'.
31 Oct 2011
Language / Pronunciation difficulties for Poles speaking English [40]

I've lived in Canada since I was 5 - that's over 20 years now - yet i've managed to develop an interesting slight accent in my everyday speech, which does create some problems for me, seeing as I generally speak very fast... almost makes it seem like i have a speech impediment at times.

I virtually cannot pronounce the english 'r' comes out, more or less, sounding like a 'w'. Words like: right, wright, and the worst, 'reward'.. i always end up saying something like 'wee-werd' lol... I do tend to roll my R's slightly in many, if not all, english words, simply because I find it easier.

Also, words like 'tragedy' or 'strategy' - don't know why really.. it's like saying 'czra-dże-di' lol... i find it a whole lot easier to say in polish 'tragedia' :P

and the 'th' sound for me, like most Poles, is a no-no. 'The' becomes 'da', three becomes 'free', and so on..
9 Nov 2011
History / Pole, Hungarian, two good friends [58]

how does it go again?

polak, węgier, dwa bratanki... i do szabli, i do szklanki??

something like that.. :DD
10 Nov 2011
Language / How do I pronounce "Kocham Ciebie"? [19]

When I was young my Grandmother taught me how to say "I love you, give me a kiss" In Polish (I wish she had taught me more), though I know how to say it and know what it means... I have NO clue how to spell it in Polish...

say something funny like:

'Kocham cię takkkkk! Buziaczki!!' (or as my mother would say: pocaluj minia) lol

phonetically, erm.... 'Ko-Hahm Cheh Taaaak' lol .. 'Boo-zhach-kee'
10 Nov 2011
Language / "Szurszewski" - How to pronounce my last name correctly? [7]



it's exactly like saying the words: SURE (more accurately, SHOOR), CHEF, SKI (as in skiing)... put them together and say it fast.... the only difference from english pronounciation would be the rolled 'r'... but it's ok for english speakers to ignore it. :)
10 Nov 2011
Language / Kurwa? at end of every sentence [51]

I once heard in the Rynek in Krakow, 'dzien dobry kurwa, obwazanek z serem kurwa po proze.' and i don't think he was being offensive

LMAO, ja pierdolę xD
10 Nov 2011
Work / Any international companies in Poznan? (Non-polish speaker is looking for a job) [17]

What are you talking about? "sacred city"?

source: family back home.

And less of the "fatherland", please - especially as you're half Russian.

was born in people's republic of poland.. have polish citizenship.. only my maternal babushka was russkaya :)

unlike many Polonia posters who merely talk the talk and don't actually do a damned thing for this country.

oh yeah, and I'm damn sure YOU do.. LMAO.
12 Nov 2011
Life / Multiracial Poles [154]

What do Poles generally think of multiracial people?

it's wrong. VERY VERY WRONG.

I can't even bear to think about having a child who looks nothing like me... take Monique Minton for example - she looks pure filipina. I'm pretty sure she doesn't give two shits about her polish culture, just like a local filipino-pole I've known in college.

Even here in Toronto, I hardly ever see Poles, but also russians/ukrainians/croatians/serbians, in interracial relationships.

Unlike the western europeans, the Slavs have more culture, and aim at preserving our beautiful race, languages, and cultures... that is, MOST of us, at least.
12 Nov 2011
Life / Multiracial Poles [154]

yes they have. I'm quarter russian, and jewish from my dad's side.. although it was only his grandparents' religion before the war - he claims to have full polish ancestry, and my uncle told me that his great great grandmother must have converted upon marrying a jewish man. :)
12 Nov 2011
Food / Best slimming products in Poland? [27]

there are obese people in poland?! O__O

looks like mcdonald's is getting to them over there. :(
12 Nov 2011
Life / If I'm agnostic, deist, atheist - can I say that to Polish people in Poland? [46]

I wonder how they act, because I heard about they dont like not believers.

I'm pagan/wiccan, and all of my close polish friends, most who have very religious catholic families, are totally fine with me. :)

My future children will also be raised as pagans, and will be named after ancient Slavic deities.
12 Nov 2011
Life / Multiracial Poles [154]

As long as ethnic Slavs stick with one another - we're safe. That's all that really matters. :)

13 Nov 2011
Life / If I'm agnostic, deist, atheist - can I say that to Polish people in Poland? [46]

Sonny, ancient Slavs wouldn't call their children names of their deities out of respect for said deities. Go and play you ignorant goon !

what about catholics who use names like Jésus and Zeus, or even Maria for that matter...?


first son's name will, of course, be Swietowit (after Świętowit), first daughter Ziwia (after Żiwia), 2nd son will be Piorun, 2nd daughter Marzanna...

I have a looooong detailed list of the names, in the order I will be using them lol... I plan on having many, many kids. >:D .. I will even throw in the name Jaga (after my favourite, Baba Jaga) ^__^... of course, they will all have English or Polish middle names, which they can use during their school times, and amongst friends and such.
22 Nov 2011
UK, Ireland / Eastern European girls forced against their will in Britain for prostitution? [67]

there are some job agencies (illegal mainly) which promise jobs to young girls specially. However when they are aboard they are kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

that happens a lot here in Toronto. There are exotic massage studios downtown where 12-13 year old girls work in the nude - many have been busted by the police, but a great deal of them still work secretly. There are a lot more young east asian girls involved than european, though.

A local free weekly newspaper entitled "NOW" used to have atleast 10 pages worth of sex ads at the end of it, featuring japanese and korean girls that look like they are bearly teens, although the ad's claim 18+, and provide availability times along with contact #'s. The newspaper recently underwent a 'makeover' - they got rid of all the ads and changed the name from NOW to something else now... I don't even bother picking it up anymore..