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Warsaw-Gromnik-Munich-Koln-Berlim-Warsaw? Poland-Germany-Poland by train

Prof 2 | 5
8 Nov 2011 #1
Next June I intend to spend three weeks visiting Poland and Germany by train (Eurailpass, five legs). I will be landing in and departing from Warsaw. From there I would like to go to Gromnik, Berlim, Koln and Munich. What would be the best routing? Example: Warsaw-Gromnik-Munich-Koln-Berlim-Warsaw.
gumishu 11 | 5,995
8 Nov 2011 #2

hi - what do you mean by Gromnik? - there is only one place in Poland that I know to be called Gromnik and it's a hill close to Strzelin in Wrocław area - is your Gromnik some village?
OP Prof 2 | 5
8 Nov 2011 #3
Gromnik is close to Tuchów. It is a beautiful area near the Carpathians. My family comes from there. Last time I went there I took a regional train at Tarnów. It took about an hour from Tarnów to Gromnik. The train was headed to Nowy Sacz.
gumishu 11 | 5,995
8 Nov 2011 #4
it's too early - the timetables will change two times before you come here - and this includes international trains too ( like Kraków-Berlin and Berlin-Warszawa)

btw there is no other direct international train from Kraków to Germany - just the Kraków-Berlin train - if you want a trip from Kraków to Monachium (Muenchen) your best bet is to find a connection through Prague in the Czech Republic
ShAlEyNsTfOh 4 | 161
9 Nov 2011 #5
I wanna ride from poland to st petersburg, then from moscow to vladystok(sp?) :D
Monitor 14 | 1,820
4 Dec 2014 #6
There is mistake: careersinpoland/city/lodz
Travel time from Lodz to Munich with a train is not 9 h 15 min but around double that.
anemonee - | 7
4 Dec 2014 #7
You are absolutely right. Actually it is not possible to go to Munich from £ódź directly, so travel time could be even about 20 h.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
4 Dec 2014 #8
The fastest connection from Lodz to Munich by train takes approx. 14 hours with 3 changes in Warsaw, Berlin and Fulda.

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